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  Argonics, Inc.  
  Argonics formulates a variety of proprietary performance-based polyurethane materials and services to specifically meet the needs of industrial applications around the globe. As a leader in the concrete, aggregate, agriculture and mining industries, Argonics is known as the solutions provider to all of these industries' hard-to-solve wear problems. Utilizing its seasoned team of engineers, technicians, tooling machinists, fabricators and production staff, Argonics will tackle your wear problems from concept and design, to solution intregration and delivery.  
  Asgco Manufacturing  
  ASGCO MANUFACTURING, headquartered in Allentown, PA is a leading manufacturer and service provider of proprietary bulk conveyor components and accessories that provide solutions that increase productivity for conveyor bulk material handling applications.  
  Belt Maintenance Group  
We have earned and maintained a solid reputation for providing timely, expert workmanship in belt and conveyor related maintenance.  
  Beltservice Corporation Beltwall Div.  
  Beltservice offers an inventory of over 300 conveyor belts and conveyor belting specifications. Our 7 facilities are strategically located to guarantee the industry's widest line of fabricated conveyor belts and conveyor belting products. Whether you are looking for belting products or conveyor belts you will receive unmatched service from our sales professionals and manufacturing experts.  
  Brelko Conveyor Products Inc.  
  BRELKO specialises in, and is dedicated to the development, production and marketing of an exclusive range of products for the bulk materials handling industry followed by a complete installation and maintenance service including a twenty four hour call out service. BRELKO products are primarily intended to assist in the control of spillage, carryback and dust, as well as promoting trouble free flow of material at belt conveyor transfer and load points. BRELKO is accredited with ISO 9001 certification - your assurance of the best quality.  
  Cambelt International Corporation  
Cambelt International manufactures a wide variety of material handling equipment and specialty belts.  
  Classic Conveyor Corporation  
  Classic Conveyor Components designs, manufactures, installs, and maintains a diverse line of conveyor components for mining and material handling industries. We can provide you with diversified products that enhance, improve, and prolong conveyor performance from the head of the conveyor to the tail.  
  COBRA America LLC  
  COBRA offers a wide variety of specialized products and services for conveyor systems used by the bulk material handling industry, such as conveyor belts, mechanical fasteners, special glues for belt jointing, rubber and ceramic lagging for pulleys, and belt cleaners.  
  Continental Conveyor & Equipment Co.  
  As the nation's largest manufacturer and distributor of bulk material conveyor systems, Continental Conveyor has pioneered the development and application of belt conveyors for bulk material handling for decades.  Backed by the global resources and technical expertise of the Continental Global Group, Continental has demonstrated unparalleled expertise in the design, manufacture, installation and supply of conveyor systems and conveyor components for critical conveying projects nationwide.  
  ContiTech Conveyor Belt Company  
Special-purpose conveyor belts and products as creative problem solutions for various conveying tasks in machine construction.  
  Conveyor Components Company  
  Conveyor Components Company, established in 1965, is world renown for quality engineered products at economical prices. Bulk material handing customers and processing industries have come to depend on Conveyor Components Company as a manufacturer of conveyor controls, motion controls, level controls, bin aerators, and conveyor belt cleaners.  
  Conveyor Equipment Manufacturers Association  
  CEMA aspires to be the Industry Association representing the leading North American manufacturers and designers of conveyor equipment systems and accessories. CEMA seeks to continue to be considered the resource for conveyor safety dimensional and application standards. CEMA actively promotes the capabilities of its members worldwide.  
  Conveyor Services  
  Conveyor Services Corporation designs, installs, and maintains conveyor systems for the material handling industry in the United States and Canada. As a full-service conveyor service organization, we provide conveyor belt vulcanize splicing, pulley lagging, new and used conveyor belting, and conveyor idlers and structure.  
  Douglas Manufacturing  
  At Douglas we are totally committed to helping you reach your production goals. Our complete line of pulleys, idlers and conveyor components is the largest in our industry and is sure to provide the solution you need for your plant. We are professionals working every day to help you succeed.  
  Edwin Lowe Ltd.  
  Edwin Lowe Ltd is the only specialist UK manufacturer of pressed steel bearing housings for heavy duty welded steel conveyor idlers and belt conveyor systems. They have also introduced new technology to the industry, set to revolutionise idler manufacturing techniques  - namely, prefabricated bearing housing cartridges. These contain bearings, seals, grease etc - all locked within the steel bearing housing.  
  ELLTON Conveyors  
  ELLTON Conveyors provides products and services in bulk handling belt conveyors and associated equipment.  Agreements are held with a number of strategic national and international partners to provide a one stop shop solution for the engineering, supply and construction of belt conveyors.  
  Fenner Dunlop Americas  
  FENNER DUNLOP is committed to excellence with conveyor belting as our core business. Through value creation and margin protection programs, we create cost savings for our customers. We exhibit the highest professional standards and safety practices through education, support and service.  
Companies around the world rely on Flexco for belt conveyor fasteners and maintenance solutions that help maximize conveyor uptime, productivity and safety.  
  Goodman Conveyor Company  
  Goodman Conveyor Company is recognized as a leading designer and manufacturer of high quality Bulk Conveyor Equipment, Belt Conveyor Components and Underground Belt Conveyor Structure. Going back to our beginnings as Jeffrey Manufacturing in 1879, we continue to supply the highest quality and most innovative bulk material handling products that are available in the marketplace.  
  Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company  
When a heavyweight conveyor belt from Goodyear Engineered Products is on the job, you know you¹re getting the lowest cost-per-ton conveyed.  
  Hewitt-Robins Conveyor Components  
  Hewitt-Robins offers a line of field-tested conveying equipment, and supplies high quality idlers, pulleys and other critical conveying equipment built to exacting CEMA specifications.  Our experience shows in every product we build. Precisely engineered components, exceptional durability, and demonstrated reliability for over 100 years.  And products are available when you need them, where you need them from hundreds of authorized distributor locations throughout the USA and Canada.  
  Holywell Engineering Ltd  
  The Rotating Belt-Cleaners supplied by Holywell Engineering Ltd are simple, efficient and economic. Installed quickly and simply they clean all belts thoroughly with no maintenance between blade changes.  
  Imperial Technologies Inc.  
  Imperial Technologies, Inc. designs and provides high-quality products and services for handling, preparing and transporting bulk materials.  Systems range from simple conveyors to integrated, complex, custom-engineered systems for bulk materials transport using the most innovative, up-to-date solutions.  In addition to unique equipment such as the Multi-Fold Conveyor, the Flexi-Cleat Conveyor, and the Accelerator, Imperial also provides standard overland conveyors, sidewall conveyors, radial and fixed stackers, and a variety of bulk materials handling equipment and services.  
  Innoveyor Inc.  
YeloRoll ® Conveyor Rollers provide industry the ideal conveyor belt idler solution reducing operating costs, lower noise levels and increasing up time for maintenance.  
  Jim Way Enterprise Co., LTD.  
  Jim Way, established in 1980, is a professional belt conveyor accessories manufacturer major in Idlers, Pulley & Lagging, Primary Self-Adjusting Type Belt Cleaner, Secondary Self-Adjusting Type Belt Cleaner, Impact Bed and Impact Bar under chute, Multiply Skirt Rubber, and Wear-resistance Lining Products.  
  Lewis-Goetz and Co., Inc.  
  Lewis-Goetz and Company, Inc. offers a complete line of hose, conveyor belting, gaskets and packing and accessories, all of which are underwritten by our ability to fabricate these products in-house to insure on-time delivery.  We have one of the largest rubber product inventories in North America, and our highly trained staff is standing by to assist you in engineering all of your rubber product requirements.  
  Luff Industries Ltd.  
  Luff Industries Ltd., manufactures quality conveyor components, including Idlers with patented polymer endcaps with an industry leading rim thickness, to an International market. Using Luff components, companies have been increasing the performance of their conveyor systems for over 28 years.  
  Marco Solutions  
  As a leading innovator in the conveyor industry, the Marco name is synonomous with quality and durablity. Over our 70 year history we have built conveyors for use around the world while helping our client partners find solutions where no other conveyor manufacturer could.  
  Martin Engineering  
Martin Engineering makes your bulk material handling cleaner, safer and more productive through personalized performance.  
  Metso Stephens-Adamson  
  At Stephens-Adamson we learned a long time ago that our customers need involvement, responsiveness, credibility and follow-through. That is the reason why, no matter how much we grow or how technically advanced we become, the main focus of Stephens-Adamson continues to be on customer service.For more than a century Stephens-Adamson has been known for providing only the highest quality components in the conveying industry.  
  Mill Supply Corp.  
  Mill Supply Corporation opened its doors to our customers on January 1, 1946, as a full line distributor of power transmission, bearing, and industrial rubber products. Mill Supply Corporation is known for providing quality products and excellent services to our customers. With 5 branches in Oregon, we are strategically positioned to take care of our local customers as well as our larger regional and national customers.  
  Overland Conveyor Co., Inc.  
  OCC started in the field of belt conveyors and belt conveyors remain its prime focus.  OCC expertise extends into all aspects of belt conveyors starting with Feasibility Studies and ending with Field Services including failure analysis.  But first and foremost, OCC design services are recognized internationally when the toughest projects and most advanced applications require the unique combination of experience and expertise.  
  Parramatta Group  
  Offering a range of innovative solutions to the bulk materials handling industry. Used successfully in Australia for decades, Parramatta's Controlled Flow Material Transfer System™, CFMTS®, is the globally proven solution to excessive dust, spillage, plugging, downtime, belt wear and combustion dangers. Parramatta's ProV™ High Performance Belt Cleaners are designed especially for the high-cycle, high-speed vulcanized beltlines used in coal-fired power generation plants, load-out facilities and coal preparation plants.  
  PHOENIX Conveyor Belt Systems GmbH  
  PHOENIX Conveyor Belt Systems GmbH has produced significant advancements in conveyor belt design, which include world records such as the strongest belts, both textile and steel cord, the steepest overland, and the world's heaviest belt, to name a few.  PHOENIX serves the worldwide bulk handling industry from international production facilities with textile and steel cord conveyor belts. Technological achievements such as the PHOENOTEC® active belt protection system in combination with more than 100 years of experience in conveyor belt production make PHOENIX conveyor belts the first choice for highest reliability and efficiency.  
  Pillar Innovations, LLC  
  Belt Vision Inspection System.  This patent pending product monitors your conveyance system for mechanical splice deterioration while in operation. Cameras located above the belt (typically on the return side) provide continuous imaging of the belt and splices. A computer located at the belt or on a remote desktop monitors and records digital images. Review historical images to manage your splice downtime. Downtime due to mechanical splice failure can be virtually eliminated through this system.  
  Pioneer Conveyor  
  Pioneer Conveyor is a leading Manufacturer of bulk material handling conveyor systems serving customers throughout the world. Pioneer manufactures CEMA B,C,D, and E conveyor products in standard and custom belt widths.  
  Precision Pulley & Idler  
  Precision Pulley & Idler is a World-Class Producer of Conveyor Components. Our innovations lead the industry in solving customer problems, i.e. EZ-Mount, EZ-Lag, E-Wing, Smart Roll™, PFEA, IP-Life, P10™, TIS (True Impact System), PHYD (Hydraulic TUF), RetroHyd-PCP, Retro Roll®, Roll Guard, RRG, Variable Mount CIT, BeltSaver™, FasLag®, HD FasLag®, LXT®, and totally computer integrated quotation, design and manufacturing.  
  Precismeca Limited  
  Precismeca Limited, from Nisku, now supplies replacement standard and custom designed conveyor idlers, motorized pulleys and structure to many customers and projects in North and South America.  
  R.A.S. Industries Ltd.  
  R.A.S. Industries Ltd. is a global leader in the design and manufacture of conveyor pulleys, sprockets, and other conveyor components. Our products are the critical components in conveying systems used in mining, forestry, and other material handling applications. Our technical expertise allows us to analyze, solve and correct any problems or failures in conveying systems, quickly and permanently.  
  Ram Enterprise Inc.  
  Our mission is simple: we provide the highest quality products and services available in the industry today.  We fulfill our mission by hiring and retaining the most experienced staff and by offering the highest quality conveyor system components.  
  Rapat Corporation  
  Our product lines include conveyors of nearly every type and scope, along with bucket elevators, distributors and every related accessory to make a complete, integrated bulk material handling system.  
  RCT Servicos de Vulcanizacao  
  RCT specializes in splices, reconditioning as well as repairs of conveyor belts, ceramic and rubber lagging of pulleys, scanning system check belt.  We are also licensed distributors of Linatex and Goodyear products.  
  Rema Tip Top North America, Inc.  
  Located in over 170 countries throughout the world, Rema Tip Top is the leader in abrasion and corrosion resistance products, conveyor belt repair, belt splicing and pulley lagging. Our materials continually set the benchmark for performance.  
  Richwood, a West Virginia corporation, was founded in 1976. Richwood designs and manufactures products for the material handling industry. Our goal is to provide solutions to our customer's toughest problems. From conveyor belt cleaning, protection, sealing and pulley lagging, Richwood saves customers time and money by providing reliable products backed by exceptional service.  
  Rulmeca Corporation  
  Rulmeca Motorized Pulleys were first produced in 1953 to offer conveyor belt operators and designers a compact, hermetically sealed, highly efficient conveyor belt drive.  The Rulmeca Motorized Pulley is quick and simple to install and requires almost no maintenance.  This conveyor belt drive resists the effects of abrasive dust, water, oil, grease, and many other harmful substances.  
  SEW-Eurodrive Inc.  
  From drives powering heavy-duty conveyors and lifts to feeding, sorting and industrial cleaning - SEW drive engineering specialists offer solutions & expertise for virtually any bulk material handling challenge. This expertise, developed over thousands of solutions and over 75 years serving mining and construction material manufacturers around the world, enables SEW to deliver innovative solutions that reduce costs and help our customers stay competitive.  
  Shaw-Almex Industries Ltd.  
Shaw-Almex provides state-of-the-art vulcanizing equipment technology, services and expertise to a diverse range of industries world-wide.  
  SIGMA S.A.  
  Discharging-rising belt-chain conveyor is an element of technological system for wastes processing. Conveyor is equipped with electrical drive with speed setting opportunity.  Belt-chain conveyor is used for transport of wastes between place of unloading and next device in technological system e. g. press or shredder.  Wastes are unloaded into discharging basket under the level of ground. Discharging can be realized by loaders or are transporting devices. To transport wastes plane belt with steel thresholds  is used. Chute of conveyor is equipped with shields preventing wastes from getting out of discharging zone.  
  Superior Industries  
  Superior builds the longest, road portable TeleStacker Conveyor. Other products with patents include the PowerStacker® Conveyor that will go between operation mode to road travel mode in minutes as well as a RazerTail™ truck unloader that eliminates multiple handling of the material with a loader.  
  Tega Industries Ltd.  
  Most mineral processing or ore dressing plants find use for a wide range of Tega products starting from the lining. This comprises rubber and PM lining for the SAG and AG mill, rubber and PM lining for Ball mills and Rod mills and rubber lining for tertiary mills; pumps, hydrocyclones, rubber and polyurethane screen decks for the screening plant, rubber, polyurethane and Elastocer liners for the chutes, hoppers, bunkers; conveyor components like Spillex, impact pads, scrapers for their conveying system and Flotation Cell parts like Impeller and Diffuser for the flotation machine.  
  Thermo-Tech Heating Devices  
  The ultimate heating and conveyor belt deicing system! Thermo-Tech Heating Devices will solve all of your conveyor belt deicing and conveyor belt heating needs.  Please call for a copy of the MSHA Investigative Report on the Thermo-Tech Heating Devices, Inc. Belt Deicing Systems.  
  Transco Ind.  
  At Transco, we keep a large inventory of power transmission products including belts, conveyor belting, hose, engineered products, motors, drives, sheaves, pulleys, couplings, bearings, and specialty rubber products.  This inventory is maintained not only to furnish the needed components for the products we manufacture, but to supply you with one of the largest and complete selections of these maintenance and replacement products.  We have 24 hour field service, including belt repair and installations, as well as mechanical services of all types.  Thus, Transco is not only your source for material handling systems, custom machinery and fabrication of superb quality and lasting durability, but also your guaranteed solution to down time.  
  U.S. Rubber Corporation  
  U.S. Rubber Corp. has become one of the leading suppliers of quality rubber belt in the United State serving a variety of industries including aggregate, mining, cement, power utility projects, etc. We export belts worldwide from British Columbia (Canada) to Santiago de Chile, and from Hawaii to Uzbekistan (Russia). Our affiliate company has been in the rubber industry for over half a century with expertise in the manufacture of tires, hose, v-belting and much more.