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  Bramall Laser Systems  
  The Mk7 tunnel laser has been specially designed for the demanding conditions that exist in many of today's tunnels, mines and drifts.  
  Laseraim Tools Inc.  
  Welcome to the Laseraim Tools Inc. official company website.  Laseraim Tools Inc. manufactures industrial quality visible laser products for Alignment, Leveling, Installation, Assembly and Placement Applications.  Our products provide visible laser images in the form of dots, lines, crosshairs and other patterns.  Laser light is such that it may be focused into a small diameter beam which will travel in a perfectly straight line over a great distance without increasing dramatically in size and it may be manipulated into various shapes.  Laseraim products take the abilities of laser light and incorporate it into products that allow the laser light to be used as a reference mark for thousands of straight line alignment, long distance leveling, position and placement indication, centerline extension and many other applications.  
  Laserex Technologies  
Laserex Technologies design and manufacture high quality laser diode systems for industrial, commercial, medical and defence customers.  
  Laser Services  
  Our manufactured products cover Educational, Medical, Alignment, Industrial, Commercial, Mining and Entertainment applications. We also specialize in custom made laser products for a wide range of applications.  As part of our manufacturing capabilities, we offer engineering and R&D input for custom made products.  
  Lasertools Australia  
  Welcome to Lasertools Australia, a professionals guide to New and Innovative Technology from around the globe. Check out our lasers, levels, tripods, package deals, clearance and specials.  
  Laser Tools Co.  
  Laser Tools Co., Inc. (also know as Laser Tools) manufactures Laser Levels, Aiming and Positioning Lasers, Mining Alignment Lasers, Measurement Lasers, Sheave Alignment Lasers and Custom Laser systems.  These products are distributed to the industrial, commercial, mining and marine industries.  Laser Tools develops and supplies OEM products and aftermarket optics and electronics to the engineering, scientific, industrial and commercial markets.  
  Marland Enterprises Inc.  
  MARLAND's "MISSION" is: "To simplify and improve the performance and accuracy of repetitive alignment tasks of the UNDERGROUND MINER / DRILLER / SURVEYOR, resulting in increased productivity and safety, and decreased operating costs; by designing and manufacturing cost effective, rugged, easy to use, precision, VISIBLE LASER ALIGNMENT INSTRUMENTS AND RELATED PRODUCTS for mine and contractor managers, engineers and surveyors.  
  McGarf International Pty Ltd  
  Laser Alignment System, McGarf International Pty Ltd have developed an instrument which provides a more efficient method for the alignment of drill and blast markups in hardrock underground mining.  
  MPS Inc.  
  The continuous mining guidance laser has been used in hundreds of underground applications in the last 20 years.  The development of the Mk7 Self-Contained Battery-Operated Laser has made it possible for more operations to institute these timesaving devices.