Radio Remote Controls


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  Thanks to a wide range of serial product models and their special adaptations, Ascorel is present on all markets of the radio remote control:  tower cranes, overhead cranes and all lifting equipment.  
  BWI Eagle  
  Our remote controls are designed and manufactured right here in our Butler, PA facility.  That gives us the flexibility to adapt our products to directly meet your needs.   In fact, many of our systems have been developed as a result of specific requests from our customers!  Our design engineer is always available to discuss your application and determine which of our controls would best integrate with your system. He can provide technical support on how to easily implement our products. Often, slight modifications can be made to our existing products, so they'll work seamlessly in your operation.  
  Cattron Group International  
  Cattron Group International® has assembled the most comprehensive collection of Radio Remote Control brands for cranes, locomotives, material handling equipment, mining machinery, mobile equipment, shiploaders, agricultural machinery, and virtually any equipment where the operator can be moved to a safer, more efficient location.  
  Cavotec USA Inc.  
  Cavotec Micro-control is a manufacturer of high quality and high technological radio remote controls marketed worldwide by the Cavotec Group organization.  The company also manufactures special explosion-proof RRC's which have been certified by both ATEX and IEC. The reliabilty and intrinsic safety of these RRC's make them a favourite with all major operators in the industry.  
  Cervis Inc.  
  The Cervis, Inc. Mining Division has developed custom remote control systems for every underground mining workhorse in the industry. We pride ourselves on working closely with machine manufacturers to engineer and develop the safest, most innovative mining control systems for longwall shearers, feeder breakers, scoop cars, continuous miners, roof bolters, mobile roof supports, and much more.  
  HBC-radiomatic, Inc.  
  HBC-radiomatic, with its headquarters in Crailsheim, Germany, has developed and produced high-quality radio control systems for a wide variety of industrial applications for more than 60 years. With the highest quality standards, pioneering innovations and its dedication to meeting the needs of its customers, the company sets the worldwide standard for radio controls.  
Hetronic offers a broad variety of radio remote contol systems for an endless number of applications.  
  HLS Hard-Line Solutions, Inc.  
  The MUCKMASTER LHD (scooptram / loader) radio remote control system utilizes state-of-the-art components such as microprocessor controlled 900 MHz spread-spectrum radios and solid-state valve drivers. These 900 MHz spread-spectrum radios were originally designed for military use because of their excellent reliability, immunity to noise and reduction of multi-path dropout. This makes 900 MHz spread-spectrum radios an ideal choice for industrial applications.  
  Nautilus International  
  Incorporated in Canada in June 1978, Nautilus International is the world leader in the design and manufacture of radio and video remote control systems for underground mining equipment, cranes and locomotives.  
  NBB Controls + Components AG.  
  NBB, with it's home office located in Oelbronn-Duerrn, has now become a market leader in reliable radio control systems for the construction industry. NBB digital radio control systems have proven their capabilities not only in agriculture and forestry, but also in all kinds of industrial applications where loads need to be moved, or transport systems need to be controlled. Radio control systems developed and produced by NBB are being successfully used, for example, in steel, cement, and tile factories, in foundries, and in lumber mills. Manufacturers of mining equipment and construction machinery - including sewer cleaning companies and industrial equipment manufacturers - have also utilized NBB's know-how, not just in Germany but worldwide.  
  OMNEX Control Systems, ULC  
  Imagine a mobile or industrial application that could benefit from wireless control or monitoring and you'll likely find OMNEX Onboard ™ . We work in a broad range of industries, helping manufacturers and end-users increase functionality, safety and productivity. Our configurable mobile and industrial wireless communication solutions help our customers and partners deliver better products and services to market and achieve greater profits.  
  Remote Control Technologies Pty Ltd  
  Remote Control Technologies Pty Ltd (RCT) is a wholly owned Australian company specialising in the manufacture and installation of safety and productivity products for the mining, earthmoving, transport, agricultural, construction and materials handling industries. RCT have been in operation for over 35 years and has a proven history of excellence in providing customer driven safety and productivity solutions, industry leading innovations and an outstanding level of customer service.  
  Remote Control Technology  
  Anything that can be switched (i.e. on / off and forward / backward) or anything that can send and receive data can do so wirelessly.  Contact us to see how our Simple Wireless Solutions can help save you time and money.