Fire Suppression and Detection


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  AFEX Fire Suppression Systems  
  We are specialists in the manufacture of fire protection systems for mobile heavy equipment. We recognize that any "down-time" of this valuable equipment results in lost productivity and earnings. Our company is dedicated to helping you protect your investment in heavy equipment from loss through fire.  
  Amerex Corporation  
  Amerex Corporation has grown to become the world's largest and most innovative manufacturer of hand portable and wheeled extinguishers for commercial and industrial applications. With the introduction of state-of the-art gas detection systems along with pre-engineered fire suppression systems for vehicles, commercial cooking operations and paint spray booths, Amerex has earned a reputation for excellence in the fire protection industry.  
  American Fire Technologies  
  American Fire Technologies is a privately owned corporation specializing in the integration of fire protection and detection management and design. American Fire Technologies's professionals have expertise in fire and special hazard systems and life safety codes.  
  Ansul Incorporated  
  ANSUL® is a premium brand of Tyco Fire Suppression & Building Products. The full line of ANSUL special hazard fire protection products includes fire extinguishers and hand line units; pre-engineered restaurant, vehicle, and industrial systems; sophisticated fire detection/suppression systems and a complete line of dry chemical, foam, and gaseous extinguishing agents.  
  Burner Fire Control, Inc.  
  Burner Fire Control has grown from one sales person and two equipment technicians to over 100 employees, providing services primarily to energy related industries. From a beginning of sales and service of dry chemical and foam fire extinguishing systems, Burner Fire Control has become a standard in safety services to include fabrication of fire equipment facilities and piping, sales, inspections, system design, safety equipment and well testing heat suppression systems.  
  Firetec® supplies equipment, built to order at our facilities in the UK and USA. Our customers include the USA and British Armed Forces, Caterpillar, Time Warner, UK and overseas government computing centres and vehicle manufacturers in 11 countries.  
  Kidde Fire Systems  
  Kidde Fire Systems is a global leader in fire protection, including fire detection, fire suppression and fire control products. Our products set the benchmark for fire safety detection, prevention and protection.  We are devoted to protecting people, property and processes from everyday hazards and danger.  People trust us to do that because we are experts in our field.  And that trust is reinforced by the quality we instill in everything we do.  
  MPS Inc.  
  Several years ago, a report provided by the EPRI reported that there is at least one fire in a coal mill somewhere in the world each day.  With the increased use of Powder River Basin Coal, it might be reasonable to expect that this figure is now much higher. Spontaneous combustion with PRB Coal is very well known concern.  One very promising step towards protecting plants from loss of generation and plant damage, is the implementation of a fire detection system for coal mills.  Not a CO monitoring system, which takes constant maintenance and calibration.  Not thermal detection, which may not respond until a raging fire is taking place inside your mill.  
  Pillar Innovations, LLC  
  Pillar Innovations, LLC's Fire Station Sprinkler System, for use with standard conveyor systems, provides tested protection against conveyor fires.  Utilizing proven sprinkler technology and the innovation of patent-pending modular components, Pillar Innovations, LLC's Fire Station is designed to meet specific working environments.  
  Fixed self-expanding foam installations from 500 litres to 6000 litres in the mining, forestry, petro-chemical and light industrial environments.  Fuel Storage Tanks - Conveyor Belts - Transformers - Vehicles.  All are protected by Protect-o-Burn™'s Fire-Fighting Foam with self-expanding capabilities!  
  Pyro-Chem manufactures a comprehensive line of fire protection products for commercial and industrial applications. Each is designed and manufactured to the highest standards.  
The first fire fighting robot, able to withstand high temperatures and put out fires in tunnels.  
  SEI Industries  
  SEI Industries Ltd. is primarily involved in the design, engineering, manufacturing, and marketing of products for the aviation, fire suppression, exploration, and environmental management industries. Other SEI capabilities include pumping/filtration design and manufacturing, and technical problem-solving involving new-generation, high-strength, lightweight fabrics, and state-of-the-art power generation and liquid transfer systems.  
SimplexGrinnell can do it all.  Fire detection and alarm.  Fire sprinklers and extinguishers.  Fire suppression.  
  Tyco International, Ltd.  
  We help save lives and protect property from dangerous fires with a broad range of fire suppression solutions. Our customers rely on us to help protect valuable property such as art treasures, architectural landmarks, oil tankers, data centers and rare books.  
  US Foam Technologies  
All of our fire fighting foams are manufactured in the USA.  They are environmentally safe, making it safe for both firefighters and the environment.  
  USF Equipment & Services  
  USF Equipment & Services provides the most technologically advanced coal mine fire suppression systems (Hellfighter, MFFF, Hellblaster, Durafoam and Nitrogen Generators) that can be used to put out both active mine fires as well as abandoned mine fires anywhere in the world.  
  Weidner & Associates  
  Weidner Fire provides firefighting tools and equipment to fire departments in the intermountain west (Utah, Idaho, Nevada, and Wyoming). Built on durable products and reliable service, Weidner Fire is a division of 50-year-old family owned and operated Weidner & Associates. The company is headquartered in Midvale, UT (conveniently located in the central area of the Salt Lake Valley).