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  acQuire Technology Solutions Pty Ltd   
  The objective of acQuire is to deliver a solution for the capture, management and delivery of geoscientific observations and measurements in a range of industries and commodities. The acQuire goal is not only to solve the complexity associated with the storage of geoscientific observations and measurements but also facilitate solutions for site specific work flows. In essence the technology supports the decentralisation of the workflow management to each customer, site or location.  
  AddOns Inc  
  AddOns is a provider of business consulting, outsourcing, and software products for asset-intensive industries such as mining, transportation, national defense, and utilities.  
  AmberCore Software, Inc.  
  Independent software vendor, AmberCore Software, is expanding the geo-information systems market with intelligent spatial analysis products and applications. AmberCore's highly qualified team has successfully delivered a number of commercial applications based on AmberCore's high performance spatial analysis engine - Amber iQ.  
  Bever Control AS  
  Bever Control AS is a specialist company providing computer based guidance and control systems for drilling jumbos used in the tunnelling and mining industries. The Company is a world leader in this field and has longer experience with computer controlled jumbos than any of the competitors. Bever Control AS  has pioneered the use of robot and computer technology in tunnelling and mining and this has become the technological foundation for the company.  
  Carlson Software  
  The Carlson mining solutions are comprehensive and diverse. Our flagship product is Carlson Mining, with its 3 component modules of Geology, Surface and Underground. A separate Blasting module is also available. Carlson Mining is used by 90% of the U.S. coal industry, and is a dominant solution in the clay, phosphate and trona markets as well. The Surface Module offers block modeling for the hard rock industry and includes the leading routine for carving pits with benches and haul roads into existing DTM surfaces. The Blasting Module lays out blast hole patterns, calculates explosive quantities and produces blast reports for field use. Even the Carlson GIS module has a strong emphasis on mining applications for royalty analysis, land management, and pit and underground panel data queries and reporting.  
  Century Systems Technologies Inc.  
  Century Systems is helping to change the way mining and exploration companies around the globe collect, store, manage and share:  Geological information – drillhole, sampling and mapping.  Laboratory management – LIMS, geochemical data,  QAQC.  Survey data – survey stations, back/roof, walls floor survey, single person.  
  Citect, Inc.  
  Mining automation software for monitoring and reporting in the mining and minerals industries For reasons of mine safety, miners must be extremely cautious about ensuring that new technology has been completely proven. Citect has that proven reliability in mining automation software and has developed a unique understanding of the challenges facing the Mining and Minerals industries. Citect built the largest PC-based SCADA system in the world at Western Mining Corporation's Olympic Dam expansion project. With 450,000+ I/O points, this system integrates all phases of mine operation from the mine face to the mill. Each step of production is monitored and optimized by this single networked solution providing superior mine safety and mining automation that will exceed your expectations.  
  Coal Software and Systems, Inc  
  Our systems may be used stand-alone or by integration between several modules. The design of our software allows it to take full advantage of Windows based operating systems and it utilizes the latest innovations to obtain a user-friendly interface. CSS offers data access for both large and small companies, including database connectivity for Microsoft Access, Microsoft Data Engine (MSDE), Microsoft SQL Server and MySQL, according to the needs of your company.  
  CWorks Systems Inc  
  Maintenance Software for Plant and Facility Management.  Ranging from the simple CWorks Free for basic users to the proven CWorks Plus, CWorksSQL and web-based versions.  
  Datamine North America Inc.  
  Datamine has a solution footprint for the Mine Planning Cycle which is second to none.  Our solutions are integrated modular systems that cover the full scope of mining from the first exploration drillhole to the day the mineral product is shipped to the customer.  
  DIAGNOS inc  
  The knowledge extraction technology made by DIAGNOS ensures that every single piece of information will be put to profit easily. DIAGNOS offers a collection of analytical methods based on statistics, imaging and artificial intelligence.  
  Digital Mining Solutions  
  Specializing in computerized mining solutions, Digital Mining partnering with Steton Technology , leaders of mobile data collection software, enables mine organizations to perform customized inspections and data collections using a ruggedized handheld computer device.  
  Dimension Technology Solutions, Inc. / DTS   
  We provide the products and experience that allow operators to focus on process improvement to keep vital assets running efficiently while using existing business systems. We keep the promises that the software vendors made to you when you bought their solutions.  Before you think of making a major investment in new software, call us to see how far you can take your existing systems.  
  Drives & Controls Services Inc.  
  The DCS Excavator X-Y Data Acquisition System (AccuPlot) is a computer based data acquisition system specifically designed for the mining industry. The flexibility of software enables the system to emulate different analog test equipment without any additional hardware costs.  
  Encom develops GIS and geophysical software applications, provides advanced consulting services and operates the GPinfo petroleum tenement exploration information service.  
  Famic Technologies Inc.  
  As a world leader in the development of system design and simulation software for fluid power, electrical and automated applications, Famic Technologies aims at providing companies with high-performance, user-friendly, and complete software solution for the whole product lifecycle, from system design to maintenance, and training.  
  FuelQuest technologies help simplify the complexities, regulation, and the market volatility of the Gasoline, Diesel, and Alternative Fuels industry. FuelQuest is the leading provider of hosted, on demand software and services to the Global Downstream Energy Industry.   
  Garnsey Mining Consultants Pty Ltd  
  The GMC Scheduler project was undertaken because there appeared to be a growing need for a better quality of mine planning software in the mining industry. The increasing size, complexity, and lower grades of modern mining operations place huge demands on the mine planners and the tools they use to do their work.  
  Gemcom Software International  
  When mining companies seek to increase mine productivity, they turn to Gemcom for technology and services. The Company is home to world renowned mining solutions like GEMS, Surpac, Minex, Whittle and InSite, and to industry thought-leaders who are pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in mining.  
  Geosoft’s commercial software products, Oasis montaj mapping and processing software, and Target exploration software deliver the same industry-leading technology, and quality support, within an affordable configuration designed for geoscientists.  The market introduction of Geosoft’s Target ArcGIS, exploration software for ESRI’s ArcGIS, has been welcomed by exploration geoscientists seeking to simplify their workflows, and to enhance visualization and analysis of all exploration data within their GIS environment. Geosoft DAP is helping to solve large-volume geospatial data access and distribution challenges in the exploration and government sectors.  
  Gibbs Associates  
  Since 1985, Gibbs Associates has provided a variety of technical software services to the mining industry and other mineral resource related computer applications. Software coverage includes applications for geology, geophysics, hydrology, environmental, mining exploration through operations, financial analysis, and much more.  
  GijimaAst Mining Solutions International  
  Our international software business unit develops and supports generic software packages for use in the mining industry. The well established suite of Mine2-4D, EPS and mineCAD used for design, scheduling and communication of mine plans boasts over 500 users worldwide. A number of complementary new applications are under development.  
  GoldSim Technology Group  
  he GoldSim Technology Group is a privately held software company dedicated to delivering software and services to help people understand complex systems and make better decisions. The combination of our diverse technical and business backgrounds, our extensive experience in modeling complex systems, and our ability to continuously enhance our state-of-the-art simulation tools allow us to efficiently solve difficult problems that cannot be readily addressed by others.  
  IC-FinEval Ltd.  
  IC-MinEval is a software package for the financial evaluation of mining projects producing spread sheet-based models for base, precious metal, coal, industrial minerals or gemstone deposits. The application has successfully translated the expertise in mining financial evaluation developed over many years at the Royal School of Mines into a software tool that is now used in the mining industry by a large number of mining companies, investment banks and financial services companies worldwide.  
  Invensys Group  
  Through the application of technology we enable our customers to increase productivity, reduce waste, remove cost from the supply chain, boost profitability and demonstrate measurable improvement in performance.  
  ITT Corporation  
  ITT Visual Information Solutions provides integrated software solutions that help scientists, engineers, researchers and medical professionals turn complex data into useful information. Our 150,000 customers from over 80 countries use IDL, ENVI and IAS to analyze data and imagery and deploy imaging applications.  
  IVARA Corporation  
  Ivara is the leader in asset performance management software solutions for companies in capital intensive industries. With Ivara’s advanced software, seasoned reliability practitioners and proven implementation methodology, companies prevent equipment failure, increase production and lower costs to improve business performance.  
  Leica Geosystems Inc.  
  Software forms an important part of a surveyor's product basket. Leica Geosystems offers a broad range of software solutions that seamlessly connect measurement sensors to provide maximum productivity from field data collection to final data presentation.  
  LIM SA  
  LIM SA, through its computer division MIG Geosoft, has been developing boring data software for many years (geotechnics, geology, grouting, etc...).
To process, exploit, represent and classify boring data, there is a solution !
  Maptek develops the Vulcan software product which provides advanced 3D spatial information, modelling, visualisation and analysis in fields ranging from mining to defence, environmental management and urban planning. More than 1400 licences of Vulcan are installed around the world in the mining industry alone. Linking Vulcan's capability to model large volume spatial data to inputs from laser imaging devices led to the development of I-Site 3D Laser Imaging hardware and software products. Laser scanning can be used in the mining, engineering, surveying, defence and entertainment industries to create 3D models for a wide variety of spatial and volumetric analysis tasks.  
  Micromine produces a range of software products for the exploration and mining industries. Here at Micromine, we have a passion for making people more productive through smart software solutions that help them focus more on what they really want to accomplish, and less on mundane, repetitive "computer busy work". We think you will find that our products reflect our dedication to this ideal.  
  Mincom Inc.  
  The Mincom Mining Solution provides intelligent tools that cover the entire mining operations value chain from the geology of the deposit, through to the delivery of the finished product.  
  MineMax Pty Ltd  
  From pit optimization through to long and short term scheduling for both open pit and underground operations, Minemax handles the complexities of mine optimization, planning and scheduling.  
  Mine Modelling Pty Ltd.  
  Map3D is a fully integrated three-dimensional layout (CAD), visualization (GIS) and stability analysis package (BEM numerical modelling stress analysis). Various program modules (Map3D Versions ) can be used to construct models, analyze and display stresses, strains, displacements, strength factors and probability of failure contours. Map3D is suitable for building and modelling rock and soil engineering design problems involving both irregular 3D massive excavations, tunnels, faults and tabular shapes.  
  Mineware Consulting  
  Mineware's core activity is providing products that fit a client's precise needs by tailoring its software. As requirements change, Mineware integrates changes seamlessly to ensure no time is lost on having to retrain personnel on new systems.  
  MINTEC, Inc.  
  Our comprehensive software, MineSight®, offers maximum flexibility and power for geologic modeling and mine planning and is used in mine evaluation and development.   
  Modular Mining Systems, Inc.  
  Modular Mining Systems, Inc., with headquarters in Tucson, Arizona, offers a full line of products and software to meet the needs of open pit, underground, and rail operations.  
  QMASTOR Limited  
  QMASTOR is a leading technology company providing specialist software and services to the global mining, port, power generation and bulk commodity industries. Our comprehensive supply chain software & solution suite includes: bulk material tracking, mine logistics management, mine planning and scheduling, stockpile management, stockpile modelling, grade control, blend management, mine reconciliation, process plant management, commodity marketing, contract management, systems integration, mine consulting and training services.  
  We lead our industry with mine planning, equipment optimization, and financial analysis software solutions. Our consulting expertise streamlines client operations from resource management to mine closure.  
  SimSci-Esscor is a global supplier of simulation software for plant design and optimization. Benefit from complete simulation and modeling solutions, software, and engineering services for the refining, oil and gas, petrochemical, specialty chemical, and power industries. Improve asset performance and utilization, minimize capital demands, and maximize returns while you Design-Operate-Optimize a safe and profitable plant.  
  Split Engineering  
  Split Engineering is a truly customer-oriented company dedicated to providing information of the highest quality to enable process management and control.  Personnel at Split Engineering possess years of experience in applying imaging solutions within the mining industry, and possess backgrounds in Mining, Geological, Geophysical and Civil Engineering, as well as Business. Our continuous research and development of the software ensures state-of-the-art technology is applied to your process.  
  Syntex Management Systems, Inc.  
  Syntex Management Systems provides software and services that help companies protect worker health and safety, avoid devastating accidents, protect the environment, and cut costs. The world’s leading companies use our flagship software product, Syntex IMPACT Enterprise, either in single-site locations or in worldwide deployments.  
  TECHBASE International  
  TECHBASE combines a comprehensive database manager with quality graphics, essential statistics, and powerful modeling tools to create a complete software package. This easy-to-use software effectively meets the needs of engineers, geologists and scientists.  With TECHBASE, professionals can go beyond mere data storage to complete analysis and understanding.  
  TerraSource Software  
  TerraSource Software specializes in data management and information systems for the mining and other natural resource industries.  From exploration and new project evaluation, permitting and development, production and asset management, through reclamation, we can assist in all of the major stages.  We help manage data and information and maximize the return on investment.  We specialize in ESRI applications for geographic information systems (GIS), Surpac for mine planning applications, and Microsoft SQL Server and Access for relational database systems.  We are experienced mine engineers, geologists, and information systems professionals who understand the requirements of the natural resource industries.  We use the products that we sell and support on a daily basis.  
  Thunderbird Mining Systems  
  Thunderbird Pacific Corporation designs, produces and distributes electronic instruments and software systems for the mining industry. The products, which are sold worldwide, are designed to improve the efficiency and productivity of the mining operation. With this focus on one industry, Thunderbird Pacific is able to concentrate its efforts, which allows it to be extremely responsive to the needs of its customers.  
  Ventsim Software  
  Ventsim is an underground mine ventilation simulation package designed to simulate airflows (and many other types of ventilation data) from a modeled network of airways. Ventsim is the first ventilation package to integrate an easy to use Windows graphical design with a 3D graphics interface.  
World Leading windows-based software packages for Mine ventilation, cooling and environment control. Applicable to a full variety of underground mining methods.  
  Safety management software for accident investigation, safety inspection and incident reporting from ZeraWare, your workplace safety specialists. Zeraware safety management software is a new and powerful tool for computerizing key safety management functions. Our health and safety software provides the means to administer a more productive and effective occupational safety program. ZeraWare workplace safety software combines computer-based methodology with sound accident prevention systems and procedures.  
  Zonge Engineering & Research Organization, Inc.  
  To support its instrument customers and its world-wide field operations, Zonge has developed comprehensive software for the processing, display, modeling, and interpretation of electrical and electromagnetic data