Exploration Drilling Contractors


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  AK Drilling, Inc.  
  Our drilling work has taken us to some of the most active minerals exploration areas in the American West as well as throughout South America, most recently in Peru.  
  Aqua Drilling & Grouting Pty Ltd  
Aqua Drilling specialises in environmental drilling, geotechnical drilling, mineral exploration, water bores, methane drilling and borehole grouting.  
  Barber Drilling  
  Barber Drilling is a well known and highly respected drilling company throughout Western Australia.  Perth based, Barber Drilling is always looking to the future and prides itself on professionalism and the drive to build up resources to meet the ever increasing demands of its customers.  
  Boart Longyear  
  Boart Longyear is a trusted partner and global leader in providing world-class drilling services and products to our customers. But it's more than that. We do something no one else can do.  Our unique ability to manufacture and deliver any combination of consumables, capital equipment and expertise direct to our customers in any corner of the world puts us in a class of our own.  
  Bradley Bros. Limited  
  Bradley Bros. Limited provides personalized diamond drilling contractual services to the mining industry with the help of exceptionally qualified field workers and office employees, throughout the world.   
  Cabo Drilling Corp.  
  Cabo Drilling Corp. is a mineral and specialty drilling services provider headquartered in North Vancouver, British Columbia. With operations across Canada, Cabo’s growth within the mineral and specialty drilling services sector means improved services, technical capability and geo-graphical reach for its customers.  
  Capital Drilling Ltd.  
  Capital Drilling is a drilling services company that provides exploration, development and grade control drilling services to mineral exploration and mining companies throughout Africa, the Middle East and Asia. The Company currently operates a fleet of 50 drilling rigs.  
  Connors Drilling LLC  
  Connors Drilling, LLC is a privately owned, independent contractor providing drilling services to the mining industry throughout the Western United States, Alaska, and Australia. The company provides surface and underground diamond drilling, and underground Reverse Circulation drilling.  
  Diversified Drilling, LLC  
Since 1982, Diversified Drilling, LLC (Diversified) has provided exploration drilling services to the mining, mineral and energy industries.  
  Drillcon AB  
  Drillcon have been in the diamond core drilling business since the early 1960:ies. Through the years we have developed a high degree of competence through projects on the Nordic markets and in several countries around the world.  
  Eklund Drilling Company  
  Innovative thinking, coupled with an industrious work ethic, gave Eklund the foundation to grow into North America's largest independently-owned reverse circulation drilling company.  
  Energold Drilling Corp.  
  Energold Drilling Corp. is a contract diamond driller servicing the mining industry. Throughout its operations in the developing world, Energold emphasizes an environmentally and socially sensitive approach to drilling.  
  Forages M. Rouillier Drilling Inc.  
  It has been three generations since the family made its beginning in the field of surface diamond drilling. In the 80s that the family decided to build its own enterprise, M. Rouillier Drilling Inc. The company is now a leader in surface and underground diamond drilling for the mining industry and specializes in deep, wedge and overburden drilling.  
  G&O Diamond Drilling Contractors Ltd.  
  G&O Diamond Drilling Contractors Ltd. is an innovative diamond drilling company located in Alberta, Canada. With over 40 years of experience in mining & exploration, our equipment and crews have drilled at sites across North America.  
  Heath & Sherwood Drilling Inc.  
  Through its ability to respond to the needs of the mining and exploration industry with leading edge technology and expertise, H&S has created a niche for itself in the industry. Specialization, innovation and expertise have been balanced to harmoniously to make H&S the natural choice among miners and explorers.  
  Hy-Tech Drilling Ltd.  
  Our team of experienced, dedicated specialists work with clients to make certain their objectives are met. We ensure a safe worksite through drug testing, a work safe training program, and weekly safety meetings.  
  Kati Oy  
  Efficiency, reliability and quality are associated with the name Kati Oy. Our aim is to provide customers with a comprehensive service, where the customer is assured of the quality, efficiency and schedule of the service.  Our customers in Nordic countries consist of various major and junior exploration and mining companies, the dimensional stone industry, environmental research institutes, power companies, Geological Survey of Finland, municipalities and other public-sector organisations.  
  Kettle Drilling Inc.  
  Kettle Drilling, Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Timberline Resources, Inc. Founded in 1996 and located in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, Kettle Drilling, Inc. is the driller of choice for clients looking to extract maximum returns on their exploration and drilling investments. As one of the nations most proficient drilling companies, Kettle Drilling, Inc. is built on a heritage of safety, drilling excellence, industry knowledge and world-class technical expertise.  
  Lantech Drilling Services Inc.  
  The company offers specialized services to mining or mineral exploration companies, to engineering and environmental consultant firms, private industries, petroleum companies and government agencies. We employ both multi-purpose and diamond core drill rigs, in a number of configurations, to construct boreholes and to extract water, ground and rock samples under the direction and supervision of our clients.  
  Layne Christensen Company  
  Layne Christensen’s Mineral Exploration Division provides a complete range of drilling services for the mineral exploration industry.  Our aboveground and underground drilling activities include all phases of core drilling, diamond, reverse circulation, dual tube, hammer and rotary airblast methods.  
  Major Drilling Group International Inc.  
  Based in Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada, Major Drilling Group International Inc. is one of the world's largest drilling service companies serving the mining industry. To support its customers' varied drilling requirements, Major Drilling maintains field operations and offices in Canada, the United States, South and Central America, Asia, Africa and Australia. Major Drilling provides all types of drilling services including surface and underground coring, directional, reverse circulation, RAB, geotechnical, and environmental drilling.   
  Norex Drilling  
  Norex Drilling performs surface and underground exploration drilling services for clients in both North and South America.  Norex Drilling provides safe, efficient and productive exploration drilling services to completely satisfy the needs of our clients.  
  Orbit Garant Drilling  
  Orbit Garant Drilling is a Canadian-based mining services company that provides diamond drilling for underground and surface exploration. With almost 500 employees and 120 drills the Company boasts an impressive list of top-tier and junior mining clients and operates across Canada, the United States, Mexico, Guyana, Suriname and Ecuador.  Orbit Garant Drilling, through its subsidiary Soudure Royale, manufactures its own drills, providing the company with a guaranteed supply of high-quality, innovative rigs to address a broad range of client requirements.  
  Progressive Diamond Drilling, INC.  
  Since its incorporation Progressive has professionally handled many projects with focal points in underground services ranging from definition and exploration drilling programs, control bore holes, high volume/high pressure grouting, paste backfill distribution systems, and stope dewatering programs.  Progressive believes in using State of the art equipment to improve reliability and efficiency. These factors directly translate into reduced cost per foot drilled therefore resulting in savings for the client.  
  REI Drilling, Inc.  
  REI Drilling, Inc. was established in 1981 to provide Drilling services to Resource Enterprises, Inc.'s Commercial underground coalbed methane recovery Project performed, in cooperation with the Soldier Canyon Mine in Carbon County, Utah. Since that time, REI Drilling, Inc. has provided contract directional drilling Services to the underground and surface coal mining Industry.  
  Ruen Drilling Inc.  
  Ruen Drilling continues to adapt to new techniques in drilling and sampling procedures. Over the last several years, Ruen Drilling has invested heavily in specialty drill rigs and related tooling. These additions enable Ruen Drilling to be well equipped for the unique projects that it prides itself in handling for the mining and geotechnical industries.  
  Sides Drilling Contractors Pty Ltd  
  The company's mission overall is to provide energy (oil & gas, geothermal, coal bed methane, and other green energy), mining and infrastructure companies with an innovative, high quality, safe and responsible solution for their drilling and marine related projects.  The products and services the company will provide will be diamond, air and mud vertical drilling both onshore, near-shore and offshore.  
  Sonic Drilling Ltd.  
  Sonic Drilling Ltd.pioneered the introduction of the sonic drill, adapting it to fit numerous applications over the years.Today, the company remains the industry leader in the development and use of this patented state-of-the-art technology and equipment.  
  Spektra Jeotek AS  
  Spektra Jeotek AS (Spektra) is a Turkish Drilling Company, based and registered in Ankara, having a registered Branch Office in Tehran-Iran, Karachi-Pakistan and local company in Serbia(Spektra drilling doo).  
  Stewart Brothers Drilling Co.  
  We specialize in mud-rotary exploration drilling in the water and mineral exploration field, and air-rotary casing hammer drilling and hollow stem auger drilling in the environmental field.  
  Target Drilling Inc.  
  Target Drilling Applications:   Surface To In-Seam CBM/CMM Wells or Shallow  Conventional Gas Recovery,  In-Mine Degasification - Short and Longholes; Adjacent Strata  Old Works Verification – In-Mine and Surface Outcrop, Water Drainholes – In-Seam and Adjacent Strata, Exploration – Delineate Adverse Coal Geology Prior to Mining.  
  WDC Exploration & Wells  
  WDC has continued to drill large water supply wells and service the water supply industry while also expanding into the environmental, geotechnical, mining, energy and construction sectors.  A company based on the traditions of hard work, integrity and client service.  
  West-Core Drilling  
  West-Core Drilling has positioned itself to be the natural choice for exploration projects. Through innovation and experience we have modern equipment and techniques that guarantee productivity, and have developed an infrastructure capable of fulfilling contract requirements, regardless of the challenge.  West-Core Drilling is headquartered in Elko, Nevada, the heart of America's gold mining industry.  We are able to travel to your project, and are currently working on projects throughout the western United States and Canada.