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  Acme Analytical Laboratories Ltd.  
  Acme is a full-service commercial laboratory offering inorganic chemical analysis of geological materials. These include the analysis of water, vegetation, soil, sediment and rock for single and multi-element determinations using geochemical, wet-assay and fire-assay test methods.  Acme Analytical Laboratories Ltd. provides its services worldwide to the mineral exploration and mining communities. These parties include individuals, companies, universities and governments.  
  Action Mining Services   
  Our micro-grinding impact mill systems are designed to be fast,  efficient, and long lasting. The freestanding 16” micro-grinding mill is designed for larger production of ultra-fine pulverization, producing as fine as 400 mesh, depending upon your material. The   11” bench unit can produce 150 mesh fineness on the first pass! (Other Lab Supplies Available)  
  Activation Laboratories Ltd.  
  We provide contract analytical services covering all aspects of analysis from academic research applications, exploration, environmental baseline studies through mine development and production to analysis of refined metals. We also provide analytical services to many other fields, including Petroleum Exploration & Refining, Industrial Minerals, Forensic, Pharmaceutical & Clinical, Environmental & Occupational Health, Agriculture and Materials Testing areas.  
  ACZ Laboratories  
  ACZ Laboratories has over twenty-one years of experience providing analytical support to the Mining industry and has built a reputation as one the highest quality environmental laboratories in the industry.  
  ALS Laboratory Group  
  ALS provides a broad range of sophisticated, state of the art services to four main market segments; mining and mineral exploration, environmental monitoring, equipment maintenance through used lubricant analysis, and commodity analysis & certification.  
  Assaynet Inc.  
We build industry-specific, state-of-the-art data management solutions designed to meet the needs of your laboratory both now and into the future.  
  AuRIC Metallurgical Laboratories  
  AuRIC's versatile facilities are integrated with powerful tools that are able to fit the custom needs of your ore. These same tools, combined with the art and science of modern metallurgy, provide you with the maximum yield of precious metals expertly and quickly.  
  BICO Inc.  
  As a manufacturer of laboratory sized ore crushers, Bico Incorporated has been in business since 1888. We pride ourselves on exceptional products and customer service, and our reputation reflects our dedication.  Our machines are built to withstand the rigors of everyday use, yet are priced to accommodate nearly every budget.  
  Bruker AXS, Inc.  
  We develop and manufacture high-quality analytical X-ray systems and complete solutions for material analysis. As a high technology enterprise, we define technological trends and standards in order to open up new fields of application.  
  One of the original and oldest product lines for CoorsTek focuses on chemical-porcelain produced in a variety of ceramic materials. These materials offer thermal-shock resistance, prolonged life, hardness, and refractory qualities. Mortars and pestles, boats, crucibles, cups, and dishes are just a few of the products offered.  
  Dawson Metallurgical Laboratories Inc.  
  Dawson Metallurgical Laboratories Inc. is an ore testing laboratory providing metallurgical testing for ore amenability, process development, flowsheet layout and plant design.  
  Energy Laboratories, Inc.  
  With seven laboratories, ELI offers broad-based analytical and advisory services to a national clientele. ELI is equipped to meet the testing needs of mining companies, oil and gas operations, petroleum refining, electrical utilities, industrial and manufacturing firms, the agricultural industry, large and small municipal water systems, professional engineering and consulting firms, and government agencies.  
  Essa Australia Limited  
  As a natural extension to our sample preparation and metallurgical testing equipment design and manufacture Labtech Essa recognises the need for quality apparatus in other areas of the assay laboratory. That's why we offer a selection of laboratory equipment that includes drying ovens; fire assay, calcining and ashing furnaces; multiple fire assay crucible loading and pouring systems; plus an XRF press and range of die sets.  
  Gateway crucibles  
  Gateway crucibles are manufactured using a refined formula with a precise mix of materials creating a quality product serving the needs of assay laboratories throughout the world. With over a decade of refining, Gateway Crucibles are tested on a daily basis to ensure they meet the specifications that serve the mining industry.  
  Gilson Company Inc.  
  Gilson serves federal, state, and local department of transportation testing laboratories, commercial testing laboratories, material producers and contractors. Our products can be found in QC/QA, R&D and environmental labs in a broad cross-section of companies, large and small, in the agricultural chemical, pharmaceutical, manufacturing, and mining industries.  
  Glen Mills  
  Glen Mills Inc. is a twenty year old company providing solutions primarily in the field of sample preparation to lab professionals, researchers and engineers around the world. We can help with grinding and comminution equipment (wet and dry), blending and sampling equipment and grinding media of all types.  
  Independent Laboratory Supplies  
  Independent Laboratory Supplies (ILS) is a totally independently owned and operated company focusing solely on the supply, service and advice of all your Mining Assay Laboratory requirements.  
  Innov-X Systems   
  Innov-X Systems Breaks Through The Boundaries of Laboratory Analysis.  We leveraged our experience and knowledge in portable application requirements; high-performance, rugged miniaturized technology; Pocket PC utilization; and XRF methodology to engineer our high-performing portable elemental analyzer from the ground up. Our universal hardware platform can be configured for hand-held, mobile, benchtop, on-line and OEM applications.  
  Intellection Holdings Pty Ltd.  
  QEMSCAN® is a non-destructive analysis process that provides unparalleled information for use in exploration, mine planning, concentrator optimisation, flotation  analysis, smelter management, environmental compliance and rehabilitation planning and management.  
  Inter-Mountain Labs  
  Inter-Mountain Laboratories provides state-of-the-art accredited analytical chemistry and monitoring services in soil, water, and air science. Our professional and experienced team is dedicated to Customer Satisfaction by providing cost-effective, quick-turn sample analysis without compromising on quality. IML provides consulting and analytical services for a variety of industries, agriculture, municipalities, state and tribal governments, and remediation activities throughout the nation.  
  K.R. Komarek Inc.  
  K.R. Komarek Inc: A world leader in the design and manufacturing of roll type briquetting and compacting machines ranging from laboratory machines to full production systems.  
  Lab Safety Supply Inc.  
  Just as our catalogs have always been the standard for the industry, our Web site had to keep pace with our reputation for outstanding service and innovation. We made sure this site maintains these high standards by doing what we've always done; listen to our customers.  
  Legend Inc.  
  Legend Inc. offer a complete range of products for mining sample preparation and metals analysis by fire assay and other analytical techniques.  We are a valuable resource of products and information specifically created for those in the mining and commercial assay industries.  
  McClelland Laboratories, Inc.  
  MLI has an experienced staff of Metallurgical and Environmental Engineering professionals and laboratory technicians working in a 12,400 sq. ft. office and laboratory facility located at 1016 Greg Street, Sparks, Nevada. MLI works closely with mining company representatives to specifically design testing programs which meet mining company project objectives. The MLI philosophy is to design into testing programs procedures to produce maximum data of varied criteria to minimize testing phases required to reach the production decision stage. MLI understands that attention to detail and quality of work is of utmost importance to the mining industry.  
  Metso Corporation  
  We stock the most complete line of high quality laboratory and pilot-plant products for sample preparation and size reduction. Available immediately for mining and industrial applications.  
  Met-Solve Laboratories  
Met-Solve Laboratories Inc. is pleased to announce the opening of its 10,000 sq. ft. mineral and metallurgical testing center in Burnaby BC.  
  Pall Corporation  
  Filtration, Separation, Detection, and Analysis in the Lab.  Pall is a world leader in filtration and separation technologies. From innovations in drug discovery to ensuring safe water supplies, Pall partners with our lab customers to improve quality of life.  
We are the world leader in X-ray analysis systems – with the world's largest installed base, an extensive product range, and an unrivaled sales and service network.  
  Preiser Scientific, Inc.  
  As a supplier of scientific instruments, laboratory equipment and supplies to the industry, mining, medicine, research, government, and education, we recognize that exceptional performance is dependent on providing products and services of a superior quality which satisfy our customers needs and specifications, in an acceptable time frame, at a fair market price, and in a profitable and responsive manner.  
  Progression, Inc.  
  Progression, inc. is the leading provider of industrial Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) and Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (LIBS) analyzers for use in the polyolefin, coal power generation, mining, thermoplastic material and agricultural product industries. The company has an extensive background in the development and implementation of process NMR and holds a broad intellectual property portfolio in its use and application.  
  Analytical Chemistry - Geochemistry Equipment, Mechanised and Automated Systems, Reference Materials, Suppliers To The Mining Industry.  
  selFrag AG  
  The company selFrag AG specialises in the development and marketing of products based on the technology of selective fragmentation. The company emerged from the Technology Centre of the Ammann Group . The Group is a leading provider of material processing plants and road construction machinery around the world.  
  Sepor, Inc.  
  SEPOR offers a one-stop source for mining laboratory equipment. Specializing in crushing machinery, screening equipment, sampling equipment, assay equipment and assay supplies.  
  SGS North America Inc.  
  Operates full service laboratories in all the major mining, transportation, and consumption areas globally, provides cost-effective solutions for installation and operation of on-site laboratories and sampling operations, provides unrivaled technical expertise in mechanical sampling and on-line analyzers.  
  Sigma Chemicals   
  Sigma specialise in laboratory chemicals, swimming pool chemicals & consumables, and are experts in Fire Assay Technology for gold analysis as well as Ultra High Purity X ray fluxes.  
  Sigma Precious Metals  
  Sigma Precious Metals is a company that specializes in the manufacture of customized platinum products and its alloys.  Sigma supplies a complete range of products to analytical laboratories covering a range of industries but specializes in the fusion and wet chemistry area.  
  Thermo Fisher Scientific  
  Think Thermo Scientific for superior analytical instruments, laboratory equipment, software, services, consumables and reagents. Find better workflow solutions spanning sample preparation, sample analysis, and data interpretation.  
  TM Engineering Ltd.  
  A name that from a humble start 30 years ago in a small shop has become a household name all over the world for its products used in the sample preparation systems. Operating today in a modern plant it manufactures products ranging from Jaw Crushers to Splitters, Screeners, Rolls Crushers, Fume Hoods, Cone Crushers and simple but highly reliable manual Single Head Pulverizers, Multiple Head Pulverizers, Semi-Automatic as well as the unique automatic Pulverizer XT1000 available only from us.  
  TSL Laboratories Inc.  
  TSL Laboratories Inc., established in 1981, has a solid reputation based on quality, reliability and excellent turnaround time. We have provided assaying services to exploration and mining companies for over 20 years.  
  Unit Electrical Engineering Ltd  
  In conjunction with Analytical Laboratory Consultants Ltd., Unit Electrical Engineering Ltd. has expanded it's manufacturing field to incorporate 'Modular Laboratory' buildings and 'Assay Laboratory Equiment'. This equipment includes filter presses, sample blenders, sample drying ovens, sample screener devices, laboratory fixtures such as work benches and dust exhaust hoods.  
  VWR International, LLC. offers a comprehensive selection of lab supplies, chemicals, equipment, furniture, instruments and services, organized for quick, easy shopping.  
  Western Environmental Testing Laboratory  
  Flexible and responsive are not words usually associated with environmental testing labs. But WETLAB is not typical. We are an inorganic testing laboratory offering a uniquely client-oriented lab environment with niche products and services designed for Northern Nevada and Northern California.  
  Wyoming Analytical Laboratories  
We serve a wide variety of customers in the following areas:  Coal Mining and Utilization -  Construction Technology -  Environmental Services - Petroleum Industry -