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  Active Control Technology Inc.  
ActiveMine™ is ACT’s new fully-integrated, 100% wireless communications and locating technology for extreme environments including underground coal mines.  
  AFL Telecommunications  
  We manufacture, engineer and install the fiber optic products and equipment that communications providers need to provide high-speed voice, video and data services to their customers. Our extensive experience in both design and application crosses all markets, from Telco, Broadband and Wireless, to Electric Utility, OEM, Enterprise and Private Networks.  
  Anchises Technology Co., LTD.  
  Anchises Technology Co., Ltd. is the exclusive agent of the FLEXCOM System product line in China. The FLEXCOM System is an integrated mine wide communication system which is developed by Mine Radio Systems Inc. of Canada. The system, composed of five modules (Flexcom, Flexdata, Flextag, Flexvideo, Flexalert), adapts to any underground tunnel and building formation and has gained an IS approval on all coal mines in China.  
  Applied Mining Technologies.  
  Applied Mining Technologies is a technology transfer company specialising in the application and development of high accuracy navigation systems, automated mining methods, and communications systems for the Australian and international coal mining industry.  
  Austdac Pty. Ltd.  
  Austdac Pty Limited is engaged in the design, manufacture, servicing and supply of communication, gas monitoring, intrinsically safe lighting and conveyor control equipment for use in coal mines and general industry.  
  Becker Mining Systems  
  Smartcom enables the transmission of radio waves within the entire mine. The best possibility for this is the use of a transmission cable knows as a leaky feeder cable. This coaxial cable also transmits radio waves to the environment through the specially prepared screen.  This radio technology is naturally not only used for voice transmission.  It is also the ideal transmission medium to transmit wide-spread data and video signals.  After successful ATEX certification, the BeckerCom leaky feeder system is also available for the use in mines at risk of firedamp. Modern radio technology can thus now also be found in bituminous coal mining.  
  CapRock Communications, Inc.  
  CapRock delivers satellite-based communications to businesses operating in the world's harshest and most remote locations. The company's solutions enable customers within the oil and gas, commercial shipping, government services, engineering and construction, maritime, mining and disaster recovery markets to connect their remote sites with broadband Internet, Voice over IP, corporate networking, and real-time video and data.  
  Comtrol International  
  Comtrol International is recognized as a major designer and manufacturer of industrial communication and control systems for more than a quarter century.  Our products are used in power generation plants, steel mills, chemical plants, paper mills, and the mining industry where rugged and reliable communication systems are necessary.  
  CON-SPACE Communications  
  We are the industry leader in the manufacture and sale of Two-way Voice Communication products for Confined Space and other Hazardous Work Environments. Our reputation is well known throughout the Rescue industry and ourproducts can be found in over 1,200 Rescue Teams just in North America alone.  
  Gamma Services International, Inc.  
  Use of the TramGuard™ Proximity Detection System that was recently certified by MSHA can provide tracking of miners and communications Through-The-Earth to help save trapped miners during mine emergencies. Development of a Proximity Detection System has been the top priority safety initiative at MSHA during the last three years.  Now that miner tracking and communications during mine emergencies has also become a high priority, the TramGuard™ system can be used to accomplish multiple high priority objectives.  
  Global Security & Engineering Solutions  
  The L-3 Mine Safety Department (L-3 MSD) is L-3 Communication’s lead organization for the exploration and development of coal mine safety programs. At the current time, L-3 MSD is developing on two Federally-funded advanced research and development programs which are designed to help enhance the safety of coal mine operations in the United States. These programs consist of a Wireless Mesh peer-to-peer mine communications system and an ultra wideband (UWB)-based, real-time Location Tracking system.  
  Grace Industries Inc.  
  With its revolutionary spread-spectrum radio technology, the Grace Employee Monitoring System (GEM System™) provides instant and continuous safety monitoring of personnel. If an employee becomes incapacitated, a personalized distress signal is transmitted automatically, identifying, by name, the person in trouble. The GEM System™ allows one person to effectively monitor the status of hundreds of employees, in a number of areas and/or large groups. GEMS™ is the LINK TO SAFETY!!  
  Helicomm's safety solutions allow the incident commander to monitor the location of all first responders in a building or underground, and can provide telemetry information for each responder.  Of particular importance, the mining industry, which constantly faces safety challenges, has been mandated to propose mine-specific emergency response plans that incorporate wireless technology provisions to enhance mine safety.  Along with an international systems integration partner, Helicomm's mining solution is a logistics and safety solution specifically for mine operators. Using wireless technology, Helicomm's mining solution provides real-time monitoring and physical location tracking of miners and assets in underground mines, where reliability, network capacity, low-power drain and ease of installation are all requirements.  
  Hirschmann Automation and Control  
  As a specialist in automation and networking systems, Hirschmann Automation and Control offers a complete, integrated structure for data communication throughout the company.  
  HLS Hard-Line Solutions, Inc.  
  A mine wide approach to communication (data, voice, video).. Everything s linked together over a standards-based wireless network which provides the foundation for productivity reporting, automated process control, downtime reconciliation, immediate resource dispatch, etc. this system is light years ahead of he competition. Customers asked for a system with many more abilities and HARD-LINE delivered.  
  Hose-McCann Communications  
  Hose-McCann Communications is a leading supplier of industrial communications systems, providing solutions to construction, manufacturing and processing plants, utilities and underground to name a few. Our engineers will work with you to design a complete, customized communications system whether you need a failsafe Voice Powered System™, Dial Telephone Switchboard, Public Address/ Alarm, Intercom, or a combination. Hose-McCann can provide wireless cabled, IP or satellite fed options.  
  Identec Solutions  
  IDENTEC SOLUTIONS is the leader in intelligent wireless identification technology.  IDENTEC SOLUTIONS’ patented RFID technology and products are utilized by some of the world’s largest companies to facilitate and better manage critical processes or to aid in the tracking of valuable assets in a completely reliable and secure manner.  
  IP Access International  
  IP Access International is a global business satellite Internet, voice, data as well as video over satellite provider of fixed and mobile satellite solutions to businesses worldwide. Our commercial satellite services include Broadband Internet Access, 2 way satellite Internet, plus high speed Internet via satellite.  
  ITC Global  
  ITC Global plans, designs, and implements communication networks for medium sized and large businesses by converging satellite and IP technology in anyplace at any time. Our extreme flexibility, outstanding quality, and in-country presence allows us to meet the networking and communication needs of our customers in the most difficult and inaccessible locations.  
LOGIMINE is a mine management specialist providing total plant management and vehicle tracking solutions to open cast mines and quarries throughout the world.  
  Meshdynamics, Inc.  
  Mines and industrial sites are becoming increasingly more networked. Emerging safety requirements in the US and internationally, demand real-time wireless communications for voice and data. These new applications create expectations of high performance over many hops. Underground mine demonstrations indicated VOIP phone connectivity over 14 hops confirming that MD4000 mesh products provide robust data and voice connectivity over multiple hops needed in the tunnels of underground mines. MD4000 nodes also incorporate Intrinsic safe technologies for underground mining environments.  
  There's no doubt effective communications plays a major role in mining and tunnelling operations.  Minecom has been delivering latest-technology solutions providing communications, tracking and automation for mining for nearly 20 years, via an experienced sales team and international network of reputable channel partners. Our commitment starts with listening to your requirements, then developing a solution using our many years of mining experience, before engineering a system using leading name components and best-practice manufacturing processes.  
  Mine Radio Systems Inc.  
  Whether it is through the implementation of two-way voice and video communications, automated equipment control, high-speed data transfer, underground internet capability or emergency evacuation technology, our knowledge base and experience will assist in the evolution of your current system or the creation of a new customized solution based on your requirements. In addition, we offer complete system training and back all of our integrated solutions with around the clock support.  
  Mine Site Technologies  
  Mine Site Technologies is a solutions provider, specializing in the development and supply of technology, and services, to the mining industry. Our particular areas of expertise include underground communications, remote blasting systems, mine tagging & tracking systems and cap lamps; as well as high data surface networks for remote mining sites and open pit communications. Our core products are PED Through the Earth Communication - BlastPED - ImPact Digital WLAN - TRACKER Tagging - VDV Leaky Feeder Radio - ICCL Miners Cap Lamp.  
  MineTracer is an integrated wireless communication and tracking system designed specifically for use in underground mines. MineTracer was developed to address the Federal MINER Act of 2006 and West Virginia Rules for communication-tracking performance. Every component of the system infrastructure has been approved by MSHA for intrinsic safety.  
  Modular Mining Systems, Inc.  
  Our products are designed to integrate mine operations, both open cast and underground, in real-time by using the latest in communications, information, and GPS technology. These products allow mines to carefully manage all their assets at all times, and optimize the productivity of the entire mining cycle. This saves our clients millions of dollars every year and gives them the competitive edge in productivity.  
  NL Technologies Inc.  
  The innovative mine tunnel communication company, NL Technologies (NLT) has a history of industry “Firsts.” As the first manufacturer of cap lamp dry-cell battery technology, first miner cap lamp powered by a NiMH battery, the first high-quality LED mining light and recently the first cap lamp with LED and Li-Ion batteries that meets international lighting standards.  
  Optical Cable Corporation  
  Optical Cable Corporation pioneered the design and production of special tight-buffered cables for the most demanding military field applications in the early 1980s. At its ISO 9001:2000 registered facility in Roanoke, Virginia, the company manufactures a broad range of fiber optic cables for high bandwidth transmission of data, video, and audio communications over short to moderate distances.  
  Pyott-Boone Electronics  
  Pyott-Boone Electronics was established in 1972 to supply the coal mining industry with the most technologically advanced communication and monitoring systems available, and we are today acknowledged a leader in that industry.  
  Rajant Corporation  
  Rajant has developed an advanced technology that creates portable meshed wireless networks that can rapidly reconfigure and adapt in real-time. These standards-based wireless networks are highly mobile, self-configuring, and self-healing. Rajant has overcome some of the inherent complexities in wireless networking through the development of its BreadCrumb® Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) devices and its InstaMesh® software that runs on each BreadCrumb® device. Each BreadCrumb® can self-heal and auto-adjust to changing network conditions.  
  Schauenburg Flexadux Corp.  
  JOHNNY LIGHT, The World’s First Combination Radio/Cap Lamp System!!!  Safety Improvements:  • Reliable NiMH battery pack with stte of the art internal electronics ensures the lamp and radio perform well for up to 14 hours.  • Less weight on the miner’s belt reduces fatigue.  • Less chance of loss or damage to the radio means your staff can always be contacted.  • NiMH batter pack eliminates lead acid burns.  
  Stolar Horizon Inc.  
  The radio communications and tracking system (RadCAT) is a two-way radio system for use in both emergency and operational situations in underground coal mines.  A complete RadCAT system will provide two-way voice and text messaging communications among roving miners, mine rescue team members, and between a surface monitoring center and all underground personnel.  It also provides tracking capability for roving, trapped, and barricaded miners.  
  Subterracom Wireless Solutions  
  SubterraMine ™, a revolutionary 2-way wireless mine-safety and productivity solution, allows mine operators to locate, identify, monitor, and communicate (voice and text) with every miner and piece of equipment in a mine, right from an office PC, or from anywhere in the world with an Internet connection.  
  As Edison's Miner's Lamp brought a new benchmark of safety to the mining industry, we believe real-time, two-way data and voice communications through-the-earth is the right idea at the right time and will establish a new benchmark of safety for all sub-surface industries.  
  Tunnel Radio of America  
  Tunnel Radio of America® provides underground, two-way radio communication and tracking systems using world class technologies for superior range and crystal clear voice. We build and install mining and railroad tunnel wireless systems worldwide. We utilize Distributed Antenna Networks (DAS) and Leaky Feeder radiating cables. We integrate Motorola® Kenwood® and Icom America® radios over conventional networks or via IP.  We intgrate RoIP, Broadband, RF over Fiber Optic, RF over Fiber and Leaky Feeder technologies to meet any customer requirement.  
  Varis - Smart Underground Communications  
  Automation. Communication. Service.  That is what Varis delivers to mining and tunneling companies worldwide. Our success is a result of industry leading advancements in underground, wireless communication, the latest in resource tracking systems, remote blasting devices and global service capabilities.  
  Vital Alert Communications Inc.  
  VITAL ALERT COMMUNICATION INC. is a technology and IP licensing company in the mining, safety-rescue and wireless communications industry. We develop VLF low frequency communications technology into innovative products for the mining industry. The Company’s extensive research and development activities have resulted in the market readiness of its revolutionary “Through-The-Earth”, digital, wireless Emergency Broadcast Network (EBN) and “Canary” Mine Messenger System.  
  VUANCE Ltd.  
  Vuance Group (formerly SuperCom) develops and markets premier solutions for viewing, tracking, locating, credentialing and managing the assets and personnel that are critical to your business environment. The Group’s cutting edge offering includes access control, security, and incident management systems as well as RFID solutions for the public safety, commercial and government sectors.  
  Wholesale Mine Supply  
  WMS is your one source for all of your communication needs as the United States distributor for Varis Mine Technology and Becker Mining Systems. We at WMS have over 25 years of experience and we're the world's largest supplier of two-way underground communications systems.  Our product is a complete turnkey system from design to test and termination.