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  5DT Products  
  5DT's main focus is Training Simulators (Virtual Reality), Training Systems (Computer Based Training - CBT) and Virtual Reality Peripherals. Most of the 5DT systems and products may be customized to suit the requirements of a user.  
  Absolute Fluid Power  
  Absolute Fluid Power offers hydraulic equipment training seminars for large corporations, government productions, contractors, construction companies...basically anyone who handles hydraulic equipment. Our seminars teach you everything you need to know, and there are no requirements or prerequisites. You'll receive high-quality lessons at competitive prices. No matter where you live in the U.S., we'll come to you. Absolute Fluid Power has some of the most successful hydraulic training workshops in the country!  
  American Trainco  
In the next year, American Trainco will conduct in excess of 2,000 training seminars on over 20 primary maintenance topics in more than 125 major cities nationwide.   
  BullEx Digital Safety  
  BullEx™ fire extinguisher training systems make training cleaner, safer and smarter. Patented technology senses where the trainee aims and sweeps our compressed air/water training extinguishers and automatically varies the flames in response. The trainee experiences the feel of extinguishing the fire without the cost and mess associated with conventional live fire extinguisher training.   
  Colorado Division of Reclamation Mining & Safety  
  Mine Rescue Training.  Underground simulated mine emergency (Edgar Mine) exercises with smoke and actual fire. Partnership with Metro Fire Training Academy to include joint firefighting training  
  Colorado Northwestern Community College  
The Place to send employees for Mine Training Classes.  
  Construction Training Centre  
  Simulation has been a feature of training astronauts, pilots and the military for many years and its application has extended to other high reliability organisations such as rail, marine, police, fire, and health.  A more recent entrant to the simulation market is mining with the recognition that both plant operation and safety can be enhanced using virtual and augmented reality.  
  Convergence is a team of dedicated professionals using their skills to meet the growing demand for engaging and integrated web-based learning solutions. Our products include Convergence Server LMS, a robust and flexible Learning Management System that makes it easy to administer, track, report, and archive employee training; a large Course Library that includes compelling and engaging training materials on standard topics many businesses require; and an in-house production facility that can create Custom Training Solutions specifically to fit your company’s training needs.  
  DeLaPorte & Associates  
  For almost three decades, DeLaPorte has been helping companies bring out the best in their people to help improve business results. Our mantra has been "unlock potential and impact lives," and the result has been global opportunities to help clients solve problems and aspire. Since the trend toward service and knowledge-based companies has become a clear reality, we have worked to help companies maintain their focus on people.  
  Delta Mine Training Center  
  Delta Mine Training Center was established to provide miner training and to encourage local hire for mineral industry jobs in Alaska. DMTC works to recruit, prepare and match the right people to the current and future jobs in mining. Our goal is for Delta Mine Training Center to be the connection for industry to find workers and Alaskans to find employment. Our students are held to a standard that will meet the demands of the modern mineral industry.  
  Edgar Experimental Mine  
  The CSM Mining Engineering Department conducts a comprehensive industrial outreach program, including mine rescue training, for the mining industry. Collaborators include the Colorado Division of Minerals and Geology and the Western Mining Resource Center.  
  Fire Science Academy  
  Offering one of the finest emergency response programs and training facilities in the world, the University of Nevada, Reno Fire Science Academy (FSA) includes a 426-acre, state-of-the-art training campus in Carlin, Nevada, as well as specialized training programs — conducted on-site or customized and offered anywhere in the world. The FSA’s vast hands-on training facility and comprehensive programs are designed to challenge even the most seasoned personnel, serving private-sector industries including petrochemical, aviation, mining, technology, transportation and hospitality as well as municipal, county, state, federal and international agencies and governments. Backed by years of training expertise, the academy’s instructors, industry experts and staff support a renowned classroom curriculum augmented by exceptional hands-on training exercises for real-life incident command and response.  
  Immersive Technologies  
  Immersive Technologies is committed to providing Equipment Simulator Training products that increase the safety and profitability of our customers. Established in 1993, Immersive Technologies is the leading global provider of operator training simulators to the Mining and Earth Moving Industries.   
  Lander Simulation & Training Solutions  
LANDER Simulation & Training Solutions, S.A. is a company specializing in the design, manufacture and installation of commercial training simulators.  
  Lewellyn Technology  
  Lewellyn Technology, Inc. has been the choice of many organizations nationwide (even worldwide) for maintenance training. We offer public seminars as well as on-site training that is tailored to meet your facility's needs. All of our training has been designed to benefit those working in maintenance with varied levels of experience. We skip hard-to-grasp theory and go straight to realistic maintenance situations. If you don't need it for your job, we don't cover it!  
  The Mine Emergency Response Interactive Training Simulation (MERITS) provides trainees an opportunity to gain command center experience during a simulated underground coal mine emergency. This computer-based training allows trainees to practice information gathering, situation assessment, decision-making, and coordination skills without risk to personnel or property. Individuals representing mine emergency response personnel, various state safety officials, and private mine management from four states have participated in MERITS training.  
  Michigan's Mine Safety & Health Training  
  The Michigan Mine Safety & Health Training Program is located within the Geology and Mining Engineering and Sciences Department of the College of Engineering at Michigan Technological University. Title 30 of the Code of Federal Regulations lists safety and health regulations for mines located in the US and enforced by the Federal Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA). The Program receives a grant from MSHA to provide training and compliance assistance at Michigan mines. Training materials prepared for use in Michigan are shared with trainers throughout the world by publishing them on Program's internet site.  
  Mine Safety Training, Inc.  
  Mine Safety Training, Inc. provides the most thorough and up-to-date training available for workers involved in the mining industry, from the simplest safety meeting to the most technical comprehensive training. Our classroom training and customized on-site field training classes meet and exceed MSHA requirements and are taught by a team of experienced Certified Mine Safety Professionals.  
  Mining Industry Skills Centre  
  The Mining Industry Skills Centre is a not for profit organisation, formed as a collaborative venture between the mining industry and government (Queensland), to establish a centre of excellence for the development and implementation of training initiatives in the industry.  
  Welcome to the 2006 30th Anniversary edition of the Catalog of Training Products for the Mining Industry. You will find a wide variety of new training materials and products along with many time-tested items.  
  National Mine Health and Safety Academy  
  The mission of the National Mine Health and Safety Academy is to reduce accidents and improve health conditions in the mining industry through education and training. To fulfill this mission, the Academy conducts a variety of education and training programs in health and safety and related subjects for Federal mine inspectors and other government mining and industry personnel.  
  Mine safety and health professionals have long recognized training as a critical element of an effective safety and health program. Federal regulations (30 CFR, Parts 46 and 48) require mine operators to provide initial safety and health training to all new miners, as well as a minimum of eight hours of refresher training each year. Thus, there is a strong and steady demand for new and better mine training materials and methods. NIOSH mining researchers from a variety of disciplines are working to improve the quality of the methods and materials used to conduct miners' training.  
NORCAT provides Common Core mine training for companies and individuals who require the standardized Common Core modules to work in a mining environment.   
  Results In Learning  
  RESULTS IN LEARNING optimizes the performance of your employees through high quality leadership, communications, teamwork and behavioral safety skills training customized to your company’s needs. Our client service teams are culturally adept training professionals.  
  Simlog, Inc.  
  We believe that it's time to look again at the training simulator idea, but in a brand new, cost-effective way to complement, not replace, real seat-time. This is because sooner or later, people must be training at the controls of real equipment. After all, no one gets paid to do simulated work!   
  Summit Training Source, Inc.  
  Summit Training Source, Inc. is the premier resource for environmental, health, and safety training programs in multiple formats including online, video, DVD, posters, and handbooks. Our programs are technically accurate and ensure that your site is in compliance with the latest OSHA, DOT or EPA standards.  
  Our leading edge training simulation solutions immerse the user in a realistic yet safe environment. The simulator can accurately represent the mining environment plus the design and behaviour of mining equipment and vehicles. A mining simulator or Computer Based Trainer (CBT) developed by Sydac will become a valuable asset for reducing training costs and delivering a higher skill level in staff.  
  The Manufacturing Game  
  The Manufacturing Game® Workshop is a two-day acceleration of the "real world" experiences in the life of a manufacturing facility. It teaches the principal of systems thinking --- of how the actions of one area impact the function of another; and profitability of the whole. Through the "virtual world" of The Manufacturing Game®, participants are able to experience in one day, what could take years to experience in the "real world."  
  The Training Authorities  
  Try CrewTrainer and see the difference when you engage an operator in an interactive, eLearning environment. Streamline training and get results you can measure. CrewTrainer is the future of workforce development for mines, quarries, and heavy construction.  
  Training and knowledge sharing is an integral part of The Timken Company's support for its customers. Whether for design engineers of original equipment, distributors, or plant maintenance personnel, Timken offers a variety of training programs that can be tailored to your operation. Conducted on site or at our corporate headquarters in Canton, Ohio, Timken is committed to educating and sharing best practices.  
  VISTA Training, Inc.  
  VISTA Training, Inc., founded in 1991, provides training solutions for people involved in earth moving, excavating and mining applications. VISTA’s strength is high quality, focused, safety and skills training programs targeting heavy equipment operators and mine industry employees.  
  Vivid Learning Systems  
  Welcome to MSHATrainingOnline.com.  Training on Demand - Occupational Safety, Employment Law, MSHA - Refresher, MSHA - New Miner, and more!  Vivid Learning Systems has built a comprehensive training library designed specifically for today's business and industry professionals. It's designed to provide the training you need, when you need it, at a price that makes sense.  
  Western Mining Training and Translation Center  
  Early in 1997, the Colorado School of Mines responded to the concerns of the mining industry and considered the need for a centrally located safety and health training center to service the Western mining community. Surveys of existing training opportunities and discussions with Western mining operators, labor organizations, and mining associations strongly supported the establishment of a safety and health training entity on the CSM campus.