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  32north, Inc.  
  32north ice-cleats have been proven effective in the toughest situations around the world. Worn in the oil fields of Alaska, the glaciers of Greenland and icy streets everywhere, our products have helped reduce slip and fall injuries and increased productivity in snowy and icy conditions for all types of workers.  
  3M Mining Worldwide  
  In the safety arena, we’re a leading supplier of respirators and other personal safety products used across industries – from automotive and construction to metalworking and mining. Our global presence is a key competitive advantage, enabling us to capitalize on the rapid growth of manufacturing in emerging economies. As companies expand geographically, we’re there to serve them. To help meet worldwide demand for our respirators, we’re constructing a major new plant in Korea and expanding production in the United States. We’re also broadening our product offerings through selective acquisitions. For example, our recent acquisition of Brazilian-based Pomp Medical and Healthcare Products LLC expands our line of hearing and eyewear protection products.  
  Alliance Mercantile Inc.  
  Since 1920 "Viking" wet weather gear has set the standard for quality in keeping workers safe, dry and comfortable. "Viking" brand products are market leaders in industrial rainwear, safety mining / forestry boots and specialty work gloves. Through innovative design, "Viking" industrial work wear has grown to deliver the best quality, service and value to our working customers.  
  Best Manufacturing  
  For more than 50 years, Best Manufacturing has been an innovative leader in developing, manufacturing and supplying quality hand protection to industrial and medical professionals around the world. An innovative pioneer, Best boasts an impressive list of firsts in glove technology.  
  Boss Manufacturing  
  Boss Manufacturing Company is a diversified supplier of a complete line of work gloves, boots and rainwear. Throughout the years Boss has established a very reputable and highly marketable name synonymous with quality.  
  CamelBak Products Inc.  
  CamelBak is the originator and world leader in hands free systems for hydration on the move.  Since 1981, CamelBak has built a reputation with first responders, law enforcement officials and military personel as the product of choice when seeking state-of-the-art hydration.  CamelBak's unparalleled devotion to research and development spurs the company to refine and evolve it's products for situations that demand peak hydration to support peak performance.  
  CLAW Boots  
  CLAW boots are manufactured from chemical resistant co-polymers, and can incorporate, steel toe caps and sole plates. Coupled with their “NON SLIP Technology” CLAW Boots are ideally suited to reduce “SLIP & Falls” and maximize safety in the MINING, CONSTRUCTION, and FORESTRY sectors.  
  Corcoran and Matterhorn Footwear  
  Matterhorn® is aware of the enormous demand for comfort and reliability in the professional industry. Matterhorn continues to offer footwear to meet and exceed safety requirements while keeping your feet dry and comfortable all day long. High-performance components and technology is used in every pair of Matterhorn boots. Matterhorn’s patented technologies and constructions are proven to extend the life of your boots. Whether you’re a professional of the Mining Industry, Military, Law Enforcement, EMS or Homeland Security; Matterhorn® is ready with a boot designed for the task. You will be impressed with the quality Matterhorn is known for.  
  EKASTU Safety   
  Our products comply with National, European and International norms, in whose development EKASTU Safety is actively involved. This results in maximum protection for each work situation and all individual requirements.  The entire product range of EKASTU Safety GmbH comprises:  Respiratory protection, Body protection, Hand protection, Eye and face protection, and Hearing protection  
  Elvex Corporation  
  Safe work environments are expected today! That does not have to mean that safety products cannot be both desirable and stylish. In fact some of our safety products have clearly crossed the line between "have to wear" and "want to wear". That is real progress.  
  Go ahead and ask us. We wrote the book when it comes to providing protection, support and comfort for workers. For the past 21 years, we've put a ton of energy into creating wearable solutions for on-the-job productivity and safety.  Today, ProFlex® is the premier brand for hardworking sons of guns that know what’s good for them. Part science, all business, ProFlex® design and technology are the ultimate combination of brains and brawn.  
  Fibre-Metal Products  
  Fibre-Metal Products Company was formed in 1905 when its founder invented the protective welding helmet. During the ensuing years, Fibre-Metal pioneered the development of quality protective caps, faceshields and goggles with innovative designs, material and workmanship. Today, Fibre-Metal provides a wide array of top quality, high performance head, face, eye and hearing protection products.   
  Glove Guard, LP  
KEEP YOUR GLOVES, and so much more, CLOSE AT HAND!  
  HexArmor, Inc.  
  Providing safety and product enhancements has always been a series of compromises: cut resistance but no puncture resistance, poor comfort, poor dexterity, inadequate grip, or little or no breathability. Fabrics like Kevlar® and Spectra® have given us great strides in safety, but they fall short in many of these important dimensions. In particular, what product can provide cut, puncture, and abrasion resistance in a single product? Our product can be formulated to have all of these unique qualities. As a result, we can offer performance that no other product can match.  
  Howard Leight  
  Nothing is more important than your employees. They deserve the best hearing protection, period. Howard Leight earplugs earmuffs offer the widest selection of hearing protection devices - from the highest attenuating earplug to unique sound management earmuffs, and the latest innovations in hearing protection technology.  
  Lab Safety Supply Inc.  
  Just as our catalogs have always been the standard for the industry, our Web site had to keep pace with our reputation for outstanding service and innovation. We made sure this site maintains these high standards by doing what we've always done; listen to our customers.  
  We make products for blue-collar folks and blue-collar folks only. Period.  Whether you’re a worker, farmer, hunter, firefighter, cop, fisherman, or on a larger scale, anyone who identifies with the blue-collar values of honest, hard work, you’ll find a huge amount of LaCrosse gear designed to make your life even better'n it already is. It’s a commitment we made back in 1897 and a lifestyle we’ll continue supporting.   
  Levitt-Safety Limited  
  The products and services we provide can mean the difference between life and death. We understand that. We are dedicated to the improvement of peoples’ lives by ensuring that workers and facilities alike are protected from any and all occupational hazards. This involves a tremendous commitment to training and support for both our people and yours to ensure that we meet your needs through excellence in products, services and support.  
  MCR Safety  
  MCR Safety was created on January 1st, 2004, when three of these industrial safety companies consolidated into one. Our name tells it all! Memphis Glove, Crews Incorporated, River City Protective Wear (MCR). All three companies were leaders in the personal protection equipment (PPE) industry and have enjoyed tremendous success as independent companies and are achieving even greater success with the combined products and talented workforce.  
  Moldex-Metric Inc.  
  Moldex is one of the most recognized and respected names in hearing and respiratory protection in industrial worker safety. Comfort, quality and value are all synonymous with a Moldex product.  
  MPS Inc.  
  For over 20 years, MPS has been providing products and service to promote safety and efficiency in industry.  All of our equipment is of the highest quality, backed by dependable service and specially trained personnel.  
  MSA (Mine Safety Appliances Co.)  
  MSA's mission is to see to it that men and women may work in safety and that they, their families and their communities may live in health throughout the world. Our vision is to be the leading innovator and provider of quality products, related technologies and services that protect people's health, safety and the environment in all key markets MSA serves.  
  North Safety Products  
  For more than 75 years, North Safety has been recognized as a top-quality safety manufacturer. We provide the broadest line of personal protective equipment in the world. North's history of product innovation is noted throughout the industry.  To our valued customers, that means you have our commitment to superior products and the training and knowledge to support them. We know you trust us with your safety every day, and we value and respect that trust with products that work as hard as you do.  
  From glasses to hard hats, Radians delivers a comprehensive line of quality protective gear including eyewear, hearing protection, head gear and accessories. You will find innovative styles and lens colors as well as traditional favorites to suit any need.  
  SeaMar Gloves  
  Unique coatings, outstanding fit, and the finest quality materials are only a few of the features that make Atlas® gloves the best performing gloves in the world. Showa's revolutionary manufacturing technology produces gloves that promote increased efficiency and productivity. This commitment to quality, comfort and safety continues to position Atlas as one of the world's premier gloves.  
  Sperian Protection is an industrial group specializing in the design, manufacture and sale of personal protective equipment (PPE). The Group offers a complete range of head-to-toe equipment designed to protect men and women against hazards in the workplace, or in situations where they are at risk of injury.  
  For many years we’ve designed and built hydration systems for different branches of the US military such as the Army and the Marines. We’ve also designed and manufactured hydration systems for Wildland firefighters, city fire fighters, and Search And Rescue teams. After many years of designing and building hydration systems for some of the worlds most demanding customers we’re now bringing that same expertise to creating hydration products for the industrial and public safety markets.  
  Parmelee Industries, Inc. was founded over 70 years ago on the ideal of providing worker protection. The operating division, U.S. Safety is dedicated solely to the production, manufacture and sale of personal protective equipment.  U.S. Safety manufactures a full line of personal protective products, including prescription and plano eyewear, respirators, goggles, faceshields and welding helmets. It is one of the top three companies in the U.S. fabricating prescription safety eyewear.