Radio Frequency Identification


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  3M Mining  
  Radio frequency identification (RFID) has become an extremely reliable, valuable, and pervasive tool for monitoring the movement and status of items. 3M first developed this wireless tracking technology for use in library circulation systems. Today, our customers use it to keep tabs on pharmaceutical shipments, aircraft engine maintenance, tissue samples, legal and medical files, and much more. With constantly improving software and hardware, 3M RFID helps increase productivity while cutting the costs associated with theft and loss.  
  Active RFID Systems, Inc.  
  Active RFID Systems, Inc. (ARS) offers innovative, low-cost, battery-powered, dual mode Radio Frequency and Infrared Supply Chain Management Systems for Total Asset Tracking, In-Transit Visibility, Security, and Data Networking over all mobile devices.  
  AeroScout's visibility solutions use standard Wi-Fi wireless networks to deliver direct benefits to mining operations. The solution offers automated monitoring of location as well as telemetry conditions such as temperature, pressure and humidity of remote assets and vessels. AeroScout's tags and equipment are also available in an Intrinsically Safe form factor for explosion-sensitive environments. Customers can improve personnel safety, increase operations efficiency and overall profitability.  
  Atlas RFID Solutions, Inc.  
  The very livelihood of a mining operation is the miners that are in the trenches doing the "dirty work" every day. How valuable would it be to ensure that your workers, and the environment they work in, are safe, secure, and environmentally sound? How would you like to greatly improve operational productivity, reduce labor, insurance, and maintenance costs, and increase the safety and security of your most valuable assets?  Mining operations around the world are beginning to realize the tremendous benefits of real-time tracking systems utilizing RFID technologies.  
  Capital Safety  
  The revolutionary i-Safe™ Intelligent Safety System from DBI-SALA maximizes the effectiveness and minimizes the total cost of your safety program through web-enabled intelligent technology. The system allows you to easily record and access information on inspections, inventory and purchase information. Track equipment assignments by worker or location.View or download equipment instructions,regulations and more!  
  ExploTrack, Inc.  
  ExploTrack© provides breakthrough technical solutions that detect, track, monitor, and identify explosives in real-time and enable unprecedented supply-chain security.  
  Helicomm's safety solutions allow the incident commander to monitor the location of all first responders in a building or underground, and can provide telemetry information for each responder.  Of particular importance, the mining industry, which constantly faces safety challenges, has been mandated to propose mine-specific emergency response plans that incorporate wireless technology provisions to enhance mine safety.  
  Hi-G-Tek is a leading-edge active RFID technology company that goes above and beyond traditional wireless monitoring platforms with our Pro-Active RFID solutions.  We provide real-time information using patented wireless remote sensing technology to monitor high-value cargo.  Our visibility and security solutions are developed in partnership with our customers to deliver precise information on logistics, business operations, and asset condition based on their individual requirements. Hi-G-Tek's unique capabilities set the standard for Highly Intelligent RFID.  
  Identec Solutions  
  Developed to address the complex requirements of the mining industry, IDENTEC SOLUTIONS WATCHERMINE introduces a mine-standard safety system that combines both proprietary hardware and software to offer real time information in the absolute moment it is needed.  The safety of personnel working underground is constantly being monitored and addressed by Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) directives. Significant effort and planning is taken into account when considering possible emergency situations. Locating employees in a timely manner is crucial. A primary feature of the WATCHERMINE solution is that it significantly improves personnel safety.  
  IndSAFE Pty Ltd   
  IndSAFE Pty Ltd has completed a groundbreaking program of research and development (R&D) of radio frequency tag based technology that will lead to a significant improvement in worker safety and industrial productivity around the world.  
  Kanawha Scales & Systems  
  KSS specializes in a comprehensive suite of mobile asset-based services, including freight matching service, asset tracking via Radio Frequency Identification RFID and satellite-based communications, fleet management , shipper, dock and carrier management, and regulatory compliance reporting.  
  Matrix Design Group LLC  
  Matrix Design Group has received MSHA approval for the RFID Tag used in the Miner and Equipment Tracking System (METS) (MSHA Approval No. 23-A060003-0). The complete system is currently deployed in multiple, large mining complexes in the eastern and western United States.  
  Mine Site Technologies  
  TRACKER is an underground tracking system developed specifically for use in underground mines and tunnelling applications. The system tracks active Tags, carried by personnel or attached to vehicles and other equipment.  
  N4 Systems, Inc.  
  Field ID Revolutionizes Your Inspection and Safety Compliance Process.  Field ID is the market leading inspection and safety compliancy suite that allows you to drastically improve the way you conduct field inspections and manage safety compliancy.  Field ID is a total end-to-end solution for all your inspection and safety compliancy needs.  Field ID ties all areas of your organization, from rentals to equipment in the field, with your inspections.  Field ID ensures workplace safety and compliancy with safety and inspection regulations.  Automate your inspections using the power of RFID, the ease of our mobile computers and the convenience of the Internet.  
  Pyott-Boone Electronics  
  April 29, 2008, The RFID Tag as used by the Pyott-Boone Tracking Boss personnel and equipment underground tracking system was approved today by the Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA). The tag is part of the newest PBE response to the demands of the mining industry's call for better communications with underground personnel specifically during emergency situations. Pyott-Boone is working on several projects related to this need including the MineCom VHF and UHF Leaky Feeder radio systems.  
  RFID Journal LLC  
  RFID Journal was the world's first independent media company devoted solely to radio frequency identification and its many business applications. Now in its sixth year, RFID Journal is by far the world's leading source of RFID news and insights. Our mission is help companies use RFID technologies to improve the way they do business.  
  If you are interested in utilizing RFID but don't know how or even if it is technically feasible for your situation, BlueBean’s “RFID Rapid Start” package can help. Our team of experienced professionals will work with you to determine if RFID is the right technology before investing a significant amount of time and money on a system that doesn’t meet your needs.  
  SACO Systems  
  In the mining sector, for example, SACO System’s SmartMine is a tracking solution specifically developed for the industry and utilises RFID tracers that can track assets, raw materials and personnel. Used in conjunction with SACO’s Time and Attendance and Access Control solutions, mining operations can be assertively and efficiently managed.  
  Whether you are keeping track of field workers in hazardous environments or of company laptops on loan to customers, Ship2Save has the solution to enable you to monitor your assets in real-time, at all times.  
  Varis - Smart Underground Communications  
  Resource Tracking System, Smart Tag is the latest in long range RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) tagging technology that reliably tracks the location and movement of resources, including personnel, vehicles and goods, for underground mines and tunnels.  Smart Tag consists of active RFID tags, networked RFID readers and a PC/Server running Smart Tag software. The readers connect to an Ethernet network using twisted-pair, fiber optics or Varis’ Smart Com Leaky Feeder. Smart Tag’s web based software distribution enables multiple user access and provides a real-time view of resource location network wide.  
  VUANCE Ltd.  
  Through its turnkey Incident Response Management System (IRMS), and PureRF™ Asset Management technology suite, VUANCE features compliant and responsive technology products and solutions.