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  The product range includes a variety of anchors, rock reinforcement and support, and the well-known series of field-approved AT-Systems. In this series of AT-Systems, the AT - Casing System for the cost-effective and practical implementation of pipe umbrella, injection, or drainage drills deserves mentioning. Further innovative system solutions are AT - Power Set Self-drilling Frictions Bolts and Spiles as well as AT - LSC-Elements as support for squeezing rock mass conditions.  
  American Commercial   
  Underground supports by American Commercial are designed specifically for the requirements of each permanent or temporary project. Geological conditions dictate the type of support needed to control ground after excavation, therefore supports are designed in an endless variety of configurations to control every condition known.  
  American Mine Door  
  Used to provide roof support in various underground coal mining applications, American Mine Door's mine props are typically used in 50 and 100 ton applications. Our mine props have performance characteristics that have been verified through full-scale testing in the NIOSH Mine Roof Simulator.  
  Antraquip Corporation  
  Antraquip Corporation is a leading global supplier of roadheaders, hydraulic rock cutting attachments for excavators, reliable tunnel support systems and auxilary products for the tunneling, mining and construction industries.  
  Atlas Copco   
  Atlas Copco has the market’s widest range of advanced cost- efficient rock reinforcement solutions for mining and tunnelling. Each and every product has been designed to help maximize your tunnel advance and minimize costs per installed bolt or anchor – and always with the highest level of safety in mind.  
  BP Composites Ltd.  
  In construction and mining new challenges continuously arise with no existing solution. Working with BP Composites Ltd. will lead you to an engineered solution that targets the customer’s specific requirements.  Contact BP Composites Ltd. for your own rebar and fastening system.  
  Camber Group  
Camber has developed procedures and products for specialized support of caved areas and unsupported roof, as well as supports for difficult entries.  
  ChemGrout, Inc.  
Mining - tunnel lining, contact grouting, shaft waterproofing, rock bolts, cable anchors, shaft abandonment.  
  Dywidag-Systems International  
  DYWIDAG-Systems International (DSI) is America’s leading manufacturer & supplier of specialist ground support products to the underground coal & metalliferous mining sectors.  
  Elbroc Mining Products  
  Mining Products for underground support systems.  Elbroc is the longest running stope support company servicing seismically active deep level gold mines and the coal market locally and overseas.  
  Excel Mining Systems  
  Excel Mining Systems LLC is a leader in the production of roof support for the coal and hard rock mining industries.  The Company was founded in 1991 and quickly grew to become the premier supplier of complete roof systems in the United States.  Today, Excel delivers unmatched world class solutions, engineering, and products.  Through research and development, Excel is constantly striving to pioneer safer and more efficient products, as well as enhanced services for its customers.  
  Fasloc Inc.  
Fasloc resin in a cartridge is used to anchor bolts to the surrounding strata in mine ceilings.  
  FM Locotos Company  
  FM Locotos Company is a recognized industry expert in developing and implementing ground control designs and engineering solutions for roof, tunnel and general ground support. Their designs and products are being used in all areas of mineral industries including aggregate, hard rock, salt, coal and limestone, as well as underground storage facilities and wine caves.  
  Garford Pty Ltd  
Garford supplies the patented modified geometry cable bolt and a range of associated ground support products for the mining and civil industries.  
  Genco Mine Service  
  Genco Mine Service carries the DZ series hydraulic prop. These are used for supporting the roof of the coal face. They can be use alone or in conjunction with an articulated roof beam.  
  Heintzmann Corporation  
  The underground roof support specialists.  We provide pumpable crib support technology, roof strata consolidation, and drilling applications, as well as steel supports, arches, and other mining products.  
  International Rollforms, Inc.  
  Split Set® Friction Rock Stabilizers - Rock Bolts for Reliable Ground Support Split Set® friction rock stabilizers are manufactured by International Rollforms, Inc. for underground or above ground applications in mines, tunnels, slopes, or wherever reliable ground support is needed. Our friction rock bolts produce superior holding power due to their unique design that exerts pressure against the rock over its full contact length immediately upon installation.  
  Jennmar Corporation  
  Jennmar has the people, the products, the responsiveness to serve all your roof control needs. Now and in the future.  Jennmar offers coal and hard rock producers the industry’s finest, most technically advanced line of roof control products.  
  J-LOK Co.  
  Our affiliated company, JENNMAR, has served the mining industry for over 30 years with innovative and specialty products designed to provide superior ground support. J-LOK produces resin products to compliment JENNMAR products and provide an optimum system of bolt and resin.  
  The first company in the Mansour Group, Mansour Mining is a major supplier of ground support products to numerous mining companies across Canada and overseas.  
  MICON provides specialized, reliable underground contracting services for troubleshooting ground control problems associated with mining, tunneling and civil engineering projects.  
  Minova USA Inc.  
  Minova USA Inc., the leading manufacturer of resin cartridges worldwide, continues to be the leader in ground control and ventilation solutions, with such products as Lokset® resin cartridges, Tekseal® pumpable seals and Tekfoam cavity filling foam.  
  Ostaline Mining Services  
  Ostaline's core business is the provision of small to medium sized equipment and consumables connected with ground support and drilling and blasting. These products are backed up with efficient spare parts and service support.  
  Rockbolt Systems AG  
Rockbolt Systems AG, part of the Beltec-Rockbolt Systems Group, offers worldwide system solutions with fibre-reinforced plastic under the brand name FiReP®  
  Stainless UK Ltd  
  Stainless steel Grip-Bar is used in Civil and Geotechnical engineering, particularly where an extended life structure is being constructed. Its high concrete / steel bond strength added to its unique high tensile strength makes it ideal for applications such as rock bolts, soil nails,  bridge strengthening, building and bridge cross ties,  ground anchors or holding down bolts.  Grip-Bar has many practical advantages and benefits.  As a high strength thread rolled stainless steel bar, the product provides a proven bond strength with unique corrosion resistance. Grip-Bar is easily cut on site without damaging the thread form. Its superior ductility makes it ideal for areas of seismic activity.  
  Strata Products (USA) Inc.  
  Strata Products (USA) Inc. primarily services the underground coal markets in the USA. However, we also market to other underground operations such as Trona and limestone operations.  Our engineers can evaluate your roof control conditions and recommend a number of solutions from our wide range of products.  
  Sub-Technical Inc.  
Engineered Solutions in Ground and Water Control.  
  Tensar Earth Technologies Inc.  
  Tensar Mining Systems are a family of polymeric grid and composite mining products, whose basic components are Tensar® structural geogrids. Made from high-strength, corrosion-resistant polymers, our geogrids are lightweight and easy to handle, allowing them to be installed safely and quickly.  
  Thiessen Team  
  For almost 50 years the ground support group of the Thiessen Team has been servicing underground mining customers and civil contractors with a complete line of rock support and soil nailing products.  
  Vik Ørsta  
  Currently, rock support is one of our main business areas, and comprises equipment for the stabilization of rock in tunnels and shears. With more than 30 years of experience in this market we have amassed considerable expertise and are currently the market leader in Scandinavia.  
  WEBER group  
WEBER is a world leader in its field and can offer a wide range of high-performance solutions for ground reinforcement, strata filling and sealing.  
  WeiHai hardrock Engineering Co. Ltd.  
WEIHAI HARD ROCK, is a leading supplier and exporter of mining underground support products, construction applications and relative metal products in China.  
  Weldgrip Geotechnical  
  Weldgrip Geotechnical is firmly established as one of the leading suppliers of high quality strata and ground stabilisation products, tools and equipment, supplying the civil engineering, tunnelling and mining industries worldwide.  
  Williams Form Engineering Corp.  
  Williams Form Engineering manufactures one of the most diverse Rock and Soil Anchoring product lines in the world, including mechanical anchors, resin anchors, multiple corrosion protection anchors, soil nails, sledge drive anchors and self drilling anchors.