Underground Mine Refuge Chambers


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  A. L. Lee Corp.  
  ruggedly constructed, the LifeShelterTM provides an impermeable barrier from the life-threatening concentrations of carbon monoxide and other toxic gases that are likely to be present in a mine emergency.  
  Carbonoks, LLC  
  Forging relationships with corporations and universities, Carbonoks, LLC began developing a rescue chamber that could anticipate and protect miners against most mining disasters. The resultant solution is “Safe Haven” which meets and exceeds all other products in the marketplace in its ability to do some pretty incredible things. Its basic building block comes from “carbon foam” a patented product called “SafeTFoam” manufactured by GrafTech International Ltd.  
  ChemBio Shelters, Inc.  
  The Mine Safety Shelters are engineered to rugged military standards.  Pre-configured units can support up to 10 and 16 workers per unit in shelter heights ranging from 48 to 84 inches.  Custom sizing and configurations are also available.  Three optional Atmosphere Replenishment and Control Systems (ARCS) are available to furnish the “Safe Haven” with a life-sustaining supply of air for 96 hours, or more.  
  CD Safe Shields  
  Miners all over the world are losing their lives because there is no safe place when an accident occurs. SafeShields for Mines is a module Miner Safe structure constructed of low carbon steel. Due to its modular design, the possibilities are limitless on how it can be configured. They can be palletized for mobility and assembly requires only a few minutes, plus additional modules can be assembled to each other, forming whatever the need requires. Its double doors make it airtight and germproof but it will also be fireproof, gas proof and be supplied with food, water, chemical toilet, medical supplies and enough oxygen to take care of a crew of 20 men for up to 20 days.  
  Cowan Manufacturing Pty Ltd  
Protecting underground workers from noxious gasses - in a crisis situation.  The key objective is to sustain life, without services such as air supply, water or power.  
  DEA Incorporated  
  DEA Incorporated manufactures a line of emergency refuge chambers designed to provide miners with a fresh air base in the event of a fire in the mine. Since every mine is different, each unit is designed and custom built to suit the needs of each customer. Whether you need to sling the unit down a shaft or drive it into the mine using a mucker, DEA Incorporated can build a unit to fit your particular needs.  
  Draeger Safety Inc.  
  The Dräger Refuge Shelter or Escape Chamber is specially designed for use in mining and tunneling operations to provide shelter for persons working underground in the event of a situation yielding a non-breathable atmosphere (IDHL atmosphere). This situation may develop for example in case of an explosion, fire, cave-in or other accident.   
  Holywell Engineering Ltd.  
  The Kennedy Shelter is built by Jack Kennedy Metal Products & Buildings Inc. The Kennedy Chamber is a hard-walled shelter that can be used as a life support system during an emergency event in an underground coal mine. The Shelter is skid plate mounted that allows it to be easily moved around a mine without concern of damaging the unit and it can support a range of 10 – 33 miners for at least 96 hours (WVOMHST, 2007). Generally, all the miners have to do is enter the shelter to start the oxygen flow.  
  MineARC Systems America, LLC  
  MineARC Refuge Chambers have emerged as the number one selling Refuge Chamber in the world. This is the result of over a decade of research and development along with an inherent understanding of underground safety requirements.The Chambers undergo constant refinement and enhancements to adapt to changing technologies and industry environments.  
  Mine Lifeline  
Live Human Test of 96 Hour Emergency Breathable Air Refuge Successfully Completed!  Chapmanville WV – September 17, 2007  
  Modern Mine Safety Supply  
  Refuge Chambers fabricated by Modern Mine Safety Supply are designed to give miners a safe haven during and after an underground emergency.  Our chamber is made of high quality 1/4 inch steel fabrication capable of withstanding all mine duty use and is certified by the West Virginia Office of Miners' Health Safety & Training.   
  North Fringe  
  North Fringe Resources Inc. has been working to designing a safe, reliable, innovative Mine Portable Refuge Stations to help companies in the Mining Industry protect their employees.  
  RANA-Medical designs and manufactures two products for the mine safety industry:  The Refuge One Air Centre provides breathable air without external power or compressed air for existing refuge chambers.  The Tommyknocker Mine Refuge Chamber is a completely self-contained portable refuge chamber for use where refuge chambers do not already exist, or where portability is an issue.  
  Shairzal Pty Ltd  
Shairzal Safety Engineering is a multi-discipline engineering Company that specializes in mine safety equipment and confined space breathing air systems.  
  Strata Products (USA) Inc.  
  The Strata Safety Refuge Chamber is a steel constructed chamber equipped with a breathing air system to provide an area of fresh, breathing air, free of hazardous gases and smoke.  The refuge chambers are available in standard sizes and can be custom built according to customer's individual needs. This includes custom lengths and heights of the structure.