OTR Tires and Wheels


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  Agora Tire  
  Agora Tire, Inc. is a leading OTR tire supplier that sources and delivers hard to find OTR tires for the mining exploration and earthmoving industries.  Agora has built a solid reputation with a commitment to excellence in every facet of their business. A strong sales and management organization is supported by a trusted network of suppliers and manufacturers. Working together, they provide superior customer service and timely delivery of new, used and retread tires from all over the world.  
  Air-Seal Products  
We can improve or maintain profitability for Tyre Users who continuously face major cost problems.  
  American Tire Corp.  
  As member of Tire Industry Association and member of Specialty Equipment Market Association, American Tire Corporation (ATC) is the major OTR tire manufacturer for mining, construction, and port handling industries worldwide. All ATC-made OTR tires have US warranty and product liability insurance with the same terms offered to our U.S. clients no matter where you are located.  
  Arnco Inc.  
  Driven by industry's In-Tire Needs, In-Spired by innovative Tireless Solutions.  For more than 35 years, Arnco has prospered as a pioneer and innovator in the development of polyurethane elastomers. Originally conceived as an answer to a desperate steel plant manager's plea, Arnco has gone on to earn worldwide acclaim as a leader in tire flatproofing systems.  
  So as provide a better service for our customers, Bailac has created new companies specially focused on the mining industry.  So, whilst still improving its tire technology and despite the crisis this is going through in the world, Bailac has specialized in rendering Complete OTR Tire Maintenance, Control, Repair and Retread Services.  At present, we have 5 plants for repairs and retreads strategically located throughout Chile with over 600 specialists on board who, together with our know-how, enable us to meet all large mining companies’ tire requirements.  
  Bearcat Tyres  
Bearcat Tyres is Australia's Leading Provider of Industrial Tyres and Wheels  
  Big Tyre  
  Big Tyre is Australia’s leading manufacturer of solid rubber-tyred wheels and the leading rebuilder and repairer of rubber tracks used extensively in agricultural and excavating machinery.  
  Bridgestone Firestone will feature a comprehensive selection of radial and bias tires for use in construction, aggregates,mining and industrial operations as well as on/off highway trucking applications.  
  Carpenter Tire Products  
Sold through industrial tire dealers, Carpenter Tire Products are designed to prevent flat tires and keep your equipment working.  
  Coba Tyre  
COBA TYRES present an evolutionary step in giant bias haul truck tyres.  
  The Duratread range of OTR Mining tires was launched in 2006 as a result of the growing demand from our Mining Industry customers.  A shortfall of radial tire building capacity, which is likely to last for the next several years, has of necessity created a renewed interest in bias tires in large rim sizes. Duratread tires can play a valuable role in alleviating the problems caused by the current tire shortages by becoming part of your overall tire management policy.  
  ETMS International  
  Our ETMS division employs our fully structured tire management system, customized to particular job site requirements, utilizing a multi-dimensional approach to provide the customer with the best possible operating cost by taking into consideration all of the factors that affect their operating cost.  
  Eurcorp International LLC  
  EuroCorp International LLC is a leading tire supplier that delivers hard-to-source OTR tires for the mining exploration and earthmoving industries at competitive prices.  
  Eurotire, Inc.  
  EUROTIRE is an emerging leader in OTR tire manufacturing. We meet the highest levels of quality because we are involved with the whole tire life cycle: rubber production, tire manufacturing, distribution and logistics, field engineering, and warranty service. Our locations on four continents put Eurotire in a position to assist the most demanding projects and clients.  
  Exactra Inc.  
  Known worldwide for our products; EXACTRA INC. is a family-owned organization operating since 1988 and specializing in the manufacture of LARGE BORE, SUPER LARGE BORE and SUPER EXCEL tire inflating systems for large and giant off-the-road tires. Our goal is to supply the tire industry with superior products. EXACTRA INC. is a member of the Tire & Rim Association and is ISO:9002 certified.  
  Fuller Brothers, Inc.  
  Fuller Brothers has been manufacturing tire care products for more than 40 years, and has become well known for its flagship product Tire Life®. After considerable research and development, we are proud to announce the release of our newest product TAS™ Tire Analysis System.  
  Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company  
  Goodyear is the ultimate authority when it comes to delivering tough OTR tires.  Made with premium casings and durable compounds, these tires are built for heavy loads, solid traction and outstanding resistance to punctures.  Add our dependable on-site service and limited warranty, and you've got the kind of support that keep your trucks moving!  
  GPX International Tire Corp.  
  GPX International Tire Corp. is one of the largest independent global providers of specialty "off-the-road" tires for the agricultural, construction, materials handling and transportation industries.   
  Haltec Corporation  
  In meeting today's ever-changing performance and design requirements, Haltec will continue to develop and manufacture tire valves and accessories in step with the most advanced tire technology to meet customer needs. Haltec's been doing it for three decades.  
  Ingersoll-Rand Co.  
  Now, Ingersoll Rand offers you a choice. You can use nitrogen, not ambient air, to fill tires with the new Nitrogen Tire Inflation System. A revolutionary technology in tire inflation. You gain a competitive edge by enhanced tire pressure retention.  
  Innovative Equipment Solutions  
  The Neptune Wash Station is designed to offer the customer an easy to install unit that will satisfy regulations which require an automated wheel wash system at an affordable price.  This system is designed to be configured with or without a sensor to automatically start the system.  
  InterClean Equipment, Inc.  
  InterClean has become the leader in North America for designing and engineering unique solutions to wash and decontaminate the tires and lower chassis of trucks leaving landfills, quarries, steel mills and chemical plants.  The RED WOLF series was born after the World Trade Center disaster in New York.  Asked to supply wash facilities to clean asbestos contamination from vehicles leaving the site, InterClean successfully delivered the first three Rapid Deployment Wash Facilities (RDWF) for the EPA in a time frame of just 5 weeks.  This eventually gave the name RED WOLF to the entire InterClean TireWash and environmental cleaning system product line.  
  J&M Tire  
  We specialize in sales and service of off road tires for the construction, mining, quarry, waste, steel, container handling and other industries. We are distributors for Bridgestone, General, Michelin and a variety of off shore tire manufacturers.  
  Since it’s establishment in 1953 Mai has been recognized globally as a provider of quality and service, listing amongst it’s customer base some of the world’s leading, wholesale, servicing dealers, mines, quarries, civil engineering contractors and projects.  
  Marathon Tyres recently purchased the World Wide Manufacturing and Distributing rights for the RL Inserts (Rubber Liner) from Hutchinson Inc. During the past eleven years we have marketed and sold the RL in Australia with outstanding growth in sales to the Mining Industry.  
  Marathon Tyres Pty Ltd  
  Servicing mining operations across Australia, Marathon Tyres has grown to become one of the countries largest independent OTR tyre company.  
  McDonald Tire Company  
  Founded in 1958 by James V. and Marie McDonald and is currently owned and operated by their youngest son Jimmy D. McDonald. McDonald Tire has been in business for 49 years in San Antonio, Texas. We have extensive knowledge of tires, from passenger to large off-the road (OTR) tires. We are one of few Vulcanizing shops in texas. We specialize in large haul tires and disposal.  
  Michelin North America  
  It's no surprise that the Michelin brand is recognized by 70% of the world's population (INRA survey 1999). In 1898, one of the company's founders, Edouard Michelin, set forth a three-point philosophy that has become the cornerstone of our approach to business: Respect the facts, Respect our customers, Respect our employees .
More than a century later, the Michelin team continues to build upon the philosophy that established the company as the global leader in radial tire technology. Our earthmoving manufacturing processes have been audited worldwide and are ISO 9001 certified.
  On Site Gas Systems, Inc.  
Nitrogen Tire Inflation - On Site Gas Systems provides tire inflation systems to a numbers clients.  
  OTR-Off Road Tire  
  OTR-OffRoadTire formed in January 2006 to wholesale and distribute Off The Road Tires used in heavy duty applications for construction, mining, aggregates, oil drilling and other industrial operations.  
  OTR Wheel Engineering, Inc.  
  OTR Wheel Engineering is a rapidly growing company that was established in 1987. OTR is engaged in the manufacture and distribution of wheels, tires, and mounted tire/wheel assemblies used on "Off The Road" equipment. OTR produces high quality products to meet customer requirements on a global scale. OTR Wheel Engineering is a designated "Master Distributor" for Titan International, Inc. OTR also sources products from a variety of international wheel and rim suppliers.  
  Pewag Chain Inc.  
  Pewag has been manufacturing chains for over 200 years and was one of the first manufacturers to develop snow chains for the automotive industry. Located in the middle of the Alps in Graz, Austria, Pewag has exceptional experi-ence with ice and snow conditions in the mountains. Pewag engineers have applied their experience and know-how to create newer and better traction devices that have made Pewag the # 1 Chain Brand world-wide. All Pewag chains are manufactured in Europe under the strict specifications of Pewag Austria.  
  RDH Tire & Retread Co.  
  Our service offerings include Retreading, Mount & Dismount, OTR Wheel Refurbishing, and Freight services.  We also maintain a wide selection of Used Tires and Casings, and we also have Primex, Tyrfil, Solid Tire, & Sidewall Protector services.  
  Rimex Supply Ltd.  
  RIMEX is a custom manufacturer of all wheels and rims for mining, forestry and industrial equipment, specializing in Haul Trucks and Loaders. With 30 years in the industry and over 40 years experience, RIMEX designs and manufactures longer-life wheels and custom applications to keep even the most difficult vehicles moving.  
  SETCO, Solid Tire  
  SETCO solid mining tires are most advantageous in the mining industry. SETCO solid mining tires do not suffer from premature failures, which have plagued the mining industry in the past.  
  Stanton Systems  
  Stanton Tire Wash and Wheel Wash Systems built in America is the Real Tire Wash Leader of Industrial Wash Systems. Stanton Tire Wash Systems is the only manufacturing company in America that can guarantee that it’s Tire Wash and Wheel Wash Systems can remove all mud from moving trucks. Stanton Systems is the only U.S. Tire Wash manufacturer that can offer a 5 year warranty on parts and equipment. We are the only manufacturer in the world offering these exceptional guarantees.  
  Tech Tire Repairs  
Tech International is the world's leading producer of tire repairs and wheel service solutions.  
  Titan has a heritage of over 100 years in the off-highway wheel manufacturing business. Since Titan's entrance into the tire market in 1993, we have evolved into a leading global supplier of complete wheel and tire assemblies for off-highway vehicles.  
  Titan Europe Plc  
  Titan Europe Plc is an international group of companies manufacturing wheels, undercarriage components and assemblies for tracked and wheeled \"off-road\" vehicles. This includes machines for the agricultural, construction and mining industries.  
  Titan Wheels & Rims  
  Titan Wheel & Rims is a division of Titan Wheels Australia Pty Ltd, part of the global Titan Europe Plc group of companies and is a market leader in the manufacture and supply of engineered wheels for the Mining and Earthmoving markets.  
  Topy Industries, Ltd.  
  Topy's superior technological prowess gives its construction vehicle wheels high strength, durability, and overall quality. These traits have made them reliable favorites worldwide, and Topy's wheels are supplied to construction and industrial machinery manufacturers in Japan and abroad.  Topy's SGOR wheels are designed for extra-large dump trucks used in large-scale mining operations overseas. These wheels are the largest in the world, with a rim diameter of 63 inches (about 1.6 meters), a width of 44 inches (about 1.1 meters), and a weight of 2.83 tons.  Compared to passenger car wheels, SGORs are five times larger in diameter and 280 times heavier.  
  Trojan Tire Inc.  
  ZERO FLAT TIRES INCREASES PRODUCTIVITY.  Real Cellular Rubber Tire Fill - Patented Technology  
  Ty Cushion Tire, LLC  
  TY Cushion Tire initially manufactured pneumatic tires but convert its research into the various uses of its solid base tires. TY has been developing and producing solid cushion tire for over 30 years. We are now regarded as one of the most advanced company in the world for manufacture of solid industrial tires. Companies that use TY Tire reduce their cost and increase their efficiency.   
  After fuel, tires are often a mine's largest expense. The best way to ensure maximum tire life is through proper tire inflation. RIMEX is pleased to introduce TyreSense, a wireless tire pressure monitoring system. TyreSense uses innovative technology to electronically monitor and display actual running tire pressures and temperatures. The TyreSense™ System has everything you'll need to monitor your entire fleet. Best of all, the system is upgradeable so you'll never need to buy a new system.  
  Tyrex Intl. Ltd.  
  In recognition of the need to provide high quality industrial tyres to our clients we established with Trelleborg Wheel Systems the premier industrial tyre distribution centre in the Middle East. We partnered with Trelleborg Wheel Systems, of Sweden as Trelleborg shares the same values and beliefs as the Al Dobowi Group - quality, reliability and innovation.  
  United World Tires  
  We are a new company with ten years of professional OTR tire experience.  We pride ourselves on supplying quality and a vast line of product.  We work hard to get the tires you need for your equipment.   We are committed to supplying tires and our consulting services around the globe.  
  World Trade Association  
  WTA OTR (Off the Road) specializes in sourcing, importing and exporting container loads of tires, both radial & bias, around the globe. WTA’s unique business model provides customers with exceptional product access, prices, service and overall value on select flagship and private label brands.  
  Yokohama Tire  
  This is where you can find the Yokohama Tire that is perfect for Off-The-Road trucks.