Mine Ventilation


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  ABC Industries  
  ABC is a leading supplier of ventilation products to the mining and tunneling industries in the U.S. However, ABC has sold its products to mining companies and tunneling contractors worldwide. As a matter of fact, ABC has exported its products to approximately 35 different countries.  
  ABC Ventilation Systems  
  ABC Ventilation Systems is committed to the design, development and production of high performance coated fabrics and ventilation ducting products for underground mining and tunnelling, and industrial applications. ABC's combination of expertise, experience and process result in an unparalleled level of customer commitment and quality.  
  Accutron Instruments Inc.  
  Ultrasonic technology has been used for years in the process control industry for measuring fluid flow in piping.  Accutron has developed this technology to measure airflow. For 10 years, Accutron Instruments has supplied airflow measurement instruments for use in some of the most severe service applications -underground mining.  
  ACME Group Pty Ltd.  
  All our ventilation ducting and fittings are manufactured of high quality, double coated tightly woven polyethylene. Furthermore all products boast low friction and minimum leakage coefficient plus high tensile weft and warp strengths.  
  Aeroflo Inc.  
  Regardless of whether your ventilation requirement calls for a centrifugal blower or axial fan, Aeroflo probably has a product to fill the need.  If not, nearly all of our industrial fans, commercial fans, OEM fans and residential ventilation products can be customized;  we can also develop a custom fan for you.  You will also find that Aeroflo blowers and fans can directly replace many current, inferior products.  All of our fans and blowers are designed for safe operation and ease of installation.  
  Aerotech Fans  
  Established in 1943, Aerotech Fans has enormous expertise in aerodynamics, rotor dynamics, acoustics, stress analysis, vibration analysis and has evolved into Australia's leading manufacturer of high quality industrial fans. Our innovative range of fans has extensive blade selection and mounting possibilities to allow the best-engineered solution to meet the most demanding application. All our fans are built with quality materials by skilled, experienced craftsmen for reliability and longevity.  
  Alphair Ventilating Systems Inc.  
  We have excelled at meeting the specialized needs of industries in the Mining, Pulp & Paper, Utilities and Power Generation sectors as well as the Cement, Steel and Petro-Chemical Manufacturers.  
  Amco Plastics  
  Amco Plastics has been in operation for over 20 years. It is a subsidiary company of Amco Corporation PLC manufacturing flexible PVC ventilation ducting for the British mining and tunnelling industries.  
  American Mine Door  
  American Mine Door's custom manufactured Mine Doors provide economical, safe, efficient, and practical ventilation control for all types of track and trackless mines, including mines for coal, uranium, salt, gypsum, clay, gold, potash, titanium, and molybdenum. Each door is customized to your specific needs, and can withstand up to 800,000 inches per pound torque of air pressure.  
  Americ Corporation  
  AMERIC is your source for all types of ventilators including: Multi Functional Ventilators, Industrial Ventilators, High Capacity Ventilators, Light Industrial Ventilators and Pneumatic Ventilators.  
  Brokrew (Pty) Ltd  
  BroKrew is a leading manufacturing company specializing in the design and manufacturing of ventilation ducting, fittings and accessories for the mining, industrial and commercial industries. With its design, drawing and research & development capabilities it can with ease satisfy the requirements of its customers.  
  The Bventilation team has developed a range of axial ventilators. These ventilators can be used in several industry branches such as mining, agricultural, forestry, industrial, construction, leisure, etc.  
  CIMCO Refrigeration  
  CIMCO has been involved in mining for more than 50 years. We have served this industry whenever there has been a need to freeze and stabilize the ground to allow drilling, to provide cool air in deep shafts for ventilation for the miners, or to lend operational expertise for refrigeration equipment.  
  ClemCorp Australia  
  ClemCorp Australia is a leading supplier of mine ventilation fans, ventilation ducting, force fans and fan starters. We can provide a wide range of force and exhaust fans to suit client needs, along with ventilation ducting and associated hardware.  
  For nearly thirty years Cogemacoustic® has worked in the field of ventilation for mines and tunnels. With this experience behind us, we are happy to market today a new range of fans and dust extractors with greater performance and efficiency.   
  Daltec Industries Ltd.  
  Daltec Industries’ commitment to excellence has ensured that we now receive orders from across Canada, the United States and as far abroad as Japan and Chile. Our equipment can be found in a wide spectrum of industries including the mining, pulp and paper, iron and steel, chemical, automotive and cement sectors.  
  David Moss Corporation  
  Established in 1960, Damos is one of the leading manufacturer and supplier of Polyethylene (also known as PE or HDPE) Pipe and Fittings, PVC Pipe and fittings, Underground Mining Ventilation Systems and Rubber - Urethane Mine Screening systems.  
  Delta RCS  
  Underground safety and ventilation control.  With more than 10 years of experience in underground ventilation control, Delta have introduced VOD (Ventilation On Demand) for mines and tunnels.  
  DownUnder Mining Pty Ltd  
Ventilation design and on site measurement, main fan installation.  
  Ducting.com is a service of the Rubber-Cal Company.  We are distributors of Industrial duct and ducting products.  We offer a complete line, varying in materials from industrial elastomers like polyurethane, neoprene, to 316Ti stainless steel.  Our goal is to simplify your search for a quality hose at a competitive price. We have distribution channels throughout the continental United States, which lead to reduced lead times & minimized shipping charges.  
  Firefly International  
  The Firefly Turbo Powered Plastic Ventilation Fan.  The firefly turbofan is a portable unit designed to adapt to ventilation ducting being used in underground mining situations. The fan was developed to improve the efficiency in ventilating mine shafts through greater air output.  
  Fläkt Woods  
  Mine ventilation requires control of both the air quality and air movement to ensure the health, safety, and comfort of the workers is not compromised. We have the fans and the expertise to meet this challenge.  
  Flexible Ducting  
Flexible Ducting are located on the Central Coast, NSW, Australia.  We manufacture a range of products primarily for use in the mining industry.  
  Fomo Products, Inc  
  Handi-Foam® Sealants are used to seal and stop air infiltration in small gaps and voids. Handi-Foam® Spray Foams can be used for full wall insulation or to fill large areas.  
  GIA Industri AB  
  GIA SwedVent – GIA industri AB's complete system for underground ventilation – comprise high pressure fans (axial fans), standard equipped with guide vanes and adjustable blade angles.  GIA SwedVent flexible ducting is manufactured from PVC-coated polyester fabric, specifically developed for use in underground applications.  
  Hartzell Fan Incorporated  
  Hartzell has become the industrial ventilation expert producing high-qualifying, efficient, and innovative ventilation solutions. Hartzell Air Moving Products include fans for general and process ventilation with a complete line of axial, centrifugal fans and blowers, an extensive fiberglass product line, a complete line of make-up air and heating equipment and a full range of options and accessories. Ventilation solutions are applicable to numerous markets, such as: manufacturing and process industries, fossil power and co-generation, metals and mining, municipal (sewage treatment), on-board marine, and various OEM applications involving cooling, drying and circulating.  
  HLS Hard-Line Solutions, Inc.  
  VENTILATION ON DEMAND Works over the digital communications system to monitor and control main and auxiliary vent fans in mines. This allows mine personnel to keep apprised of the function of individual fans throughout the premises, which means clean air is provided for workers without unnecessary fan usage.  
  Howden Buffalo Inc.  
  Our range of mine ventilation fans stretches from simple fixed pitch axial flow fans through mixed flow to large customised main surface fans and meets the requirements of high efficiency, low noise and the potential for reverse flow. Axial or centrifugal fans may be supplied and our customers can be assured that we have the correct fan for the application, and the knowledge and experience to engineer it for performance, reliability, and safety.  
  Hurley Ventilation Technologies  
  Hurley Ventilation Techologies Inc. (HVT) is an ISO 9002 Certified company specializing in the manufacture of new ventilation fans, systems, parts and accessories. At the heart of our team are ventilation specialists with over 30 years experience. Hurley’s Canadian facilities produce affordable newly manufactured ventilation products daily.  
  Irwin Car and Equipment  
  Relocating skid-mounted fans isn't one of the perks of working in a mine. It is time-consuming and damages – or even ruins – expensive equipment. And, fans need to be moved often–sometimes every shift.  Spendrup Fan Company's Tracker and Scout are self-propelled fan systems that make this job easier, faster and safer. Spendrup builds a fan customized to your pressure and volume needs, then it is mounted on a high-quality Irwin self-propelled track or wheel system. The result? A fan that fits your needs and goes anywhere in less time, with less personnel, less damage–in general, less complications.  
  Jensen Ventilation  
  Jensen Ventilation with head office and production in Malmoe, Sweden, supplies flexible ducting systems to the mining- and tunnelling industry. Jensen Ventilation offers different alternatives in quality, dimension, connection and special design for a complete ventilation system and is represented by agents around the whole world.  
  Korfmann Lufttechnik GmbH  
  Your supplier of ventilation systems for Coal, Potassium Mining and Mining of ores, Metro, Road and Railway tunnels, Water power stations, Special buildings and Underground cavern power stations.  
  M&I Mining Group  
  M&I’s innovative solutions for Axial and Centrifugal Fan, Compressor, Gas Turbine and Boiler Ancillary Systems offer significant advantage to new and retrofit installations in terms of performance, reliability and savings facilitating energy management goals of mining and mineral processing operations.  
  Steel ventilation pipe can be used either in the standard positive pressure system or under negative pressure. The latter method is ideally suited in situations where smoke, from blasting operations, needs to be evacuated quickly, allowing for a prompt return to the work face. When transportation cost to the mine or underground is a factor, ventilation pipe can be made to measure on site, whether on surface or underground.  
  Mat Hellas  
  MatHellas' combination of experience, knowledge, and continuous research in flexible ventilation ducting, provides high quality products that meet customer specifications and quality assurance requirements, as well as timely quotations, competitive pricing and prompt shipments.  We have enjoyed long-standing and continuous cooperation with many construction firms and mines in Greece and the Balkans.  
  MICON Products International  
  MPI's SK Air Movers are lightweight, easy to handle and perfect for moving large volumes of air. Operating on compressed air, they are ideal for ventilating and cooling hazardous areas and industrial areas such as chemical plants, refineries, shipyards and mines.  The SK Air Movers do not have any moving parts making them safe to use and easy to maintain.  
  Miller Weldmaster  
  Miller Weldmaster manufactures a variety of equipment for the production of ventilation tubes, ducting, and air stop curtains. Miller will design a completely automated machine to fit you specific production needs. Take a look at the equipment below and see how you can instantly increase your production while decreasing labor cost.  
  Manufacturers of top quality ventilation clips for the mining industry. Our clips provide a secure connection between sections of ducting or tubing products that utilize the sewn-in wire-rope couplings.  
  Raw doors, Vent doors, Double bag wall doors, Decline manual and pneumatic operated doors.  Also, In conjunction with BOC gases, MineARC™ has developed and designed what it believes is the most reliable system available for stench gas.  
  Mine Ventilation Australia  
MVA is Australasia’s specialist, full-service mine and sub-surface ventilation engineering and workplace occupational health consultancy.  
  Mine Ventilation Services Inc.  
  Mine Ventilation Services, Inc. (MVS) is an engineering consulting firm that specializes in subsurface ventilation and environmental engineering. MVS has been providing engineering services and computer software to the mining and tunneling industries since 1983.  
  Mining Equipment Ltd.  
  JETAIR fans are now being built by Mining Equipment Incorporated in Farmington, New Mexico. MEI has served the mining and tunneling industries for 20 years. The acquisition of JETAIR will help us serve our customers better.  JETAIR fans are durable. They get the job done. JETAIR has a wide selection of fans available, from three horsepower to 400 horsepower and from 18 inch diameter to 84 inch diameter.  
  Minova USA Inc.  
  Minova USA Inc., the leading manufacturer of resin cartridges worldwide, continues to be the leader in ground control and ventilation solutions, with such products as Lokset® resin cartridges, Tekseal® pumpable seals and Tekfoam cavity filling foam.  
  Minvent Solutions  
  At Minvent Solutions we are focused on providing innovative products and solutions for a range of Mining and Ventilation related challenges. Unique, cost effective and efficient options for the ever changing Mining Industry.  
  MTI group  
  MTI group is a wholly owed and operated Australian Company with state offices in Queensland and New South Wales. MTI Mining specialize in Drill and Blast Consumables including: Liners, Blast Hole Stabilizers, Explosive retainers, Ventilation tube, and other mining products.  
  Multi-Wing America, Inc.  
  The Multi-Wing System is based on providing a custom solution to your air moving problems from standard components. Offering high efficiency airfoil profile blades and low speed, low noise, broad paddle profile blades, in a variety of engineered thermoplastics and cast aluminum, in any diameter from 7 to 78 inches, with mounting to your specific requirements, enables the Multi-Wing system to custom tailor an impeller to meet your exact requirements at off the shelf pricing.  
  Naylor Pipe Company  
Water pipe; high and low-pressure air lines; ventilating pipe; tailings or slurry pipe lines; sand, gravel and other product lines.  
  Nelmaco Eastern Ltd.  
  Ventilation is our specialty line. We carry small air fans to full size Mine Ventilations Fans. We have an onsite Engineer and a Shop Forman/Mechanic who have been in the ventilation business for more than 30 years. If you want expertice then you've just found it.  
  The market for ventilation and air handling systems is constantly on the move. The demand for reliable and innovative solutions is constantly growing as a result of the need and desire for clean air at acceptable temperatures.  
  Paul's Repair Shop, Inc.  
We can custom build fans specially engineered for your site or need.  Transport & full on-site installation / setup.  Rebuild & Service all types of ventilation fans  
  Plasticoat manufactures and supplies a comprehensive range of mine ventilation ducting, both of flexible and lay flat design.  Our products can be manufactured to various sizes and lengths.  All our products are manufactured to the Australian standard and quality and service are our number one priority.   
  Polyline Industries  
  Precision Mine Repair, Inc.  
  Precision Mine Repair, Inc. was founded in 1995 by President/Owner, Frank Sisk. PMR offers services for mine construction, residential/commercial construction, excavation, gunite & concrete work, and crane services. Mr. Sisk has a patented procast/proseal design used for coal mine ventilation systems.  The product that he patented for coal mines is commonly referred to in the construction industry as a 3-D panel.  
  Protan AS  
  The Ventiflex range of flexible duct and accessories is designed for air supply in mines and underground constructions. The range of grades and accessories has been developed over more than 50 years to suit various types of installations, static pressure levels and environments. A well designed installation of Ventiflex Flexible Duct gives you the best value and underground environment for your investment.  
  Robinson Industries  
  Robinson Industries Inc. is a privately held industrial fan manufacturer that specializes in custom-engineered and custom-build industrial fans, blowers and exhausters for the steel, cement, coal, fertilizer, power generation, mining, chemical/petro-chemical and just about every other heavy primary industry requiring air moving equipment.  
  Rocvent Inc  
  Rocvent Inc. is a major manufacturer of ventilation fans and accessories in the North American mining and tunneling market with over 20 years of service to our valued customers.  We offer a full line of fans, ventilation ducting, (both positive and negative pressure types), silencers and ventilation duct accessories.  
  Schauenburg Flexadux Corp.  
  With a half century of worldwide engineering experience, Schauenburg is the leader in mine and tunnel auxiliary ventilation systems. We manufacture a complete line of integrated products designed for all types of ventilation projects in our state-of-the-art 35,000 square-foot facility. We specialize in partnering with our customers to engineer solutions for your ventilation projects.  
  SIGMA S.A.  
  Air ducts designated for the ventilation of separate mining excavations in suction or compression ventilation systems and may be applied in areas with degree "a", "b" and "c" danger of methane explosion and class A and B danger of coal dust explosion.  WL-SIGMA 900 ventilator is available with one or two engines.  
  Spendrup Fan Company  
  If you need a fan that can make it in rough mining conditions, you've come to the right place.  Spendrup Fan Company knows how much abuse equipment gets in debris-filled, abrasive mine environments, and we build tough fans especially for those conditions. You can count on Spendrup Fans for dependable, continuous operations with minimal downtime. We started building fans for Uranium and Hard Rock Mines in the late 60s, and quickly expanded our line of fans to direct, belt or shaft-driven designs for all extreme operating conditions.  
  Spiro International SA  
  EFFICIENT • ECONOMICAL • RELIABLE • MEETS ALL MINING STANDARDS.  Fast and reliable production of heavy duty spirally manufactured steel ducts. Ducts can be manufactured at the site. If required, ducts can be manufactured up to 12 meters in length.  Raw material available locally = minimized transportation costs.  Low initial investment compared to conventional ducts. Fully automatic production. Low maintenance costs. Ducts connected easily, economically and fast. Ducts replaced quickly in case of damage.  Manufacturing costs are up to 6 TIMES LOWER compared to conventional ducts.  
  Spunstrand Inc.  
  For over 40 years, Spunstrand Inc. has furnished miles of underslab HVAC duct systems, above ground industrial and municipal duct systems and various special applications. Installations are in every state and foreign countries. All these years and miles of pipe have produced a multitude of reliable services available to engineers, contractors and architects.  
Tecsis globally delivers high performance turnkey ventilation systems for customers in the mining, industrial and construction sectors.  
  Providing custom engineered axial fans, centrifugal fans, dampers, and ash handling systems to the utility, industrial and construction industries, TLT-Babcock also furnishes fan upgrades, spare parts, rebuilds, field service, and full testing facilities.  
  Touch ‘n Seal  
Touch ‘n Seal mining products offer simplified, safe solutions to the mining industry. All our products are self-contained, portable, and disposable.  
  Uni Rod  
  The Uni Rod range of mining products features a complete system of Mineglass reinforced plastic composite ducting for exhausting or forcing ventilation to a high performance standard.  Utilising a fine filament spiral wound construction fully impregnated with F.R.A.S resin through the entire wall thickness, the Mineglass product is approved by Mines Departments in both Queensland and New South Wales.  
  Ventsim Software  
  Ventsim is an underground mine ventilation simulation package designed to simulate airflows (and many other types of ventilation data) from a modeled network of airways. Ventsim is the first ventilation package to integrate an easy to use Windows graphical design with a 3D graphics interface.  
  World Leading windows-based software packages for Mine ventilation, cooling and environment control. Applicable to a full variety of underground mining methods.  
  Woodcock & Wilson  
  Established in 1973, Woodcock & Wilson has evolved into one of Britain's premier manufacturers of high quality industrial fans.  Woodcock & Wilson manufacture both centrifugal fan and axial fan designs. Our centrifugal fan range includes: backward laminar, backward curved, flat backward, radial paddle blade, forward curved multi-vane and radial blade high pressure blowers. Our axial fan products include: direct driven axial, belt driven axial, spun bifurcated and fabricated bifurcated fans.  
  Zacon Limited  
  Specializing in Mine Fire Warning Devices, Balanced Mine Ventilation / Fire Doors.   Zacon Limited is an important contributor to underground Mine Safety and Air Control implementation. Zacon is continually setting and raising standards as a creative development company.  
  Zitron has directed its efforts to development and improvement of ventilation systems in mining and tunnelling, and has a wide range of standard, pneumatic and flameproof fans. A major feature of the Porceyo plant is its very sophisticated fan testing facilities.