Retaining Walls


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  CONTECH Earth Stabilization Solutions Inc.  
  The most extensive selection of bridge, drainage, earth stabilization, and stormwater solutions comes from CONTECH, the only true nationwide, single source provider. You benefit from more than 100 years of experience, our national sales force, and industry-leading technical specialists. So you are assured maximum support from specification through installation.  
  Hilfiker Retaining Walls  
  Reinforced soil retaining walls [commonly grouped as Mechanically Stabilized Embankments - MSE] represent an innovative method of resolving familiar as well as unfamiliar and challenging problems. Instead of regarding soil as a mass to be contained by force, the earth itself is reinforced to become an integral part of the structure. The walls behave as gravity structures in an integral unit and provide structural flexibility.  
  LOCK+LOAD Retaining Walls Ltd.  
  A significant advantage of the LOCK+LOAD wall system is that guardrails, barriers, or fences can be positioned directly behind the wall face maximizing useable space. Another distinct advantage is that each LOCK+LOAD module (or "Stone") acts independently to provide superior stability and eliminate differential settlement problems.  
  Maccaferri Inc.  
  Maccaferri is a world leader in engineered environmental solutions: our expertise includes solutions in retaining wall systems (gabion, geogrid), reinforcement of steep slopes, embankments, drainage systems, rockfall protection and soil erosion protection and coastal protections.  
  Pinnacle Design/Build  
  Pinnacle Design/Build Group, Inc. is an innovative geotechnical subcontractor specializing in the design and construction of retaining wall and erosion control systems. As one of the leading providers of these services in the United States, we differentiate ourselves from others in the marketplace by providing these solutions as a fully integrated package of engineering design, construction, and quality manufactured products.  
  Reinforced Earth Company, The  
  The Reinforced Earth Company is a design/supply firm recognized as the inventor and market leader of the Mechanically Stabilized Earth (MSE) retaining wall industry. The company provides retaining wall systems, reflective and absorptive sound walls, precast arches and slope stabilization systems for use in civil engineering applications including transportation, bridges, railways, industrial facilities and marine structures.