Emissions Control


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  Algae-X International  
  Algae-X International is a flexible, innovative and rapidly growing company in the field of fluid treatment. Specializing in fuel conditioning, treatment, filtration and Emission Control Technologies, "Total Fuel System Management".  
  Emissions from diesel engines are of increasing concern to government regulators around the world. Construction and agricultural machinery, power generators and other equipment that run on diesel fuel are the source of harmful hydrocarbons, nitrogen oxides (NOx) and particulate matter (PM) that pollute the air and are linked to respiratory diseases.  
  Biodiesel Magazine  
  Adding value to the biofuels industry, BBI International provides unmatched services to the biofuels industry including project development services, conference and meeting planning, publications and recruiting.  Our Mission, As a cornerstone of the expanding biofuels industry, BBI International provides, with integrity, the most authoritative and accurate information and services to support industry progress. Our success is measured by the growth and prosperity of our clients worldwide.   
  Blackthorn supplies exhaust emission control systems including catalytic converters, diesel particle filters and silencers. Our customers are predominantly in the off-highway or industrial sectors, for example materials handling, power generation, tunnelling and construction.  
  Clean air is important to everyone. At Caterpillar, we're doing our part to not only develop clean diesel technology for new engines, but we're also developing a range of emissions solutions for engines already in use. Emissions reduction technology can extend the life of your equipment investments, minimize downtime, and achieve immediate and significant emissions reductions.  
  CleanAIR Systems  
  Founded in 1993, CleanAIR Systems, Inc. designs and produces emissions control systems for on- and off-road vehicles, machinery, and stationary generators. Combining innovation, advanced product testing and an integrated manufacturing approach, the company works directly with original-equipment manufacturers and the retro-fit market to supply custom proprietary systems for diesel, natural gas and propane engines.  
  DCL International Inc.  
  DCL is a leader in the design and manufacture of catalytic converters, catalytic mufflers, diesel particulate filters and stock mufflers for the air pollution control of off-highway vehicles, stationary engines, industrial processes and specialized on-highway vehicles.  DCL supplies to world leading engine manufacturers, original equipment manufacturers, and aftermarket retrofit.  
  Dry Systems Technologies  
  DST® specializes in the development of clean, safe and MSHA compliant upgrades for existing engines, complete re-power of your diesel powered mining and construction equipment and complete power-packages for new machinery builders.  We also offer machine upgrades including full-machine rebuilding capabilities and an Original Equipment Manufacturer (O.E.M.) line of new machinery.  
  Ecocat Group  
  Ecocat Industry AB products have been specifically developed for equipping engineering houses, VOC and stationary engine manufacturers with proven efficiency and durability reaching the most stringent emission requirements for over two decades. For gas engine catalysts Ecocat has been a technology leader for almost a decade. These catalysts are used in both vehicle and stationary industrial applications.  
  Ecom America, Ltd.  
  ECOM America Ltd., the Industry Leader in portable emission analyzers offers a wide range of instruments used in a variety of ways; most commonly, flue gas monitoring of liquid and gas fired combustion systems such as reciprocating diesel and natural gas engines and turbines used for power generation and gas compression, steam process boilers, and some mobile diesel engine applications.  
  Emissions Technology, Inc.  
  Emissions Technology, Inc. is an industry-leading manufacturer of Combustion Catalyst Systems (CCS) designed to make legacy (older, non compliant) diesel equipment regulatory compliant.  We do this by dramatically reducing the amount of harmful emissions produced by off road diesel engines.  Our technology not only reduces emissions, but also rewards diesel fleet owners with the added benefit of decreased fuel consumption and increased engine longevity.   
  EnerTeck Corporation  
  EnerTeck Corporation develops, acquires and manufactures combustion enhancement, emission reduction and other performance improvement technologies for the heavy duty transportation industry. EnerTeck's flagship product, EnerBurn™, is a diesel fuel specific combustion catalyst, delivered to the engine via the diesel fuel, to improve the combustion rate of the fuel.  
  Engine Control Systems  
  Engine Control Systems is a leading environmental applications engineering and manufacturer of a full range of verified exhaust emissions control solutions. Globally, we offer a full range of products for OEM, Aftermarket and retrofit markets for the reduction of exhaust emissions of on-road, off-road and stationary diesel, gasoline and alternative fuel engines including propane and natural gas.  
  ESW Inc.  
  The ESW Group of Companies currently manufactures and markets a diverse line of proprietary catalytic emission conversion, control and support products and technologies for the International Transportation, Construction and Utility markets. These products are designed for a myriad of diesel, gasoline/petrol and alternative fueled engine applications. ESW also operates "Air Testing Services", an engine emissions testing, certification and verification facility through its subsidiary in PA recognized by EPA/CARB as capable of performing engine emissions verification test protocols.   
  As environment and health issues become more and more important, efforts to find solutions for reducing pollution rates play a major role in modern times. HUSS, LLC has its mother company located in Germany, where it is known, as well as in the European market, as a specialist in the diesel engines exhaust gases aftertreatment.  
  Hy-Drive Technologies Ltd.  
  Hy-Drive Technologies Ltd. is a hydrogen-based energy and power technology firm that has developed a patented Hydrogen Generating System (HGS). The HGS generates, on-demand, and injects small amounts of hydrogen gas into the combustion chamber of a regular internal combustion engine creating an enriched air mixture and a more complete and faster burn of the air-fuel mixture. The result is reduced emissions and improved fuel efficiency and torque.  
  Mining Diesel Emissions Council  
The Mining Diesel Emissions Conference is a forum dedicated to the improvement of air quality in underground mines and protection of diesel operators.  
  Nanostellar Inc.  
  Nanostellar, Inc. uses a unique nanotechnology methodology to develop precious-metals containing materials for the automotive and stationary power industries, enabling these industries to meet stringent diesel emissions-control requirements mandated in Europe, the U.S. and Asia. The company delivers nano-engineered catalyst materials that reduce exhaust emissions and increase effectiveness of precious metals in these catalysts by 25%-30%. Nanostellar's Rational Catalyst Design methodology combines computation materials science, novel synthesis and chemical engineering to aid in the rapid development of new materials.  
  Nett Technologies, Inc.  
  Nett Technologies is an environmental company specializing in exhaust pollution control products for internal combustion engines. We manufacture catalytic converters, catalytic mufflers, diesel particulate filters, and other emission controls for diesel, LPG, natural gas and gasoline engines. Nett also performs exhaust emissions analysis and verification in our engine emission test laboratory.  Our major markets include materials handling, construction, underground mining, as well as urban buses, municipal trucks, and stationary engine applications.  
  Notox A/S  
  Unmatched durability and an extraordinary PM and Ultrafines reduction of 99.8% are some of the distinguishing features of the Notox Silicon Carbide Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) - making Silicon Carbide our specialty.  
  Proventia Group  
  Proventia Group is an international environmental technology group whose products reduce the harmful impact on the environment caused by industrial and other activities. We develop solutions to control the emissions of engines and power plants, and production and recycling technologies to make production processes more efficient.  
  Renewable Energy Group  
  Renewable Energy Group, Inc. (REG) is the market leader in production and sales of the most promising renewable energy – biodiesel. Strategic agreements with key partners have given Renewable Energy Group, Inc. the ability to lead in the planning, construction, administration and distribution of new biodiesel plants and the resources to create and market an overwhelming majority of biodiesel in the U.S.  
  Silex Innovations Inc.  
  Silex specializes in the design, manufacture and supply of an increasing number of products for use in industrial applications leading to a quieter life. Products include industrial silencers, emission control products, insulation blankets, connectors, expansion bellows and exhaust accessories.  
  The Combustion Catalyst System product is an innovative exhaust emissions reduction solution for internal combustion engines. The Combustion Catalyst System achieves low emissions levels and improved engine performance due to a more complete combustion where it offers the most benefit, in the combustion chamber.