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  Caracle Creek International Consulting Inc.  
  CCIC is a professional geological consulting company that provides a wide range of geological and engineering services to the mineral exploration and mining industry. Backed by experienced industry professionals with extensive management and technical skills, and with offices in Canada and South Africa, CCIC is well positioned to service its international client base.  
  Carlin Trend Mining Services  
  Project Management by Registered Geologists, Environmental Impact Statements and Archaeological Studies, Regulatory Notices of Intent and Plans of Operation, Exploration and Development, Reserve Calculations, Governmental Permitting, Land Exchanges and Title Work, Claim Staking, Soil, Survey and Geophysics Grid, Stream Sediments, Biochemical and Road-Cut Sampling, Reclamation and Mine Hazard Fencing, We use Trimble Pro XRS GPS instrumentation for sub-meter accuracy, Our professional geologists and technical staff have over 30 years of combined experience.  
  Geosigma AB  
  Geosigma is a group of very dedicated people working on projects concerning soils, rock and water (engineering geology). That means we are working where qualified knowledge of the underworld is required. But also that we get to do what we like best.  
  GeoSonics, Inc.  
  GeoSonics Inc. has provided vibration and acoustic consulting services worldwide since 1988. In 1989 GeoSonics began production of its own seismic instrumentation and related software, now in use in over 35 countries---solid evidence that GeoSonics has succeeded in developing products from the perspective of the user, not the manufacturer. We believe that you will appreciate this important distinction when you become acquainted with the many features and capabilities of our SSU Seismic System.  
  Geostat International  
  Reserves Doctors - Sounds like a cliché but this is what we have been doing since Dr Michel David established GEOSTAT in 1981. Exploration and mining companies come and see us because they have either some doubts or worse a problem with the estimation of resources or reserves of their mineral deposits.  
  Snowden Group  
  The mining industry operates in a dynamic environment. Markets are constantly changing, technology is evolving and opportunities and pitfalls abound. Within this environment Snowden provides a comprehensive range of services and independent advice to mining companies, banks and legal institutions.