Environmental Consultants


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  AATA International Inc.  
  International, Inc. (AATA) is a professional environmental consultancy specializing in management and permitting for natural resource development projects worldwide. Clients include Fortune 500 mining, oil and gas,utility, and other industrial companies; financial institutions; local, state, and federal government agencies, engineering companies and EPC contractors; and other entities in the USA and around the world.  
  AMEC - Earth & Environmental  
  A leading earth and environmental consulting business, providing multi-disciplined solutions covering all aspects of environmental services, geotechnical engineering, infrastructure, materials testing and engineering and water resource services.  
  Applied Ecosystem Services, Inc.  
  In addition to scientific and technical expertise with rivers, watersheds, and all aspects of the Clean Water Act (CWA), Endangered Species Act (ESA), and National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) -- and their state equivalents -- the company brings to its clients years of experience in the management of natural resource industries, agency relations, and legislative processes. We have testified at hearings of state legislatures and have met with individual legislators to explain complex environmental and industry issues.  
  AquAeTer, Inc  
  The nature of the mining process and the materials involved, requires mines and mills to deal with complex environmental issues. In recent years, improved process controls have significantly reduced impacts on the environment. However, regulatory compliance is not a simple process. Reliance on support services such as these offered by AquAeTer, is essential for timely implementation of mine development projects.  
  Barr Engineering Company  
  Productivity and profitability are your goals—but international competition, new processes, and stricter environmental regulations are making it harder to meet those goals. Barr integrates engineering and environmental expertise to help our clients build a prosperous and healthy future.  
  BMT WBM Engineering  
  BMT WBM has a proven record in addressing today's engineering and environmental issues.  We are a specialist consultancy focusing on the application of leading edge technology in the fields of engineering and environment.  
  Broadbent & Associates, Inc.  
  BAI provides efficient response to the mining industry within the western United States. With offices in Nevada, Arizona, California and Texas, we are familiar with the unique and complex issues facing mines operating on public lands. BAI’s mining clients benefit from our local western presence and scientifically based solutions applied at existing and proposed mine facilities.  
  Chambers Group, Inc.  
  Over the span of three decades, Chambers Group, Inc. has earned respect as a company that knows environmental compliance and resource management issues.    We deliver scientific objectivity, environmental expertise, and defensible technical documentation that assist clients in meeting the stringent compliance requirements of federal, state, and local regulatory agencies.  
  Darling Environmental & Surveying, Ltd.  
  Darling Environmental & Surveying, Ltd. provides environmental permitting services to city, county, state and federal governments, private landowners, utilities, municipalities, and the mining industry in Arizona, Nevada, Utah and California.  
  ERM Group, Inc.  
ERM is a market leader providing mining and metals clients a multidisciplinary approach to managing environmental and social risks.  
  Errol L. Montgomery & Associates  
  For more than 20 years, Errol L. Montgomery & Associates has set the standard by which technical and professional excellence is measured in the field of hydrogeologic consulting. With offices in Arizona and Chile, we specialize in all aspects of investigating, analyzing, managing, and sustaining groundwater resources.  
  Gartner Lee  
  Gartner Lee is a Canadian-based firm at the forefront of our industry in providing environmental science, economics, planning and engineering services. Our company has established a solid track record over the past 30 years for delivering practical and cost-effective solutions to the environmental challenges faced by private and public sector clients.  
  GCI Environment Inc.  
  GCI was established in 1987 with the premise of providing clients with quality environmental consulting services at affordable rates. The services we provide are designed to fulfill the full range of needs of our clients in order to meet their development goals, protect their assets, as well as the collateral value of their properties. We are proud that we have had long standing relationships with our clients, as a result of our careful attention to their needs.  
  Golder Associates  
  We deliver innovative solutions with service that is seamless and extends over the life of the mine. Golder partners with industry on a team approach basis and provides continuity with long standing, experienced staff.  By building an understanding of our clients' needs and of the specific environments in which they operate, Golder developed integrated global teams with unique expertise offering Ore Evaluation Services, Sustainable Development Practices, Mine Waste and Environmental Management, Rock Mechanics, and Paste Technology Solutions.  
  JBR Environmental  
  JBR grew up with the mining industry. We’ve provided environmental consulting services at over 100 mine sites in Utah, Nevada, Montana, Oregon, Idaho, California, and Arizona. We’ve supported a wide variety of mining operations, from sand and gravel to molybdenum to gold and silver operations, and we have developed extensive knowledge regarding the specific environmental issues and regulations pertaining to these varied operations. Our staff includes veterans of the mining industry with in-depth knowledge of the issues facing mine operators, regulatory specialists knowledgeable in obtaining necessary permitting, and NEPA specialists capable of handling the most controversial project proposal.  
  Klohn Crippen Berger  
  Klohn Crippen Berger is an international engineering and environmental consulting firm. We offer value-added services to our private and public sector clients for hydropower development, bridges and roads, waste disposal in the metal and oilsands mining industries, and water resource projects.  
  Knight Piesold & Co.  
  Our largest area of business is providing geotechnical and environmental services to the global mining industry. We are committed to sustainable mining that recognizes social, environmental and economic responsibilities. Our specialized expertise related to tailings and mine waste management, waste characterization, heap leach pads, rock mechanics, water management and environmental services is directly relevant to upholding these principles.  
  Marshall Miller & Associates  
  Marshall Miller & Associates represents a unique assembly of engineering and science-related professionals, whose goals are to primarily serve the fossil fuels, transportation, and land and mineral development industries; and to integrate successfully and professionally with government agencies to achieve environmental responsibility and preservation of natural resources.  
  MATRIX Design Group  
  Matrix is recognized for its pro-active and creative approach to planning and development, based on our in-depth understanding of critical issues that often are the key to a successful project. Our in-house capabilities in land development and infrastructure master planning, transportation planning and design, water resources, environmental services, structural engineering, survey, and construction management allows us to provide our clients with an integrated approach to services, enabling us to fast-track projects efficiently and effectively.  
  Mencon LLC  
  MENCON is a highly regarded mining and environmental consulting firm specializing in excellent service and client satisfaction in engineering, operations, and litigation support.  We are experienced in coal, trona, gold and industrial minerals, both underground and surface.  Our personnel are involved in the latest technological innovations, including state-of-the-art advances in longwall and continuous mining.  
  MWH is a leading global provider of consulting, engineering, construction and management services in water, natural resources, and infrastructure sectors. We have planned, designed, built and managed many of the world’s largest and most technologically advanced projects and programs, and have been recognized with top industry rankings and awards.  
  Norwest Corporation  
  Norwest’s mergers with Questa Engineering (now Norwest Questa Engineering) and Applied Hydrology Associates (Norwest Applied Hydrology) created one of the world’s most fully-integrated energy and natural resource consultancies.  This integration of mining, oil and gas, hydrology, and environmental specialists has given us the ability to provide our clients with comprehensive expertise to optimize every stage of project development.  
  Rescan Environmental Services Ltd.  
  Rescan Environmental Services Ltd. is a Canadian-based consulting firm offering a wide range of environmental and engineering services to clients around the world. Rescan assists industries, institutions and governments in achieving sound environmental practices for the benefit of present and future generations. With headquarters in Vancouver, British Columbia, and satellite offices in Victoria, Smithers, Kamloops, Dease Lake, Yellowknife and Seattle, Rescan’s client list includes many of the world’s leading companies and our project assignments have spanned six continents.  
  Rimkus Consulting Group, Inc.  
  The drive to reclaim a cleaner environment in the United States and other developed nations has produced a new generation of laws, regulations, claims, disputes and a history of very costly, complex litigation. Rimkus' expertise in this field has grown and kept pace with those developments.  
  Savci Environmental Technologies  
  Savci Environmental Technologies, LLC (S.E.T.) established in 1997, is a multi-disciplinary international consulting firm based near Denver, Colorado (USA).  We provide specialized environmental science and engineering services, from site investigation to final closure, for mining, waste management, oil and gas, other industrial clients and legal firms specializing in these areas.  
  Sturm Environmental Services  
  Since its establishment in 1979, Sturm Environmental Services, Inc. (SES) has grown from a small water, soil, and overburden testing facility into one of the most advanced, full-service consulting and laboratory services group with a multidiscipline staff of degree-holding professionals.  A competent in-house staff consists of individuals in the fields of agronomy, aquatic biology, biology, chemistry, ecology, forestry, geochemistry, geology, hydrology, and mining.  
  SWCA Environmental Consulting  
  SWCA is one of the largest environmental consulting companies with a focus solely on environmental consulting. Our employee-owned company of cultural and natural resource experts, and planners works for clients in both the public and private sectors.  
  Wardell Armstrong LLP  
  Wardell Armstrong LLP is a major environmental and engineering consultancy.  We are an independent Firm owned by the Directors.  We have a long history dating back to 1837 when William Armstrong started up in business in Newcastle upon Tyne in north-east England.  
  Water Management Consultants  
  Water Management Consultants (WMC) provides technical services in a wide range of disciplines, including hydrogeology, hydrology, geochemistry, geology, geophysics, numerical modelling, environmental science, water resources planning, water engineering, GIS and database management.  
  WESA Group Inc.  
  WESA is a leading environmental sciences, health, safety and engineering consulting group providing professional services to business, industry, government and other professionals.