Mine Rescue


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  American Airworks  
  American Airworks™ specializes in high pressure breathing air products & services. We offer high pressure breathing air compressors, Boombox™ containment fill stations, DOT and ASME air cascade systems, Survivair breathing apparatus sales, Survivair warranty service, Survivair parts, Haskel air boost pumps, Sierra air boosters and Thread Savers®.  
  Ampco Safety Tools  
  Ampco Non-Sparking, Non-Magnetic and Corrosion-Resistant Hand Tools conform to Federal, GSA, Military, as well as other international standards. Non-sparking or intrinsically safe tools are required and/or recommended many Federal agencies including OSHA, the Department of Energy (DOE), the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), and the Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA), National Institute for Occupational Safety & Health (NIOSH) and Supervisor of Shipbuilding & Repair (SUPSHIP) to name a few.  AMPCO Beryllium Free Tools are backed with a Lifetime Warranty and are approved by Factory Mutual for use in hazardous environments.  
  Biomarine Rebreathers  
  Biomarine Inc. is the market leader in the development and production of reliable and easy to maintain positive pressure, closed-circuit, self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA).  Our BioPak Rebreathers are designed to protect personnel in hazardous, toxic, or oxygen-deficient environments. They are used by first responders, law enforcement and military personnel, and fire service and underground rescue operations in a wide range applications including HazMat remediation, mine and tunnel rescue, security operations, and military and government applications.  
  Bullard Company  
  Using infrared technology to see through smoke and darkness, Bullard Thermal Imagers help firefighters find victims, pinpoint fires and recognize structural dangers before they cause injuries and deaths. Bullard Thermal Imagers have a proven track record among firefighters worldwide, due to the specialized training, service and advanced technology that accompany our products.  
  CMC Rescue, Inc.  
  When CMC Rescue was founded in 1978 our mission was to provide rescuers with a knowledgeable source for the specialized equipment they needed to do their jobs. Over the years we have grown to support a wide variety of rescue activities as a leading designer, manufacturer, trainer, and distributor. We have always been active rescuers ourselves, with a strong experience base to help us understand the needs of our customers.  
  Colorado Division of Reclamation Mining & Safety  
  Underground simulated mine emergency exercises with smoke and actual fire.  Partnership with Metro Fire Training Academy to include joint firefighting training.  A cost is associated with the use of the Edgar Facility or the Metro Fire Training Academy.  Mine Rescue Contest Assistance.  All Types of Mine Rescue Training available.  
  CON-SPACE Communications  
  CON-SPACE manufacturers a complete line of portable communication and alarm equipment as well as a variety of portable radio accessories including Throat Mics, Headsets, Voice Amplifiers and PTT's for people working in hazardous environments.  Commonly used with facemasks of any make or model, as well as in normal or noisy environments, the equipment provides hands-free, safe, reliable, open two-way communication and most are Intrinsically Safe Approved.  
  CSE Corporation  
  CSE Corporation produces Self-Contained Self-Rescuers (SCSRs) designed to be worn on a miner’s belt or stored in an approved area for access in emergency situations. The SR-100 will provide 60 minutes of breathable air. The company is also the maker of portable and machine-mounted gas monitoring instruments for detecting, measuring and monitoring toxic or combustible gases and oxygen. The ultimate goal of all CSE products is to protect and preserve human life.  
  Draeger Safety Inc.  
  For more than a century Dräger has been a partner to the mining industry, we have been providing products and services that protect people and plant from the extreme hazards that exist both above and below the ground. From the unsurpassed Dräger BG174 Breathing Apparatus, which has been in use around the world for over 30 years, to the technology of today we continue our long tradition of serving the mining industry.  
  Fire Science Academy  
  The University of Nevada, Reno Fire Science Academy hosted the third annual Northern Nevada Underground Mine Rescue Competition, April 20-21, 2007, in Carlin, NV.  Developed in collaboration with the Nevada Mining Association, the U.S. Department of Labor Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA), and the Fire Science Academy, the annual competition offers rescue teams from companies throughout the western United States an opportunity to hone their skills in preparation for real emergencies at their mine sites.  
  FLIR Systems  
  Operators have been using FLIR's imagers in search-and-rescue, combat SAR, and Medevac roles all over the world for over 20 years. With best-in-class image clarity and range performance, imaging systems from FLIR's Government Systems division are on the job 24/7...just like you.  
  Grace Group  
  As a mine or rescue worker who must venture into hazardous situations and environments, the last thing you want to worry about is your rebreather equipment. That’s why manufacturers of mine and rescue rebreathers specify Sodasorb® High Moisture absorbent to remove expired CO2.  
  Haskel International Inc.  
  Haskel Inc. is the world's leading manufacturer of pneumatically driven, high-pressure liquid pumps, gas boosters, air pressure amplifiers, and high pressure systems.  
  Industrial Scientific Corporation  
  Industrial Scientific Corporation is a global leader in designing, manufacturing, selling and servicing gas monitoring instruments, systems and related products to protect and preserve human life.  
  Life Safety Systems, Inc.  
  LSSI has developed a series of specialized response vehicles designed and equipped to provide rescue tools, equipment and systems in response to underground mining emergencies involving explosions and mine collapses.  
  The Mine Emergency Response Interactive Training Simulation (MERITS) provides trainees an opportunity to gain command center experience during a simulated underground coal mine emergency. This computer-based training allows trainees to practice information gathering, situation assessment, decision-making, and coordination skills without risk to personnel or property.  
  MSA (Mine Safety Appliances Company)  
  MSA's mission is to see to it that men and women may work in safety and that they, their families and their communities may live in health throughout the world. Our vision is to be the leading innovator and provider of quality products, related technologies and services that protect people's health, safety and the environment in all key markets MSA serves.  
  National Mine Health and Safety Academy  
  The mission of the National Mine Health and Safety Academy is to reduce accidents and improve health conditions in the mining industry through education and training. To fulfill this mission, the Academy conducts a variety of education and training programs in health and safety and related subjects for Federal mine inspectors and other government mining and industry personnel.  
  NGK Metals Corporation  
  Our nonsparking Berylco Safety Tools provide excellent protection against fires and explosions in environments where flammable solvents, fuels, materials, gasses, and residues are present. While many nonferrous alloys meet nonsparking standards, only beryllium copper has the superior strength and hardness not found in safety tools made from aluminum, bronze, and brass. The nonmagnetic and corrosion-resistant properties of our tools are well suited for industrial and high technology applications.  
  NorLab, the Specialty Gas Division of Norco, Inc., has been producing and distributing calibration mixtures and pure specialty gases in refillable and non-refillable cylinders since the late 1970s. We offer a complete line of products, including pure gases to levels of 99.9999% purity, multi-component hydrocarbon mixtures, environmental, industrial hygiene, medical and special application mixes as well as compatible gas control equipment.  
  OX/GEN, Inc.  
  OxyRescue™: Providing life-saving oxygen for global mining and industrial sites. The OxyRescue™ product provides up to two hours of oxygen and is safe in tunneling, mining and other industrial environments since it’s not pressurized and contains no toxic chemicals.  
  Pelican Products .US  
  Pelican Products .US / The Rocky Mountain Tool Company distributes the world's toughest, water-tight equipment protector cases, and professional flashlights that are technically advanced. The Rocky Mountain Tool Company is proud to be a full-line distributor of these exceptional flashlights and protector cases manufactured by Pelican Products, Inc.  
  Remotec Inc  
  Military, EOD, first responders and law enforcement agencies worldwide rely on Remotec to help assure a safe, successful outcome for their most challenging missions. Remotec is the global leader in mobile robot systems for hazardous-duty operations.  
  Rescue products  
Rescue products has over 30 years experience of manufacturing and supplying the emergency services and industry with a wide range of high quality rescue products.  
  Responder Safety  
  A superior information resource for public and private leaders involved in the coordinated effort needed to enhance security, ensure domestic preparedness, and respond to emergencies.  
  Savatech Corp  
Savatech Corp carries a full range of products ready to handle situations such as emergency flood control, fire & rescue, extrication & hazardous spill control.  
  SKS Groups Non Sparking Tools Division  
  SKS Groups Non Sparking Tools Division, specialise in the complete range of Intrinsically Safe Non Sparking Tools for use within Hazardous Areas of the Oil and Gas, Petrochemical, Power Generation, Mines, Shipyards, Pipeline Construction, Pharmacy, Aviation and Ministry of Defence Industry.  
  ResQCom portable, battery operated system for rescue teams.  ResQCom is a portable system for use in mine rescue and other emergency situations where a remote team must maintain contact with its support group.  
  Workhorse Technologies  
  Workhorse offers remote reconnaissance assistance when you need to know the state of a subterranean area that is too hazardous for people to enter. We employ intelligent remote controlled systems that can scout ahead of people into dangerous areas. Advanced sensing and automated controls allow our systems to avoid traps.  
  United States Mine Rescue Association  
"Advocate for Improved Mine Rescue Training"  On-line Since 1995