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  1984 Enterprises Inc  
  1984 Enterprises Inc. has grown to become a well-established leader in the field of occupational health and safety, delivering sound safety solutions to clients around the globe. The past twenty-seven years have seen 1984 Inc. earn a solid reputation for excellence in health and safety consulting.  
  Advanced Safety Magazine  
  Advanced Safety Magazine provides safety officers with a good quality background for OHS in the state, while the website is providing the industry with an exceptional OHS web site interacting with thousands of Safety Execs and OHS Officers each day.  
  Allegro Industries, Inc.  
  Working in atmospheres likely to contain dangerous particulates requires reliable constant air monitoring.  Now the standard in the industry, Allegro's Air Sampling Pumps provide dependable continuous monitoring of asbestos, lead, and other dangerous particulates.  
  American Screening Corporation  
  American Screening Corporation, is a global leader and one of the most respected, fastest growing provider of Wholesale On-Site Drug Testing Cup & Medical Screening Devices on the internet today. For more than 8 years, we have helped employers, correctional agencies, substance abuse professionals, and individuals meet their drug testing needs.  
  Behavioral Science Technology, Inc.  
  BST is a global safety consulting and solutions firm dedicated to creating extraordinary, sustainable results for organizations. From the shop floor to the boardroom, BST develops safety leadership capability, creates high-performance cultures and strengthens employee commitment to safety by applying unique processes, technology, tools and training.  
  Caribou Manufacturing Corporation  
  There can be no comprising safety, that’s why Caribous products were designed and developed in close cooperation with qualified mining personnel in the interest of accident prevention and mining safety. Caribou product line also contributes to profits. The initial costs are paid back almost immediately by cutting your operational delays substantially when moving or relocating your power cable in your mining operations.  
  One of the oldest industries in the world is one of the most important when it comes to supporting modern life. It's impossible to imagine today's world without mining.  Unfortunately, it's all too easy to imagine the risks of mining. Safety must be a part of your everyday routine, with safety talks between shifts and close attention to worksite and machine conditions at all times. For more insights into safety, consult your machine's Operation and Maintenance Manual.  
  Chad Hymas Communications, Inc.  
  Chad Hymas travels the world sharing his inspirational safety message with thousands in the safety industry. From corporate to supervisors to your frontline people, Chad illustrates the key principles to insure your people walk away with a belief and awareness to take personal responsibility for themselves and colleagues around them. “Don’t let experience be your worst enemy!”  
  Checkers Industrial Products, Inc.  
  Checkers has been manufacturing and providing superior quality safety products since 1987. Our service professionals are trained to understand the safety issues in many industries so we can quickly help you find the right safety products to meet your needs and bring your business into compliance.  
  Circadian Technologies, Inc.  
  CIRCADIAN is the leading international research and consulting firm that assists shiftwork and extended hour operations optimize the productivity and safety of their 24/7 workforce. Through value-added consulting programs, employee training, research, and publications, CIRCADIAN creates win-win solutions for management and employees.  
  Clarion Safety Systems  
  Clarion, formerly Hazard Communication Systems (HCS), is the world's leading source for safety labels that meet the following standards: ANSI Z535.4 Product Safety Signs and Safety Labels, ISO 3864 Safety Signs and Colours, SEMI S1 Equipment Safety Labels, and the ISO 7000 and IEC 60417 graphical symbol standards.  
  Conflow is renowned the world over as the leading supplier of specialist components and systems for dust suppression, fire suppression and all aspects of water control in underground mining.  
  Conspec Controls Limited  
  Industrial gas detection equipment from CONSPEC provides an array of gas sensors, detectors, and systems for a wide variety  of potentially harmful toxic and combustible gases.Our superior gas monitoring equipment was designed for use in some of the harshest industrial environments on earth, but is also dynamic and diverse enough to be installed in light commercial and HVAC applications.  
  CSE Corporation  
  CSE Corporation produces Self-Contained Self-Rescuers (SCSRs) designed to be worn on a miner’s belt or stored in an approved area for access in emergency situations. The SR-100 will provide 60 minutes of breathable air. The company is also the maker of portable and machine-mounted gas monitoring instruments for detecting, measuring and monitoring toxic or combustible gases and oxygen. The ultimate goal of all CSE products is to protect and preserve human life.  
  Direct Safety  
Direct Safety has been providing businesses just like yours with high-quality Safety and First Aid supplies for over 30 years. Take a look at all we have to offer.  
  Eagle Mine Safety  
  Eagle Mine Safety was founded on the premise of providing cost effective services that aren't "gussied-up" with a-lot of fluff.  We are a NO NONSENSE, STRAIGHT TO THE POINT AND STAND BY YOUR SIDE company.  With 26 years of practical experience in the Mining Industry, it's safe to say, "WE DIG OUR WORK!"   
  ECCO is the North American Division and also the headquarters of the ECCO Group. ECCO (North America) operates from a custom built 80,000 sq ft manufacturing facility in Boise, Idaho servicing aftermarket, OEM and private label customers across the globe in a wide range of markets including mining, construction, towing, utilities, municipalities and the emergency services. Around 200 people are employed at the Boise facility, servicing the needs of more than 500 OEM’s and 1000’s more private label, fleet and aftermarket customers. Our North American product portfolio is focused on back-up alarms, beacons and lightbars and extends to include directional warning lights, DOT lighting systems, rear view camera systems and accessories.  
  F & M Mafco, Inc.  
  F&M Mafco carries everything you need to protect your workers, including eye and face cover, weld blankets, and protective clothing. For steel erection or tank jobs, we supply top quality, American-made fall protection, including harnesses and lanyard, as well as all styles of head protection.  
  Human Performance Analysis Corporation  
  Once you understand your organization with respect to safety performance, targeted solutions can be developed. The Safety Performance Management System (SPMS) Intervention Phase consists of a process that is used to determine the most cost-beneficial intervention strategy for your organization's needs.  
  Independent Supply  
  Drug Testing Supplies, Products and Consulting are our specialty.  Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have about implementing an employee or individual drug-testing program; with years of experience, we have a vast knowledge of Federal Laws and various state laws.  In addition, Independent Supply has an Interactive DRUG-FREE WORKPLACE TOOL KIT, the solution to establishing an affordable and effective drug-free workplace program.  
  Industrial Noise Control, Inc.  
  Industrial Noise Control, Inc. (INC) manufactures a broad range of high performing products and structures used to solve the most common to the most unusual and complex noise control applications... from a simple soundproof partition to a jet engine test cell... Industrial Noise Control does it all. Our Custom Engineered Solutions Group thinks outside the box, inside the box, and all around the box to provide truly customized systems in a timely and cost-effective manner!  
  Industrial Scientific Corporation  
  Industrial Scientific Corporation is a global leader in designing, manufacturing, selling and servicing gas monitoring instruments, systems and related products to protect and preserve human life.  
  Intec Video Systems, Inc.  
  Intec's CVC470SHXL camera boasts a 125(H) x 100(V) degree field of view and comes with a full 6 year parts and labor warranty. And with a 0.5 lux low light rating it is by far one of the best color cameras available today.  
  International Mining Technologies Pty Ltd.  
  International Mining Technologies Pty Ltd aims to be the Global Market Leader in advanced safety systems, cost reduction and value adding solutions to the heavy equipment Mining Market.  
  International Society of Mine Safety Professionals  
  The International Society of Mine Safety Professionals was founded to promote the development of health and safety professionals throughout the international mining community. Saving lives and reducing injuries through better leadership, planning, and practice are primary goals of the Society.  
  Interwest Safety Supply  
At Interwest Safety Supply, we strive to bring you the very best in highway signing and safety products.  
  Joseph A. Holmes Safety Association   
  The Joseph A. Holmes Safety Association (JAHSA) is a nonprofit organization that began in 1916 to promote health and safety in the mining industry and consists of representatives from Federal and State Governments, Mining Organizations and Labor. As part of this effort, the Association publishes the Bulletin several times a year, full of useful safety and health information.  
  Justrite Mfg. Co  
  Justrite is the leading source of storage, handling and security products including fire prevention safety equipment for hazardous materials, environmental protection spill containment devices, and specialized storage products.  
  Kinetics Noise Control, Inc.  
  Since the company's inception, Kinetics has focused on engineering some of the most innovative products to address vibration, noise control, and seismic issues over a wide range of applications.  
  KnowledgeWare Communications Corp.  
  Simply! Tracking® is a web based safety training software application that tracks and schedules employee training locally or globally. Simply! Tracking® can track workplace training and retraining dates as well as PPE and tools issued to employees. Track training by multiple company, location and department. Use Simply! Tracking® training management software to forecast training costs and generate automatic emails of training due to training managers.  
  Micropore manufactures reactive plastics which incorporate various powders into a molded matrix. The company's first product uses a CO2 adsorbent powder which is formed into a cartridge to create a revolutionary CO2 adsorbent system used in rebreathing and life support applications. The patented technology is the first major advance in CO2 adsorbent technology in over 100 years, providing superior performance advantages over existing granular adsorbents.  
  Milex Technologies  
  Milex Technologies manufactures Optical Warning Systems for the transportation, mining and construction industries under the brand Deltek Smart Strobes. Deltek Smart Strobes are the most innovative and comprehensive line of LED warning beacons in the market today.  Deltek Smart Strobes- We’re more than bright we’re brilliant.  
  Mine Lifeline LLC  
  No more lost notebooks or trying to figure out what you wrote in the dark. The Mine Lifeline SCSR Inventory and Inspection Software greatly automates the task of performing SCSR & Cache Inspections. Once inventory has been entered into the system, inspections can be performed with a quick swipe of the barcode and answering a few yes or no questions. Your inspection is then saved on the Palm and later transferred to the desktop PC where many useful reporting options are available. Even convert your reports to .PDF or Excel Spreadsheets to distribute to anyone you like!   
  Mines and Aggregates Safety and Health Association  
  At MASHA, we believe every worker should come home safe and healthy every day. We are convinced the mining and aggregate industry can move progressively toward this state of zero harm. We believe our vision will be realized within an industry culture that embraces a belief in safe productivity, and in which everyone contributes toward making the workplace safer and healthier.  
  Motion Media Communications  
  We work with you, your safety professionals, and staff to create a script that covers everything that you need to have covered in your safety,  training, or new hire orientation video.  After you are satisfied with your custom script, we bring in our professional High Definition video equipment to your site, and using your people, we shoot the video according to your custom created script.  
  MSHA Help  
  Around 100 mine operators visit our site every day to get information about mine safety and health. These mining professionals, typically EHS managers, come from both large and small mining companies across a variety of commodity groups including coal, metal, nonmetal, aggregate, cement and sand & gravel.  
  With over 30,000 different stock designs, many call us the 'Amazon' of safety signs. Then, compare our web-best pricing, free shipping policy, proven pictos and durability and see why we have grown so quickly. Start with our state-of-the- art search to quickly pinpoint the right legend. Or, use our online custom sign wizard to quickly design your own safety sign.  
  N4 Systems, Inc.  
  N4 Systems is the world wide leader in providing integrated inspection, safety compliancy and maintenance software for organizations of all sizes.  Inspections and safety compliancy is mission critical in providing a safe work environment.  N4 Systems is dedicated to providing software and services to allow our customers to conduct and manage all their inspections, whether on-site or on-demand, and to ensure that they are compliant with all governing safety bodies.  
  NorLab, the Specialty Gas Division of Norco, Inc., has been producing and distributing calibration mixtures and pure specialty gases in refillable and non-refillable cylinders since the late 1970s. We offer a complete line of products, including pure gases to levels of 99.9999% purity, multi-component hydrocarbon mixtures, environmental, industrial hygiene, medical and special application mixes as well as compatible gas control equipment.  
  Ocenco, Inc.  
Ocenco, Inc. is a world leader in internationally approved respiratory protection equipment and is a premier manufacturer of intrinsically safe lighting systems.  
  A tailored version of the Optalert Vehicle System has been created for the specific requirements of the mining and industrial environment. Optalert Mine is currently being used in many different mining vehicles, from large CAT and Komatsu mining trucks to custom smelter vehicles, cranes and busses transporting staff around the mine or industrial facility.  
  OXARC Inc.  
  OXARC Inc. is a family owned business that has been providing welding and industrial supplies, as well as industrial, medical and specialty gases, since 1968. OXARC stocks a variety of retail and wholesale items and houses a complete service, warranty repair, and emergency repair facility for welding related products.  
  OX/GEN, Inc.  
  OxyRescue™: Providing life-saving oxygen for global mining and industrial sites. The OxyRescue™ product provides up to two hours of oxygen and is safe in tunneling, mining and other industrial environments since it’s not pressurized and contains no toxic chemicals.  
  PASS Inc.  
  The Positive Attitude Safety System (PASS) is a dynamic Safety process that assists line management to encourage, support and reinforce Safe behaviours, activities and attitudes. This creates a positive Safety environment, which supports employees’ Safety habits and encourages employees to bring forward their ideas on Safety improvements.  
  Preco Electronics, Inc.  
  Preco is recognized worldwide as an innovator, designer and manufacturer of vehicle communications systems, providing products and services that exceed our customers' expectations.  
  Radar Safety Technologies  
The Front Alert Collision Alert System detects slower moving objects only in your vehicle ’s path and alerts you of a potential collision.  
  Rel-Tek Corporation  
  Rel-Tek manufactures a complete line of gas monitoring and control systems, including PC-based data logging and telemetry software and a full complement of field I/O hardware.  
  Responder Safety  
  A superior information resource for public and private leaders involved in the coordinated effort needed to enhance security, ensure domestic preparedness, and respond to emergencies.   
  SAFEmap International  
  SAFEmap International is an international safety consultancy group. It was founded by Corrie Pitzer in 1994 in Australia and is today regarded as one of the foremost safety consultancies in the field of Behavioural Safety Management in the mining, processing and manufacturing industries in Australia and internationally.  
  Safety Management Consulting Services  
  Safety Management Consulting Services, LLC (SMCS) offers safety training for general industry clients as well as the mining industry.  SMCS works with clients to ensure that OSHA and/or MSHA standards are being met in the workplace.  Our programs focus on attitudes and habits that foster safe work practices and minimize accidents.  SMCS also performs safety audits, sets up safety programs which can reduce workers’ compensation rates and can act as a company safety director on a contractual basis.  
  Safety Vision, L.P.  
  Safety Vision provides cameras and video recorders for the mobile environment. By focusing solely in this area we are able to provide you with leading expertise in the selection, installation and implementation of mobile surveillance applications for your safety.  
  SafetyLive TV  
Tune in daily to see company video programs, product demonstrations, reports from industry trade shows and interviews with newsmakers.  
  Industrial and Mine Safety Whip Lights and Safety Flags.  
  SEI Industries  
  SEI Industries Ltd. is primarily involved in the design, engineering, manufacturing, and marketing of products for the aviation, fire suppression, exploration, and environmental management industries. Other SEI capabilities include pumping/filtration design and manufacturing, and technical problem-solving involving new-generation, high-strength, lightweight fabrics, and state-of-the-art power generation and liquid transfer systems.  
  Speakman Company  
  Speakman Company manufactures a full line of emergency showers, eyewashes and eye/face washes to meet most applications. Our products' unique features (including soft, aerated water spray and "impeller action" showerheads) provide superior protection from additional damage caused by exposure to hazardous materials.  
  Spence Software  
  Understanding your safety management software needs enables us to build systems that empower users by combining comprehensive data management with practical tracking mechanisms to quickly identify problem areas, monitor and coordinate training, reduce infractions and ease reporting requirements to management and regulatory boards.  
  Superior Signals, Inc.  
  Superior Signals, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of vehicle safety lighting and traffic control products for heavy duty, highway, commercial, construction, utility and emergency vehicle. Our product line features Meteorlite® Strobe and Flashing Lights, Traffic-Manager® Arrow Lights and Boards, Safe-T-Alert® Back-up Alarms, Safe-T-Connect® Booster Cable Assemblies, SuperSight™ Collision Avoidance Systems and Illuminator™ Auxiliary Spot and Flood Lamps.  
  TP Manufacturing  
  TPM’s SCSR+2 combines a self-contained self-rescuer plus carbon monoxide filtered self-rescuer plus CO & O 2 breathing air monitor in a hybrid system designed to significantly enhance user breathing resources.  
  Safety management software for accident investigation, safety inspection and incident reporting from ZeraWare, your workplace safety specialists. Zeraware safety management software is a new and powerful tool for computerizing key safety management functions. Our health and safety software provides the means to administer a more productive and effective occupational safety program. ZeraWare workplace safety software combines computer-based methodology with sound accident prevention systems and procedures.