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  All One River GIS  
  Michele Murray is an exploration geologist and Treasurer of the Denver Mining Club. She lives in South Park, Colorado with huzbun, dogs, cats and horses. She is a freelance writer / artist ( for outdoors journals and recently for pro-mining venues, such as Her articles have been published in the prestigious and unique journal, Mountain Gazette, as well as Discover the Outdoors, EQUUS, Fly Fishing World, Native People’s Magazine, New Tribal Dawn, The Aquarian, International Double Reed Society, and other literary journals.  
  Arizona Geology  
Blog of the State Geologist of Arizona  
  Jack Caldwell is a civil engineer who maintains his professional engineering registration in California. He is officially retired so that he can travel around North America to be with his five grandkids. He was born on the mines of South Africa of mining parents and grandparents. He grew up on the mines of South Africa and once he had spent eleven years gathering three degrees at the University of the Witwatersrand, joined SRK to design tailings dams. This brought him to Canada and subsequently the United States where he worked on molybdenum, gold and uranium mine projects; then to California to work on landfills and the earthquake aspects of law and engineering.  
  International Mining  
  John Chadwick is the author of International Mining. The publication first burst onto the scene in 1984 as the cutting edge magazine written by miners for miners. With over 20 more years of experience under our belts, we’re ready to do it again.   
  Looking For Detachment  
  Silver Fox: fifty-something exploration geologist working here and there in the West, mostly. Geologist, explorationist, artist. Former pool player, Austin Rules (no slop, bank the 8).  
  This may sound sad, but it’s true: We lie awake at night thinking about how manufacturers could save (or avoid spending) money on their metal purchases. It’s a strange thing to think about, but alas, someone has to do it. With this blog, we aim to take a global perspective on the issues, trends, strategies, and trade policies that will impact how you source and/or trade metals and related metals services. From aluminum and steel to rhodium to gallium, from the thinnest gauge foils to the largest castings and forgings available today, we’ll cover a wide range of diverse topics — including green sourcing, lean sourcing, global pricing trends, capacity constraints, supply market M&A activity, and more.  
  Mine Safety Watch  
  Kathy Snyder: From 1978 until 2004 I worked as a career civil servant in the federal Mine Safety and Health Administration, where my areas of reponsibility included media relations, the Freedom of Information Act, and other aspects of the agency's public information program.  
  Mining and Money  
Investing in resources for profit and sustainability  
  Mining & Resources  
  The mission of the International Business Times is to empower readers by bringing clarity and simplicity to global markets through the widest provision of as-it-happens news and insightful analysis.  
  MINING NEWS BLOG - maintained by staff at Hogan Mining  
  Nevada Gold Investor  
  On you will find 1. products useful to mining companies exploring in Nevada 2. products helpful for institutional and individual investors looking for opportunities to invest in Nevada’s booming gold mining industry 3. a free list of stock exchange listed junior mining companies with properties in Nevada 4. occasional comments on mining companies in Nevada and on investing in natural resources from a geologist's perspective.  
  Pitpundit Blog  
Jon Nones was hired in May 2005 by Resource Investor as an Assistant Editor. In January 2007, he was promoted to Deputy Editor.  
  Republic of Mining  
  Stan Sudol is a self-described “Inco Brat.” He was born in Sudbury, Canada, the richest mining district in North America and among the top ten most significant globally. Sudol grew up in Sudbury during the 1960s and 1970s, where his father and most of his neighbours worked for Inco Limited (now Vale Inco).  Sudol worked for Inco’s Clarabell Mill for one year during 1976/77 and underground at the the company’s Frood-Stobie mine in the summer of 1980. The hard-rock mining culture of the Sudbury Basin has left a tremendously positive impact on him.  
  The Mining Blog  
Where The Mining Industry Talks  
  Unrealized Mineral Deposit  
  Glenn started his studies in mining engineering in 2007 at UBC. He laboured in electrical engineering at SFU before coming to his senses and emerging from the darkness only to plunge back into the depths of the Earth. He offers a not necessarily average picture of the life, work, interests, activities, and opinions of the next generation of mining engineers. He obviously does not speak for all of them. The implications would be dire were this the case.