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The National Mining Association Puts on an Excellent Mine Show


     I'm still in the process of absorbing MINExpo International 2008.  In my opinion, the National Mining Association produced a mine

     show that lived up to everything that is Las Vegas, Nevada.  I heard there were 44,000+ pre-registered attendees and over 1200

     exhibitors.  What I saw was a show that was extremely well organized, with high energy and 100% mining.  I ran into friends from

     Wyoming, Colorado, Nevada, Utah, and Alaska.  I heard over a dozen different languages being spoken.  Three days was almost too

     short, but I don't think I could have survived a forth.  As I jumped in the car and headed back to Northern Nevada I thought, WOW what

     will mining be like in 2012.  Modern technology allows events like MINExpo International 2008 to live on, check out the video's on


My Visit To Milex Technologies


     I stopped in to see where the LED strobes that you find on most UG

     equipment here in Nevada come from.  What I got was an education in

     safety and work lighting by Jim Grady, the Managing Director of

     Hella Mining, LLC. which is a joint venture between Hella and

     Milex Technologies.  I got to tour the shop where they make the

     strobes, beacons and lamps, even seeing a few products that weren't

     on the market yet.  The shop was very clean and very organized but

     what really struck me was the depth of thought that went into these

     lights and strobes, from viewing angles to filtering the air in the housing

     when the light heats up and cools.  A quality product was the result.



September 22–24, 2008

Las Vegas Convention Center

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23rd Annual Mining Expo

 Elko, Nevada

June 2 - 6, 2008

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The Big Cat Rumor, Shot Down?

     No twin boom jumbo at the Cat display at MINExpo International in Las Vegas, my rumor was shot down.  So I thought that would be the end of that, but the rumor

     persists.  I was told that Cat really wanted the jumbo to be ready for the show but it was in the shop for some kind of redesign on the booms, and it would probably hit

     the market sometime in 2010.  Cat's display at the mine show was big and impressive even without the jumbo.  I really liked Caterpiller's virtual reality trainers, who would

     have thought we would train miners using video games.  I also liked the underground display with the big haul truck and mucker, but the real value for me was learning

     about Cat's safety efforts at saftey.cat.comIf your mining I recommend you watch the "Managing a Mining Lifestyle" video.  Just click the industry safety tab on top,

     then the mining category on the left.  The video you want is the first one on the page, enjoy surfing Safety.Cat.Com.


Munich, April 19 - 25, 2010

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                 This One Caught Me Off Guard, Introducing The Mantis


     Manitou Southern Africa, in conjunction with JIC Mining has developed and perfected the Mantis Roof  Bolter and Mantis Drill

     Rig. Offering high maneuverability with two-wheel, four-wheel and crab steering, these Maniscopic based mining machines are very

     compact in relation to conventional drill rigs, can be fitted with a single or double drill rig and offer significant savings in fuel

     consumption and maintenance costs.


     Manitou wasn't even on my radar for developing this kind of mining equipment, but I have to say the smaller size and crab steering

     is intriguing.  I would like to see more info and pictures on their web sites.  If your mining small drifts the Mantis is worth a look.

Water Hydraulics

     Hydro Power Equipment caught my eye, because they power their equipment with water (water hydraulics).  Also the equipment

     is very compact.  While I've never witnessed HPE's equipment in action, I'm surprised the technology hasn't spread to the other

     equipment manufacturers.  Water has got to be cheaper than oil.  Like they say on their web site, "Water is Cool"  and "Water

     Works, Faster, Cooler, Safer, and Costs Less".  I'm not sure how they move this equipment around the mine without it mounted

     on a carrier, but HPE has been around since 1985 so I'm sure they have transporting the equipment down.

Coming Up

     The 9th International Mining and Machinery Exhibition, organized by Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) in association with Ministry

     of Mines, Ministry of Coal, Government of India, focuses on the opportunities, both international and national, provided by the shift of mining

     companies towards customer satisfaction and expectations. It examines all the elements that make up the industry like the mission,

     vision, culture, leadership, management, human resources, products and services, processes and systems of various ventures, providing a

     comprehensive look at Indian mining companies and endeavors IMME 2008 will feature exhibitors, professionals, buyers and delegates who

     share a common outlook towards joint ventures, technology transfers and strategic business-to-business alliances.