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  Alaska Structures  
  Versatile fabric structures for every building application.  Alaska Structures are used for nearly every building application in every part of the world ... UN disaster relief facilities, military facilities, aviation hangars, convention centers, medical complexes, warehouses, mining and manufacturing facilities, film locations, theaters, incarceration complexes, housing, retail outlets, hotels, military tents as well as many other applications large or small, remote or otherwise. Our unique fabric structures are modular by design, stronger, safer, more comfortable, are portable or permanent, easier and more economical to mobilize than any other structure, fabric or conventional.   
  American Shelter Technologies, Inc.  
  American Shelter manufactures the strongest metal buildings and arch buildings available in the world. Our Clear Span steel arch Wonder Buildings are available in widths ranging from 6 feet to 280 feet wide and can be constructed in unlimited lengths. Our line of industrial-use arch buildings can be completely accessorized with vents, doors, windows, insulation, interior finishes, skylites, side openings, fly arches, and mezzanines. With Wonder Building, you receive experience and durability as warehouses, factories, roofing systems, conveyor covers, liftable buildings, protective shelters, blast buildings, arch trusses, security buildings, bulk storage, construction buildings, hangars, and many other industrial uses. With our Wonder Arch Building System, your facility gains a durable, metal arch building or roof span along with a 20-Year Limited Snow and Wind Load warranty--the only arch building system to offer a structural warranty.  
  ATCO Structures  
  ATCO Structures has extensive experience with mining and resource development projects, even in the most remote locations and extreme climates. Whether you need to comfortably house workers on the highest mountain peak in Chile, or in the frigid Canadian north, ATCO Structures has the experience to meet your challenge.  
  Canadian Can-Tex  
  The aim of the company is to provide top quality, portable buildings and tents used in mine exploration, forestry and field camps. You will find Can-Tex tents and enclosures in use around the world, providing comfortable working and living quarters to people operating in the harshest conditions ranging from Arctic cold to extreme desert heat. Canadian Can-Tex prides itself in providing custom designs for individual clients such as portable garages, boat and ATV covers to protect the valuable equipment of outdoor enthusiasts. Large or small, every client is valuable to Canadian Can-Tex.  
  ClearSpan Fabric Structures International Inc.  
  We build more than fabric structures. We build your dreams. When you choose a ClearSpan tension fabric structure, you're choosing our unwavering commitment to customer service and made in the USA quality. You're also choosing one of the most versatile fabric buildings in the world.  
  Whether you need floor space for industrial storage or room for different operations, the MegaDome is perfectly fitted to suit your needs. Available in widths from 30 to 125 feet, it is the perfect solution to allow a fast and effective implementation of additional storage space. With no central support inside the structure, trucks and lifts can easily operate in any direction. High side wall clearance allows maximum storage space, making every square feet profitable.  
  Modular Space Corporation  
Modular construction is ideal for many industrial applications including mining applications, in-plant offices, office complexes and administrative space.  
  Modus Inc  
  MODUS is a leading provider of high performance prefabricated building systems for many diverse industries. Our product design and construction methodology enables us to respond quickly and effectively to our clients' needs.  
  Shelter Structures, Inc.  
  Customized to Meet Your Needs.  Temporary buildings can be configured to meet your specific requirements. They can range in size from 12 feet to 100 feet wide, up to 100 feet high and any length and shape. They can be open at the ends or fully enclosed with doors. Choose from a vast selection of fabrics, all flame retardant, that meet a wide range of performance requirements.  
  Rushmore Buildings will save you as much as 50% in upfront costs over traditional metal buildings. The value is enhanced even more when you add in benefits like noise reduction, lower utility and lighting costs, decreased lifetime maintenance costs and a cooler, more inviting environment. Rushmore is the obvious choice! Plus, with 8 branch locations throughout the U.S., Shur-Co. offers a substantial savings in shipping and handling expenses.  
  SMART-TECH Building Solutions, Inc  
  Smart-Tech markets an innovative, 'Pre-Engineered' building alternative for temporary or permanent applications.  The structure is a "tensioned membrane" building consisting of a series of aluminium arches integrally connected by modular membrane panels.  
  Sprung Instant Structures  
  The Sprung structure is an innovative relocatable building alternative designed for diverse semi-permanent and permanent needs throughout North America and in over 90 countries worldwide.  Our commitment to product evolution will meet tomorrow's possibilities: the proven, advanced and responsive alternative to conventional construction.  
  Universal Fabric Structures  
  Universal Fabric Structures is an industry leader in the manufacturing of high-quality, engineered, and cost-effective fabric building systems and solutions.  Used extensively by the military and in the aviation, environmental, warehousing, entertainment, and sports and recreation industries, UFS provides its clients with unprecedented customer-driven solutions and consulting, design, construction, and project management services.  
  VP Buildings, Inc.  
  VP Buildings specializes in the computer-aided design of pre-engineered steel systems construction for low-rise, nonresidential buildings. Working closely with architects, engineers, and contractors, we offer buildings that combine extraordinary esthetic appeal with optimum functionality.  
  Weatherhaven is a leading provider of portable shelters, camps and systems for remote sites around the world. The company engineers, manufactures and installs custom shelter systems for a wide variety of commercial, military and medical applications.  
  Williams Scotsman Inc.  
  Williams Scotsman is a leader in the mobile and modular space industry. With 100 locations across North America and Europe, we maintain one of the largest mobile office and storage fleets available. At Williams Scotsman, our focus is on customer service. We employ a philosophy of local service and offer a full range of capabilities to ensure that the lease or purchase experience is always an easy and pleasant one for our customers.  
  With over 25 years experience, YeadonŽ is the industry leading producer of state-of-the-art air supported structures, providing the most cost effective fabric structure domes for sports and recreation, warehousing, military and construction usage.  Custom designed and easy to maintain, every Yeadon dome incorporates the latest innovations in design, anchoring, mechanical and electrical systems to provide the ultimate in efficiency, safety and comfort.