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  Agru America, Inc. is the only U.S. Manufacturer using the flat die extrusion calendered process to produce structured geomembranes for the U.S. and International civil/environmental market.  
  ATARFIL is a company of International scope, specialized in the manufacturing, commercialization and development of thermoplastic geomembranes and liners, and other complementary products.  
  Carlisle SynTec Incorporated  
  Carlisle GeoMembranes For America And The World...  from the leading single-ply membrane manufacturer with more than 40 years of commercial and industrial application experience.  
  Colorado Lining International  
  Founded in 1978 as a fabricator and installer of quality geomembranes for liquid containment and protection of our valuable water resources. We are a full service geosynthetic contractor offering custom fabrication of a variety of products.  
  COMANCO combines its expertise in geosynthetics installation, earthwork, concrete work, pipe installation and our knowledge of relevant laws to supply our clients superior services at the most competitive prices in the shortest amount of time.  
  CONTECH Earth Stabilization Solutions Inc.  
The most extensive selection of bridge, drainage, earth stabilization, and stormwater solutions comes from CONTECH, the only true nationwide, single source provider.  
  Elco Solutions Pty. Ltd.  
  ELCO Solutions Pty Ltd are leading manufacturers of geosynthetic solutions – including geosynthetic clay liners and coastal solutions.  Harnessing our skills and expertise will provide you with the support you need for designing or building your project – whether it be a landfill or containment project, a coastal or golf course project, or even planning an opening ceremony for the Olympic Games.  
  Nonwovens are used widely in many industrial markets.  Fiberweb has a strong position in the construction industry, fabric softener sheet and graphic arts markets amongst others.  In the construction industry, Fiberweb manufactures the well known Typar/Tekton brands for housewrap, geotextiles and roofing applications.  
  Firestone Specialty Products  
  As part of the Bridgestone Group, Firestone has been a world recognized leader in rubber polymer technology for over 100 years. Building on this broad legacy, Firestone Specialty Products has become one of the most trusted names in a variety of industries including the lining and geomembrane; modular roofing; thru-wall flashing and sustainable products industries. Our knowledgeable staff and network of distributors are devoted to providing superior service and support to all our end users located throughout the world.  
  Geo-Synthetics, Inc.  
  Geo-Synthetics, Inc. (GSI) is one of the nations largest independent installers of geosynthetic materials.  As an independent installer, GSI has the ability to source specification compliant materials from select leading manufacturers.  
  Glen Raven, Inc.  
  Strata Systems, Inc. is a manufacturer and worldwide distributor of a diversified group of soil reinforcement products including Stratagrid®, Microgrid™, and Stratadrain™.   
  Great Basin Environmental, Inc.  
Geosynthetics are used in the construction of  various mining facilities for process solution containment,  foundation stabilization and reclamation.  
  GSE Lining Technology, Inc.  
  Gundle/SLT Environmental, Inc. (GSE) is a leading manufacturer and marketer of geosynthetic lining products and services with a worldwide presence in the following markets: agriculture, aquaculture, canals, civil, golf courses, mining, power, sportsfields, stormwater retention, waste containment, wastewater, and other industrial applications.  
  Huesker, Inc.  
  Huesker, Inc. has become a major North American supplier of quality geogrids and high strength geotextiles. Huesker is a seasoned corporation with over 140 years of research, development and application experience in fiber technology. Textile engineers specializing in product development and field research, combined with civil engineers who develop new market end uses, industry standards, and product specifications provide a total commitment to service in the geosynthetic industry.  
  HUITEX Geosynthetics  
  HUITEX® Geosynthetics, the geosynthetic business group of Huikwang Corporation (HKC), is a multinational manufacturer and supplier of geosynthetic lining products and services. At HUITEX®, we devote ourselves to be your reliable one-stop-shopping partner. As a 40-year publicly listed company, we commit ourselves to precise quality management and sound long-term performance guarantee.  
  Layfield Geosynthetics & Industrial Fabrics Ltd.  
  Layfield has been active in the mining industry for over 20 years. We provide many unique products such as blast hole liners, erosion and sediment control materials, tailings dam liners, and fabrics for road construction. Our work ranges from large heap leach pads, to the smallest secondary tank containment liner. Call on Layfield to assist you in constructing and maintaining your valuable mining development.  
  Maccaferri Inc.  
  Maccaferri is a world leader in engineered environmental solutions: our expertise includes solutions in retaining wall systems (gabion, geogrid), reinforcement of steep slopes, embankments, drainage systems, rockfall protection and soil erosion protection and coastal protections.  
  NAUE GmbH & Co.  
  Our innovative ideas are leading the way into the future of geosynthetics and their applications.  Over the years, our product range and fields of application have continuously grown and the growth of our group of companies has kept pace. We now offer product development and design, with a design-by-function and application approach, to satisfy even your most challenging project objectives. Internationally, we have achieved a high profile as a geosynthetic leader and innovator.  
  Raven Industries Engineered Films Division  
  Raven sales and engineering professionals support and understand the critical demands of the geosynthetic industry. A modern, well-equipped testing laboratory, in addition to ongoing research and development, assure continuous improvements and innovation in geomembrane liners and covers.  Our geosynthetic line consists of a wide range of products designed to meet your individual requirements from  liquid containment to gas barriers to long-term covering applications. Thicknesses range from 6 mil reinforced and non-reinforced materials up to 45 mil thick reinforced containment liners and floating covers. Major applications include landfill covers, rainshed covers, remediation covers, golf course pond liners and many more.  
  Tenax geosynthetics are used in a multitude of different applications in substitute of earthen materials to meet and increase the performance of a system. Some key applications that Tenax geosynthetics are applied towards consist of: Surface Water Collection and Removal (SWCRS), Landfill Gas Venting (LFG), Soil Stabilization, Landfill Expansion and Capping, and Road and Pavement reinforcement and drainage.  
  TenCate Geosynthetics  
  TenCateTM Geosynthetics is the global leader in geosynthetics.  We offer progressive system solutions for world markets through our global brands, Mirafi®, Miragrid®, and Geotube®.  As a global leader, our geogrids and geotextiles are engineered with advanced application knowledge to meet project specifications for transportation construction, mechanically stabilized earth, erosion control, water and waste management, and shoreline protection/marine structure construction.  
  Thrace-LINQ, Inc  
Thrace-LINQ, Inc. is a global supplier of woven and nonwoven polypropylene-based Geosynthetic fabrics for a wide variety of technical textile applications.  
  Trelleborg AB  
  Trelleborg provides a wide range of specialized wear and impact resistant rubber solutions for the arduous demands of the mining and quarrying industries. Our standard or tailor-made products have proven to maximize production, reduce maintenance costs and improve working conditions.  
  Vector Engineering, Inc.  
  Few companies can claim as many square meters of installed liner systems, the diversity of landfill facilities or the number of heap leach projects that form the foundation of Vector's experience.  
  Watersaver Company, Inc  
  Geomembranes have been used worldwide for over 5 decades. Watersaver continues to help develop this market since our inception 55 years ago.  Hundreds of technological advancements have been introduced into geomembranes to further their effectiveness, longevity and compatibility over the years.