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  ACZ Laboratories  
  ACZ Laboratories has over twenty-one years of experience providing analytical support to the Mining industry and has built a reputation as one the highest quality environmental laboratories in the industry.  
  Alexco Resource US Corp  
  Green World Science(R) Technology and Patents are owned by Alexco Resource US Corp (AXR-US). AXR-US licenses its patents and technologies to provide innovative environmental solutions to create value in a variety of industries ranging from Mining, Metals Processing to Food and Chemicals. Alexco seeks to facilitate property redevelopment particularly for brownfield sites in the mining industry where mineral resources are often subject to environmental restrictions blocking their environmentally responsible revitalization and redevelopment.  
  Environmental responsibility is more important today than ever before – and so is fulfilling the highest standards in terms of quality and productivity. Ashland's Environmental and Process Solutions offers specialty chemicals that facilitate environmentally friendly, high-performance processes in many areas of application. Whether in municipal or industrial waste water treatment, in the many sectors of the chemical industry, or in the paper, mining and petroleum industries, we make a significant contribution by providing intelligent, pioneering chemical products and services.  
  Attila Environmental Products  
Specializing in erosion control, flood control and soil stabilization products.  
  Bethlehem Apparatus Co., Inc.  
  Bethlehem Apparatus is continually developing new systems and specialized mercury processing equipment to meet the need of our clients. One such system was developed in response to a need in the mining industry for a cost-effective method of disposing of calomel, a mercury-bearing by-product generated from pollution control equipment using the Norzink process. After consultation with Universal Dynamics of Vancouver, B.C., Bethlehem Apparatus developed and built a proprietary calomel processing system. Calomel is converted in to mercury/mercuric oxide and subsequently retorted into elemental mercury.  
  BIOMEDY is leader in implementing full-scale biological processes to friendly cope with natural surroundings.  Following 30 years of experience in discovering, studying, developing and applying certain interactions actively supported by the nature, among biology, geology and chemistry, BIOMEDY is now offering some unprecedented solutions.  
  BioteQ Environmental Technologies  
  BioteQ finances, builds, owns and operates water treatment plants for the world’s mining companies and utilities operators, reducing environmental liabilities while generating revenue from waste.  
  Can-Ross Environmental Services Ltd.  
  Can-Ross Environmental Services Ltd., incorporated in 1985, provides industry with economical products that contain and clean-up oil and chemical spills. The company's products easily meet the most demanding government-imposed standards of performance.  
  Cascade Earth Sciences  
  Cascade Earth Sciences (CES) helps businesses, municipalities and others "take the waste out of water." Through the integration of hydrogeologic, agronomic and engineering skills, CES is a worldwide leader in designing, building, financing and operating land-based wastewater treatment systems.  
  Cypher International Ltd.  
  Cypher International Ltd. has developed the Technologies that now ensure the perfect Roads that cost much less and perform much better. EarthZyme treated Roads are very simple to construct and lower the price to taxpayers in many ways including initial costs as well as the ongoing expenses that traditional Roads incur in maintenance, upgrades and continuous dust control which EarthZyme also eliminates. The very high number of beneficial applications is truly exponential and ranges from multiple Agricultural uses to urban Landfills and literally hundreds of other important applications. Dust Stop has finally solved the very serious situation that the world has been experiencing with problems associated with harmful dust.  
  Denison Environmental Services  
  Denison Environmental Services (DES) is a contracting group based in Elliot Lake,Canada. We specialize in all aspects of mine closure and decommissioning.  Over the past ten years, the group has been involved in the closure of dozens of properties. Closure involves stabilizing a facility to make it safe physically and chemically for now and in the long term.  
  Eco Waste Solutions  
  Eco Waste Solutions is a Canadian company that specializes in advanced thermal treatment technology for solid and liquid waste.  Our oxidizer systems offer a sustainable waste management alternative. Our customers are typically in remote locations where traditional waste disposal options are limited.  
  GAEA Technologies Ltd.  
  GAEA Technologies is committed to providing time saving software solutions to our customers. All of our products have been created by engineers and geoscientists for engineers and geoscientists.  
  GemTeck Environmental Software Ltd.  
  GemTeck Environmental Software Ltd. is a recognized leader in developing innovative, leading-edge environmental software. With over 20 years of experience, our popular EQWin software has been embraced by hundreds of environmental engineers and technologists worldwide in mining, solid waste management and consulting.  
  Great Basin Environmental, Inc.  
  Great Basin Seed  
  Great Basin Seed specializes in grass seeds, wildflower seeds and shrub seeds for home, garden, farm, ranch and reclamation applications. We have a seed inventory of over 350 native and introduced plant species adapted to all climate zones and ecosystems in the United States and Canada.  
  Haber, Inc.  
  In response to the myriad health and environmental problems that result from the use of mercury in gold mining, Haber Inc. has developed the Haber Gold Process (HGP) - an environmentally friendly and highly efficient alternative method for gold extraction and recovery.  
  HTC Purenergy  
  HTC’s business is the development, aggregation and commercialization of proprietary technologies, relating to carbon dioxide (CO2) capture, storage and hydrogen (H2) production utilizing CO2.  These technologies have been acquired, licensed, developed internally and developed in partnership with the University of Regina and The International Test Centre for CO2 Capture “ITC”, a leading centre of research for CO2 capture and storage.  
  Inter-Mountain Labs  
  Inter-Mountain Laboratories provides state-of-the-art accredited analytical chemistry and monitoring services in soil, water, and air science. Our professional and experienced team is dedicated to Customer Satisfaction by providing cost-effective, quick-turn sample analysis without compromising on quality. IML provides consulting and analytical services for a variety of industries, agriculture, municipalities, state and tribal governments, and remediation activities throughout the nation.  
  JCH Environmental Insurance Brokers  
  JCH Environmental Insurance Brokers is a full service insurance brokerage and risk management solution provider. We provide insurance and risk management tools to solve environmental liability problems and maximize business opportunities.  
  MineSeal, LLC  
  MineSeal, LLC is the only Woman owned small business that manufacturers, supplies and installs a polyurethane foam sealant (PUF-Seal®) to close mine shafts, mine adits and other hazardous earth openings.  
  MOP Environmental Solutions, Inc.  
  MOP Environmental Solutions, Inc., a manufacturer of hydrophobic cellulose-based sorbent material, announces the worldwide availability of revolutionary patented MOP Maximum Oil Pickup® product. Accidental oil spills, whether large or small or on land or water, are a common occurrence that must be dealt with quickly and effectively to avoid serious environmental damage.  
  Paragon Analytics  
  Paragon Analytics is a full service, client-oriented environmental and radiochemistry testing laboratory. We are a division of DataChem Laboratories, Inc. of Salt Lake City, Utah. Our capabilities include: radiochemistry, mixed waste, explosives, organics, metals, and general chemistry analyses. Paragon holds extensive state and federal certifications for these capabilities, and our radioactive materials license levels are among the highest of all laboratories in the State of Colorado.  
  Parker Systems, Inc.  
  PSI is a manufacturer and distributor of environmental products.  Some of the products we manufacture include SpillMaster® Permanent and Response Containment Booms, SiltMaster® Turbidity Curtains, OilSnare® Viscous Oil Adsorbent products and various varieties of Heat-sealed and rotational molded products.  
  Pinnacle Environmental Technologies Inc.  
  Pinnacle is actively involved in the stewardship of the wastewater and sewage treatment industry. PETI consults with provincial and national regulatory health authorities toward the advancement of technologies that safeguard public health and protect fresh water resources.  
  PRO-TEC Storage Solutions  
  Breakthroughs in science and industry have indisputably improved the standard of life, but these advances have not been without drawbacks. Public awareness of the need to balance progress with safety and an honourable stewardship of the environment is growing stronger, and a delicate balancing act has ensued: How do we take full advantage of science and industry without jeopardizing the world around us?  For nearly 15 years, PRO-TEC Storage Solutions has boldly assumed a leadership role in managing this sensitive equation. Unmatched in the production of hazardous materials storage units, PRO-TEC is at the forefront of innovation in its field. Our storage units have undergone rigorous independent testing, confirming that not only do we meet industry guidelines, we exceed them.   
  RCP Inc.  
  At RCP, Inc. we want to help the industrial community meet the challenges of today's environmental protection. Our engineering and technical staff has the expertise to assist our clients in meeting the current regulatory requirements, and more importantly, in staying ahead of them.  
  RGF Environmental Systems  
   RGF is a leading manufacturer of over 500 environmental products. RGF was incorporated in 1985 for the purpose of designing, engineering, manufacturing and distributing environmental solutions for industry. RGF has the unique ability to provide clients with total turnkey solutions. RGF has a professional in-house staff of engineers, scientists and system integrators that can design, manufacture, install and service custom or standard systems or integrate our products to meet your needs.  
  Steward Environmental Solutions  
  Steward Environmental Solutions was established by Steward, Inc. of Chattanooga, Tennessee as a separate company to focus on the commercialization of SAMMS™. Steward Environmental Solutions benefits from Steward, Inc.’s 130 years of innovative magnetic and ceramic materials design and production experience; and, from Steward Advanced Material’s wealth of experience, technical capabilities, and resources to support client design and project development objectives.  
  TenCate Geotube  
  Millions of gallons of sludge have been pumped into Geotube® brand containers for containment and dewatering of industrial waste, municipal sludge, and marine sediments. Paper mills, chemical companies, and nuclear power plants are just a few of the clients that have benefited from Geotube® brand technology.  
  WI Environmental  
  The mission of WI Environmental is to provide solutions for the endeavor of not only cleaning up the environment from past pollution, but to also implement solutions to discontinue further contamination. We offer solutions that do this while maintaining social, technological and economic growth. The technologies and solutions we have developed, tested and applied can ensure that we provide a clean, healthy and prosperous environment for future generations.  
  Wildlife Control Technology Inc.  
  We provide innovative bird control, animal control, wildlife control products and netting to give immediate response. We provide environmental engineering for economical solutions that are responsible, durable and approved by all local and Federal regulatory agencies. Wildlife Control Technology, Inc. provides hundreds of bird control products, animal control products, wildlife control products, netting and netting products, on-site consulting and design engineering.  
  Wildlife Habitat Council  
  The Wildlife Habitat Council (WHC) is a nonprofit, nonlobbying 501(c)(3) group of corporations, conservation organizations, and individuals dedicated to restoring and enhancing wildlife habitat. Created in 1988, WHC helps large landowners, particularly corporations, manage their unused lands in an ecologically sensitive manner for the benefit of wildlife. More than 2 million acres in 48 states, Puerto Rico, and 16 other countries are managed for wildlife through WHC-assisted projects.