Mine Toilet Systems


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  Enviro options Ltd.  
  The Enviro Loo Toilets require minimal servicing for the first two years after installation. Thereafter only the dried matter is removed on an annual basis depending on the number of users per day. Under low usage conditions, the maintenance required can extend to every two or three years. The odourless dried matter is simply raked from the drying plates into a pan and removed through the conveniently placed manhole. The dried waste matter should be further composted prior to use as a soil fertiliser.  
  MineARC Systems  
  The MineARC™ ECO Toilet is an upgrade of our previous toilet system. In simple terms the system consists of a flushing toilet which feeds directly into a septic tank filled with water, which then delivers via displacement, clarified effluent element to the secondary treatment unit.  On completion of treatment the effluent is then dispersed into a recycling tank and chlorinated for flushing and used.  
  North Fringe  
Refuge Station Toilets.  Refuge Station toilet is a chemical toilet that is utilized in all sizes of Refuge Stations.  
  The Portabuild range of underground tankers and chemical toilets provide a high standard in hygienic sanitation facilities for the mining industry.  Portabum - This toilet is either flush or non-flush and is used for refuge chambers.  
  Rezplast Manufacturing Ltd.  
  The light weight Mining Toilet consists of latrine facilities mounted on top of a miniature biological treatment plant, allowing wasted matter to be deposited directly into the treatment process.  No chemicals of any kind are required. The simple design allows for single man transportation and for easy transfer of the unit. Units can be custom fit to suit a specific location or drift size.